subtree updates

meta-security: 498ca39cd6..93f2146211:
  Anton Antonov (1):
        Upgrade parsec-service to 1.0.0 and parsec-tool to 0.5.2

  Joe Slater (1):
        LICENSE: update to SPDX standard names

  Petr Gotthard (6):
        tpm2-tools: fix missing version number
        tpm2-openssl: update to 1.1.0
        tpm2-tss: update to 3.2.0
        tpm2-abrmd: update to 2.4.1
        tpm2-tss-engine: fix version string and build with openssl 3.0
        tpm2-pkcs11: update to 1.8.0

  Ranjitsinh Rathod (1): Correct LICENSE to GPL-2.0-only

poky: 30b38d9cb9..9e55696042:
  Abongwa Amahnui Bonalais (2):
        documentation/brief-yoctoprojectqs: add directory for local.conf
        dev-manual: add command used to add the signed-off-by line.

  Alex Kiernan (12):
        kernel: Delete unused KERNEL_LOCALVERSION variable
        wpa-supplicant: Reorder/group following style guide
        wpa-supplicant: Avoid changing directory in do_install
        wpa-supplicant: Use PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN/${PN}
        wpa-supplicant: Backport libwpa/clean build fixes
        wpa-supplicant: Build static library if not DISABLE_STATIC
        wpa-supplicant: Use upstream defconfig
        wpa-supplicant: Simplify build/install flow
        wpa-supplicant: Package dynamic modules
        wpa-supplicant: Install wpa_passphrase when not disabled
        wpa-supplicant: Package shared library into wpa-supplicant-lib
        eudev: Remove unused files

  Alexander Kanavin (35):
        webkitgtk: update 2.34.6 -> 2.36.0
        epiphany: upgrade 41.3 -> 42.0
        itstool: correct upstream version check
        piglit: update to latest revision
        vulkan-samples: update to latest revision
        libxvmc: update 1.0.12 -> 1.0.13
        libsndfile1: update 1.0.31 -> 1.1.0
        at-spi2-core: update 2.42.0 -> 2.44.0
        cmake: update 3.22.3 -> 3.23.0
        gdk-pixbuf: upgrade 2.42.6 -> 2.42.8
        librsvg: upgrade 2.52.7 -> 2.54.0
        libgcrypt: upgrade 1.9.4 -> 1.10.1
        llvm: update 13.0.1 -> 14.0.0
        llvm: use default install paths
        squashfs-tools: update 4.5 -> 4.5.1
        webkitgtk: adjust patch status
        go-helloworld: update to latest revision
        libxml2: update patch status
        python3-psutil: submit patch upstream
        gnu-config: update to latest revision
        go-helloworld: update to latest revision
        piglit: update to latest revision
        vulkan-samples: update to latest revision
        python3-typing-extensions: upgrade -> 4.2.0
        python3-pyparsing: upgrade 3.0.7 -> 3.0.8
        glib: upgrade 2.72.0 -> 2.72.1
        go: update 1.18 -> 1.18.1
        meson: update 0.61.3 -> 0.62.1
        icu: update 70.1 -> 71.1
        valgrind: update 3.18.1 -> 3.19.0
        libcap-ng: update 0.8.2 -> 0.8.3
        libgpg-error: 1.44 -> 1.45
        cmake: update 3.23.0 -> 3.23.1
        stress-ng: upgrade 0.13.12 -> 0.14.00
        llvm: update 14.0.0 -> 14.0.1

  Alexandre Belloni (1):
        cmake: update license hashes

  Andrei Gherzan (1):
        automake: Drop redundant 'u' flag in ARFLAGS

  Bruce Ashfield (3):
        linux-yocto-dev: update to v5.18+
        lttng-modules: support kernel 5.18+
        kernel-yocto: allow patch author date to be commit date

  Carlos Rafael Giani (2):
        gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: Fix libsoup dependency
        gstreamer1.0: Minor documentation addition

  Chen Qi (3):
        cases/ fix typo
        go.bbclass: disable the use of the default configuration file
        go-helloworld: remove unused GO_WORKDIR

  Davide Gardenal (2):
        create-spdx: fix error when symlink cannot be created
        create-spdx: delete virtual/kernel dependency to fix FreeRTOS build

  Dmitry Baryshkov (5):
        linux-firmware: correct license for ar3k firmware
        linux-firmware: split ath3k firmware fix a typo in TUNEVALID variable add tune include for armv8.4a
        image.bbclass: allow overriding dependency on virtual/kernel:do_deploy

  Ferry Toth (2):
        apt: add apt selftest to test signed package feeds
        package_manager: fix missing dependency on gnupg when signing deb package feeds

  Henning Schild (1):
        wic: do not use PARTLABEL for msdos partition tables

  Jacob Kroon (1):
        zlib: Add patch to fix building icedtea7-native from meta-java

  Jasper Orschulko (1):
        repo: upgrade 2.22 -> 2.23

  Jiaqing Zhao (3):
        sed: Specify shell for "nobody" user in run-ptest
        base-passwd: Disable shell for default users
        strace: Don't run ptest as "nobody"

  Joerg Vehlow (1):
        go: Always pass interpreter to linker

  Jon Mason (4):
        linux-yocto: Remove unnecessary, commented out qemuarm entry
        qemuarm64: use virtio pci interfaces
        poky-tiny: enable qemuarmv5/qemuarm64 and cleanups
        poky-tiny: add a distro description

  Justin Bronder (1):
        pulseaudio: conditionally depend on alsa-plugins-pulseaudio-conf

  Kai Kang (1):
        update_udev_hwdb: fix multilib issue with systemd

  Khem Raj (28):
        webkitgtk: Add missing header locale.h
        python3: Do not detect multiarch when cross compiling
        kernel-devsrc: Check for before copying on riscv
        babeltrace: Disable warnings as errors
        xserver-xorg: Fix build with gcc12
        systemtap: Fix build with gcc-12
        gnupg: Disable FORTIFY_SOURCES on mips
        riscv: Add tunes for rv64 without compressed instructions
        mdadm: Drop clang specific cflags
        harfbuzz: Upgrade to 4.2.0
        pango: Upgrade to 1.50.6
        pango: Drop using additional cflags with clang
        pango: Skip test-layout ptest
        go: Upgrade to 1.18
        go: Drop GOBUILDMODE
        go: Disable pie in cgo for mips
        go-target: Pass -trimpath to go linker
        seatd: Disable overflow warning as error on ppc64/musl
        gcc: Upgrade to 11.3 release
        musl: Fix build when usrmerge distro feature is enabled
        gcompat: Fix build when usrmerge distro feature is enabled
        libc-glibc: Use libxcrypt to provide virtual/crypt
        glibc: Update to latest 2.35 tip
        qemu.bbclass: Extend ppc/ppc64 extra options
        busybox: Use base_bindir instead of hardcoding /bin path
        musl-locales: Add package
        util-linux: Create u-a symlink for findfs utility
        kmod: Enable xz support by default

  Konrad Weihmann (11):
        kern-tools-native: add missing license
        gmp: add missing COPYINGv3
        itstool: add missing COPYING.GPL3
        libcap: add pam_cap license
        libsdl2: fix license
        libidn2: add Unicode-DFS-2016 license
        gettext: add MIT conditional as license
        python3-pip: correct license
        cmake: add missing licenses
        git: correct license
        ncurses: use COPYING file

  Lee Chee Yang (1):
        migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: update 'Repositories / Downloads' section

  Marius Kriegerowski (1):
        bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: Make PEP8 compliant

  Martin Jansa (1):
        systemd-boot: remove outdated EFI_LD comment

  Matt Madison (1):
        bitbake: providers: use local variable for packages_dynamic pattern

  Michael Halstead (3):
        releases: update for yocto 4.0
        set_versions: update for 4.0 release
        releases: update to include 3.3.6

  Michael Opdenacker (5):
        meta-poky: update conf-notes.txt
        overview-manual: licensing section fixes
        manuals: correct and improve descriptions of Autotools
        manuals: refer to "YP Compatible" layers instead of "curated" ones
        migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: mention LTS release

  Naveen Saini (1):
        gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: drop patch

  Nicolas Dechesne (2):
        migration-guides: stop including documents with ".. include"
        sanity: skip make 4.2.1 warning for debian

  Olaf Mandel (1):
        bitbake: fetch2/git: canonicalize ids in generated tarballs

  Paul Eggleton (9):
        migration-3.4: add missing entry on EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS
        ref-manual: add a note about hard-coded passwords
        ref-manual: mention wildcarding support in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE
        ref-manual: add mention of vendor filtering to CVE_PRODUCT
        ref-manual: add KERNEL_DEBUG_TIMESTAMPS
        ref-manual: add empty-dirs QA check and QA_EMPTY_DIRS*
        migration-guides: complete migration guide for 4.0
        migration-guides: add release notes for 4.0
        ref-manual: add ZSTD_THREADS

  Paul Gortmaker (1):
        install/devshell: Introduce git intercept script due to fakeroot issues

  Paulo Neves (1):
        selftest/lic_checksum: Add test for filename containing space

  Pavel Zhukov (1):
        bitbake: fetch2: Add GIT_SSH_COMMAND to the list of exports

  Peter Kjellerstedt (8):
        bitbake: Simplify identification of which event has occurred
        shadow: Disable the use of syslog() for the native tools
        u-boot: Correct the SRC_URI
        u-boot: Inherit pkgconfig
        bitbake: fetch2/git: Simplify the validation of SHA-1 revisions Restore error output from Terminal
        devshell.bbclass: Allow devshell & pydevshell to use the network
        license_image.bbclass: Make QA errors fail the build

  Peter Marko (1):
        openssl: extract legacy provider module to a separate package

  Pgowda (2):
        glibc: ptest: Fix glibc-tests package issue
        rust: update 1.59.0 -> 1.60.0

  Portia (2):
        volatile-binds: Change DefaultDependencies from false to no
        volatile-binds: Remove TimeoutSec and allow DefaultTimeoutSec to be used

  Quentin Schulz (15):
        docs: sphinx-static: remove duplicate for outdated versions
        docs: add information about obsolescence of a release
        docs: sphinx-static: improve obsolete version detection
        docs: fix latest release of a branch being shown twice in switchers.js
        docs: fix latest version of an active release shown as obsolete
        docs: update Bitbake objects.inv location for master branch
        docs: mark as obsolete only branches and old tags from obsolete releases
        docs: sphinx-static: rename all_versions to switcher_versions
        docs: sphinx-static: fix broken switcher for branches
        docs: sphinx-static: do not mark branches as outdated
        docs: fix cve extlinks caption for sphinx <4.0
        docs: ref-manual: variables: add hashed password example in EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS
        docs: migration-guides: migration-3.4: mention that hardcoded password are supported if hashed
        docs: migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: fix risc-v typo
        docs: migration-guides: release-notes-4.0: replace kernel placeholder with correct recipe name

  Rahul Kumar (1):
        neard: Switch SRC_URI to git repo

  Ricardo Salveti (1):
        bitbake: fetch2/crate: fix logger.debug line

  Richard Purdie (47):
        qemu: Add fix for CVE-2022-1050
        tiff: Add marker for CVE-2022-1056 being fixed
        git: Ignore CVE-2022-24975
        Revert "adwaita-icon-theme: upgrade 41.0 -> 42.0"
        migration-guide: Kirkstone is now 4.0
        local.conf.sample: Update for 4.0 in sstate url
        externalsrc/devtool: Fix to work with fixed export funcition flags handling
        sanity: Show a warning that make 4.2.1 is buggy on non-ubuntu systems
        runqemu: Allow auto detection of the correct graphics options
        bitbake: checksum: Allow spaces in URI filenames
        bitbake: ast: Improve function flags handling for EXPORT_FUNCTIONS
        rxvt-unicode: Fix icon name
        puzzles: Drop broken icon
        build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
        build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
        bluez5: Add fix for startup issues under systemd
        build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
        alsa-tools: Ensure we install correctly
        libxshmfence: Correct LICENSE to HPND
        bitbake.conf: Correct BB_SIGNATURE_EXCLUDE_FLAGS
        git: Upgrade 2.35.1 -> 2.35.2
        build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
        buildtools-tarball: Only add cert envvars if certs are included
        buildtools: Add standalone make tarball
        poky: Use INIT_MANAGER in main distro config
        bitbake: tests/parse: Fix one test overwriting another
        bitbake: server/process: Drop unused import
        bitbake: ui/buildinfohelper: Drop unused import
        bitbake: cooker: Drop unused loop
        bitbake: msg: Drop unused local variable
        bitbake: buildinfohelper: Drop unused function
        bitbake: fetch2/crate: Drop unused import
        bitbake: siggen: Drop pointless break statement
        bitbake: ui/knotty: Drop pointless pass statement
        bitbake: persist_data: Use a valid exception for missing implementation
        bitbake: runqueue: Drop pointless variable assignment
        bitbake: buildinfohelper: Drop unused variables
        poky/meta-yocto-bsp: Post release version/codename updates
        xorg-app: Tweak handling of compression changes in SRC_URI
        ref-manual: Add XZ_THREADS and XZ_MEMLIMIT
        set_versions: Add a getlatest command to obtain the latest release branch name
        layer.conf: Post release codename changes
        base: Drop git intercept
        bitbake: fetch2/osc: Add missing parameter
        staging: Ensure we filter out ourselves
        lib/sstatesig: Fix find_siginfo to match sstate filename generation
        bitbake: runqueue: Fix sig file location when using multiconfig

  Robert Joslyn (1):
        curl: Update to 7.83.0

  Robert Yang (1):
        bitbake: fetch2/ decode path back for ssh

  Ross Burton (12):
        zlib: upgrade to 1.2.12
        qemu: backport a patch to optionally disable i8042 (AT and PS/2) hardware
        qemux86-64: disable legacy i8042 (AT keyboard, PS/2 mouse)
        e2fsprogs: fix CVE-2022-1304
        subversion: upgrade to 1.14.2
        python3: ignore CVE-2015-20107
        bitbake.conf: mark all directories as safe for git to read
        cve_check: skip remote patches that haven't been fetched when searching for CVE tags
        cve-check: no need to depend on the fetch task
        poky.conf: set PACKAGE_CLASSES explicitly to package_rpm
        distro/poky-tiny: don't put translations into images
        musl-locales: explicitly depend on gettext-native

  Russ Dill (2):
        package.bbclass: Prevent perform_packagecopy from removing /sysroot-only
        kernel-yocto.bbclass: Fixup do_kernel_configcheck usage of KMETA

  Schmidt, Adriaan (1):
        bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: make finding of changed signatures more robust

  Scott Murray (1):
        runqemu: Do not auto detect graphics if publicvnc is specified

  Sean Anderson (1):
        wic: Add dependencies for erofs-utils

  Simone Weiss (1):
        libgpg-error: Add ptest

  Stefan Herbrechtsmeier (1):
        recipetool: Do not use mutable default arguments in Python

  Steve Sakoman (3):
        busybox: fix CVE-2022-28391
        lua: fix CVE-2022-28805
        scripts/contrib/ remove obsolete check for phantomjs and optipng

  Xu Huan (5):
        python3-dbusmock: upgrade 0.27.3 -> 0.27.5
        python3-pip: upgrade 22.0.3 -> 22.0.4
        python3-zipp: upgrade 3.7.0 -> 3.8.0
        python3-hypothesis: upgrade 6.39.5 -> 6.41.0
        python3-sphinx: upgrade 4.4.0 -> 4.5.0

  wangmy (34):
        freetype: upgrade 2.11.1 -> 2.12.0
        ghostscript: upgrade 9.55.0 -> 9.56.1
        libsoup: upgrade 3.0.5 -> 3.0.6
        libx11: upgrade -> 1.7.5
        acpica: upgrade 20211217 -> 20220331
        apt: upgrade 2.4.3 -> 2.4.4
        dpkg: upgrade 1.21.4 -> 1.21.7
        fontconfig: upgrade 2.13.1 -> 2.14.0
        mc: upgrade 4.8.27 -> 4.8.28
        shared-mime-info: upgrade 2.1 -> 2.2
        strace: upgrade 5.16 -> 5.17
        sysvinit: upgrade 3.01 -> 3.02
        libbsd: upgrade 0.11.5 -> 0.11.6
        boost: upgrade 1.78.0 -> 1.79.0
        enchant2: upgrade 2.3.2 -> 2.3.3
        help2man: upgrade 1.49.1 -> 1.49.2
        json-c: upgrade 0.15 -> 0.16
        libaio: upgrade 0.3.112 -> 0.3.113
        libusb1: upgrade 1.0.25 -> 1.0.26
        libgit2: upgrade 1.4.2 -> 1.4.3
        libcap: upgrade 2.63 -> 2.64
        linux-firmware: upgrade 20220310 -> 20220411
        mtools: upgrade 4.0.38 -> 4.0.39
        libpcre2: upgrade 10.39 -> 10.40
        python3-jsonpointer: upgrade 2.2 -> 2.3
        python3-sphinx-rtd-theme: upgrade 0.5.0 -> 1.0.0
        dropbear: upgrade 2020.81 -> 2022.82
        gptfdisk: upgrade 1.0.8 -> 1.0.9
        kexec-tools: upgrade 2.0.23 -> 2.0.24
        libxcursor: upgrade 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1
        mkfontscale: upgrade 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2
        xdpyinfo: upgrade 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3
        apt: upgrade 2.4.4 -> 2.4.5
        python3-hypothesis: upgrade 6.41.0 -> 6.44.0

  zhengruoqin (7):
        createrepo-c: upgrade 0.19.0 -> 0.20.0
        expat: upgrade 2.4.7 -> 2.4.8
        ethtool: upgrade 5.16 -> 5.17
        git: upgrade 2.35.2 -> 2.35.3
        openssh: upgrade 8.9p1 -> 9.0p1
        wireless-regdb: upgrade 2022.02.18 -> 2022.04.08
        ruby: upgrade 3.1.1 -> 3.1.2

meta-openembedded: 1888971b1f..77c2fda04e:
  Alex Kiernan (2):
        audit: Upgrade 3.0.6 -> 3.0.7
        mosh: Drop perl dependencies from server

  Andreas Müller (21):
        libnma: upgrade 1.8.36 -> 1.8.38
        gnome-control-center: upgrade 41.2 -> 42.0
        gnome-flashback: upgrade 3.42.1 -> 3.44.0
        gnome-panel: upgrade 3.42.0 -> 3.44.0
        gnome-session: upgrade 41.3 -> 42.0
        gnome-shell-extensions: upgrade 41.1 -> 42.0
        gthumb: upgrade 3.12.0 -> 3.12.2
        ibus: upgrade 1.5.23+ -> 1.5.26
        libportal: upgrade 0.5 -> 0.6
        network-manager-applet: upgrade 1.24.0 -> 1.24.0
        sysprof: upgrade 3.42.1 -> 3.44.0
        gnome-shell: fix bluetooth PACKAGECONFIG
        packagegroup-gnome-desktop: replace gnome-bluetooth by gnome-bluetooth4
        gnome-bluetooth: avoid clashes with gnome-bluetooth4
        gnome-bluetooth: rename recipes to avoid suffix in future
        gnome-bluetooth: Add PACKAGECONFIG pulseaudio and filter by distro-feature
        gnome-backgrounds: upgrade 41.0 -> 42.0
        gnome-settings-daemon: upgrade 41.0 -> 42.1
        libgweather4: Fix introspection build
        gjs: Add cairo to DEPENDS unconditionally
        gnome-shell-extensions: Stop copying gnome-classic session to wayland

  Andrej Valek (1):
        poco: upgrade 1.11.1 -> 1.11.2

  Armin Kuster (1):
        meta-oe-image: fix build depends

  Bassem Boubaker (1):
        conntrack-tools: Fix missing capability

  Ben Fekih, Hichem (1):
        sdbus-c++-libsystemd: bugfix dev package is not installed

  Carlos Rafael Giani (1):
        pipewire: Upgrade to version 0.3.50

  Changqing Li (1):
        drbd-utils: fix for usrmerge

  Dmitry Baryshkov (1):
        gpsd: split python utils from gps-utils

  Hongxu Jia (1):
        cdrkit: add new option -eltorito-platform for genimageiso

  Jan Vermaete (1):
        netdata: version bump 1.33.1 -> 1.34.1

  Jiaqing Zhao (1):
        libesmtp: Disable NTLM support by default

        icewm:include imlib2-loaders package

  Kai Kang (1):
        python3-blivetgui: use symbolic list-add and edit- icons

  Khem Raj (60):
        dbus-cxx: Include missing <utility> header
        safec: Upgrade to 3.7.1
        mongodb: Update to 4.4.13
        libkcapi: Upgrade to 1.4.0
        libpfm4: Remove -Werror from compiler flags
        parallel-deqp-runner: Fix build with gcc 12
        glmark2: Fix build with gcc12
        memcached: Upgrade to 1.6.15
        tvheadend: Update to latest trunk
        ot-br-posix: Disable Wsign-compare for clang
        opensaf: Fix build with gcc 12
        boost-sml: Disable examples
        mpich: Add new directory modules/hwloc/config to search path
        gnulib: Do not use git operations to install the sources
        sysprof: Fix build to work with llvm libunwind
        linuxconsole: Fix makefile issue found with clang
        mongodb: Fix aarch64 build with gcc12
        libcereal: Link libatomics with gcc as well
        wpantund: Add missing dependency on boost
        gimp: Disable vector icons on 32bit systems
        mozjs-91: Upgrade to 91.8.0
        mozjs-78: Switch to system libicu
        nodejs: Upgrade to 16.14.2
        ot-br-posix: Fix build with gcc
        dlt-daemon: Fix build on rv32/rv64
        grpc: Fix build with rv32/rv64
        ltrace: Fix build on ppc64 with gcc12
        opencv: Fix build with gcc-12 on ppc64
        mozjs-91: Disable strip
        mozjs-91: Add option to use system ICU
        sysprof: Remove libunwind on rv32
        crash: Fix build for mips target
        tcsh: Do not install symlinks into /bin with usrmerge
        arno-iptables-firewall: Do not use bitbake variable inside S
        fluentbit: Fix build with usrmerge distro feature
        tomoyo-tools: Define SBINDIR
        tomoyo-tools: Drop md5sum
        gradm: Upgrade to 3.1-202111052217
        babeld: Upgrade to 1.11
        scsirastools: Fix build with usrmerge
        dietsplash: specify install rootdir
        linux-atm: Add knob to root prefix
        ufw: Fix build with usrmerge distro feature
        netdata: Fix build errors with clang
        klibc: Recognise --dyld-prefix clang option
        mozjs: Use vendored icu on ppc/clang
        boinc-client: Do not overwrite same file when using usrmerge
        pam-ssh-agent-auth: Use specific versions of BSD licenses
        fwupd: Enable build with musl
        lirc: install systemd units only when using systemd distro feature
        fluentbit: Disable systemd support when systemd distro feature is disabled
        gtksourceview5: Allow wayland or x11
        gtkmm3: Allow wayland or x11 in distro features
        gparted: Allow wayland or x11 distro features
        lirc: Delete systemd unit files on non systemd distros
        atkmm: Allow build with wayland
        pangomm: Allow building with wayland
        lockdev: Drop cumulative debian patch
        boinc-client: Make script install not depend on host install paths
        babl: Fix build with meson 0.62+

  Leon Anavi (2):
        python3-bitstruct: Upgrade 8.13.0 -> 8.14.0
        python3-marshmallow: Upgrade 3.14.1 -> 3.15.0

  Marguet, Nicolas (1):
        openjpeg: fix CVE-2022-1122

  Mingli Yu (4):
        tgt: move from meta-openstack
        libconfig-general-perl: move from meta-openstack
        crash: Upgrade to 8.0.0
        makedumpfile: Upgrade to 1.7.1

  Oleksandr Kravchuk (4):
        htpdate: update to 1.3.3
        redis: upgrade to 7.0-rc3
        pkcs11-helper: fix PV
        python3-imgtool: update to 1.9.0

  Peter Kjellerstedt (3):
        gpsd: Only copy the Python files if they are created
        poppler: Support building for native
        gpsd: Correct the creation of the gps-utils-python package

  Preeti Sachan (1):
        gnuplot: inherit pkgconfig

  Robert Yang (1):
        libldb: Fix installed-vs-shipped and rebuild error

  Suhrid_S (1):
        clinfo: Upgrade ->

  Trevor Gamblin (2):
        nftables: add ptest
        phoronix-test-suite: upgrade 10.8.1 -> 10.8.2

  Willy Tu (1):
        absil-cpp: Update SRC_URI to to the latest google internal sync

  Xu Huan (10):
        python3-redis: upgrade 4.2.1 -> 4.2.2
        python3-sentry-sdk: upgrade 1.5.7 -> 1.5.8
        python3-sqlalchemy: upgrade 1.4.34 -> 1.4.35
        python3-graphviz: upgrade 0.19.1 -> 0.19.2
        python3-kivy: upgrade 2.0.0 -> 2.1.0
        python3-aenum: upgrade 3.1.8 -> 3.1.11
        python3-aws-iot-device-sdk-python: upgrade 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2
        python3-cmd2: upgrade 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1
        python3-django: upgrade 2.2.27 -> 2.2.28
        python3-imageio: upgrade 2.16.1 -> 2.17.0

  Yi Zhao (6):
        frr: add recipe
        libldb: upgrade 2.3.2 -> 2.3.3
        samba: upgrade 4.14.12 -> 4.14.13
        frr: install correct initscript
        frr: add PACKAGECONFIG for fpm
        frr: inherit autotools-brokensep instead of autotools

  wangmy (51):
        nbdkit: upgrade 1.25.7 -> 1.30.2
        icewm: upgrade 2.9.0 -> 2.9.6
        lapack: upgrade 3.9.0 -> 3.10.0
        libbpf: upgrade 0.5.0 -> 0.7.0
        libmtp: upgrade 1.1.18 -> 1.1.19
        logwatch: upgrade 7.5.3 -> 7.6
        mpich: upgrade 3.4.3 -> 4.0.2
        libvpx: upgrade 1.8.2 -> 1.11.0
        linuxconsole: upgrade 1.7.0 -> 1.7.1
        mercurial: upgrade 5.5 -> 6.1
        ocl-icd: upgrade 2.3.0 -> 2.3.1
        octave: upgrade 6.4.0 -> 7.1.0
        rdma-core: upgrade 39.0 -> 40.0
        pam-plugin-ldapdb: upgrade 1.3 -> 1.3.1
        pax-utils: upgrade 1.2.2 -> 1.3.3
        pcsc-tools: upgrade 1.5.8 -> 1.6.0
        pegtl: upgrade 3.2.1 -> 3.2.5
        qpdf: upgrade 10.5.0 -> 10.6.3
        s-nail: upgrade 14.9.23 -> 14.9.24
        smcroute: upgrade 2.5.4 -> 2.5.5
        squashfs-tools-ng: upgrade 1.0.2 -> 1.1.4
        st: upgrade 0.8.4 -> 0.8.5
        tracker: upgrade 3.2.1 -> 3.3.0
        thingsboard-gateway: upgrade 2.8 -> 2.9
        thrift: upgrade 0.14.2 -> 0.16.0
        toybox: upgrade 0.8.5 -> 0.8.6
        unbound: upgrade 1.13.2 -> 1.15.0
        twm: upgrade 1.0.11 -> 1.0.12
        unixodbc: upgrade 2.3.7 -> 2.3.9
        xterm: upgrade 368 -> 372
        python3-cppy: upgrade 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1
        evince: upgrade 42.1 -> 42.2
        evolution-data-server: upgrade 3.44.0 -> 3.44.1
        gspell: upgrade 1.9.1 -> 1.10.0
        gtksourceview5: upgrade 5.4.0 -> 5.4.1
        libadwaita: upgrade 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1
        nautilus: upgrade 42.0 -> 42.1.1
        htpdate: upgrade 1.3.3 -> 1.3.4
        nanomsg: upgrade 1.1.5 -> 1.2
        nbdkit: upgrade 1.30.2 -> 1.31.1
        ctags: upgrade 5.9.20220410.0 -> 5.9.20220417.0
        hexedit: upgrade 1.5 -> 1.6
        lapack: upgrade 3.10.0 -> 3.10.1
        links: upgrade to 2.26
        lsscsi: upgrade 0.31 -> 0.32
        openwsman: upgrade 2.6.11 -> 2.7.1
        libdbd-sqlite-perl: upgrade 1.68 -> 1.70
        libencode-perl: upgrade 3.16 -> 3.17
        libextutils-cppguess-perl: upgrade 0.23 -> 0.26
        libtest-harness-perl: upgrade 3.42 -> 3.44
        ostree: upgrade 2021.6 -> 2022.2

  zhengruoqin (5):
        python3-google-api-python-client: upgrade 2.42.0 -> 2.43.0
        python3-googleapis-common-protos: upgrade 1.54.0 -> 1.56.0
        python3-nocaselist: upgrade 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5
        python3-pylint: upgrade 2.13.2 -> 2.13.5
        python3-nocasedict: upgrade 1.0.2 -> 1.0.3

meta-raspberrypi: 83f5577d8d..c97a9e34ab:
  Andrei Gherzan (20):
        raspberrypi-firmware: Update to 20220331
        linux-raspberrypi: Update 5.15 recipe to 5.15.34
        linux-raspberrypi: Update 5.10 recipe to 5.10.110
        bcm2835: Update to 1.71
        pi-blaster: Uprev the recipe
        linux-firmware-rpidistro: Update to 20210315-3+rpt4
        raspi-gpio: Uprev revision to current HEAD of master branch
        python3-rtimu: Upgrade to 7.2.1
        rpio: Upgrade to 0.10.1
        python3-adafruit-pureio: Uprade to 1.1.8
        python3-adafruit-platformdetect: Upgrade to 3.22.1
        python3-adafruit-circuitpython-register: Upgrade to 1.9.8
        rpi-basic-image: Drop image
        rpi-hwup-image: Drop image
        packagegroup-rpi-test: Include more packages
        ci: Use test builds with the test image
        docs: Drop mention of deprecated images
        docs: Bump copyright year Add MCP3008 ADC overlay
        kmod: Enable xz compression

  Davide Gardenal (1):
        bluez-firmware-rpidistro: Add compatibility to oe-core/create-spdx

  Jan Vermaete (1):
        docs: link to latest documentation of kas

  Khem Raj (1):
        python3-sense-hat: Use specific BSD license

  Meng Li (1):
        u-boot: Remove the randundant patch

Signed-off-by: Patrick Williams <>
Change-Id: Icdb885a2d340dc3c88b971c57dede6902a9708e3
731 files changed
tree: 504ede0334e848ecee70584d0bde508a5b30e9d3
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Build Status

OpenBMC is a Linux distribution for management controllers used in devices such as servers, top of rack switches or RAID appliances. It uses Yocto, OpenEmbedded, systemd, and D-Bus to allow easy customization for your platform.

Setting up your OpenBMC project

1) Prerequisite

  • Ubuntu 14.04
sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential libsdl1.2-dev texinfo gawk chrpath diffstat \
    zstd pigz
  • Fedora 28
sudo dnf install -y git patch diffstat texinfo chrpath SDL-devel bitbake \
    rpcgen perl-Thread-Queue perl-bignum perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum perl-FindBin
sudo dnf groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"

2) Download the source

git clone
cd openbmc

3) Target your hardware

Any build requires an environment set up according to your hardware target. There is a special script in the root of this repository that can be used to configure the environment as needed. The script is called setup and takes the name of your hardware target as an argument.

The script needs to be sourced while in the top directory of the OpenBMC repository clone, and, if run without arguments, will display the list of supported hardware targets, see the following example:

$ . setup <machine> [build_dir]
Target machine must be specified. Use one of:

bletchley               gsj                     romulus
dl360poc                kudo                    s2600wf
e3c246d4i               mihawk                  swift
ethanolx                mtjade                  tiogapass
evb-ast2500             nicole                  transformers
evb-ast2600             olympus-nuvoton         witherspoon
evb-npcm750             on5263m5                witherspoon-tacoma
f0b                     p10bmc                  x11spi
fp5280g2                palmetto                yosemitev2
g220a                   qemuarm                 zaius
gbs                     quanta-q71l

Once you know the target (e.g. romulus), source the setup script as follows:

. setup romulus

4) Build

bitbake obmc-phosphor-image

Additional details can be found in the docs repository.

OpenBMC Development

The OpenBMC community maintains a set of tutorials new users can go through to get up to speed on OpenBMC development out here

Build Validation and Testing

Commits submitted by members of the OpenBMC GitHub community are compiled and tested via our Jenkins server. Commits are run through two levels of testing. At the repository level the makefile make check directive is run. At the system level, the commit is built into a firmware image and run with an arm-softmmu QEMU model against a barrage of CI tests.

Commits submitted by non-members do not automatically proceed through CI testing. After visual inspection of the commit, a CI run can be manually performed by the reviewer.

Automated testing against the QEMU model along with supported systems are performed. The OpenBMC project uses the Robot Framework for all automation. Our complete test repository can be found here.

Submitting Patches

Support of additional hardware and software packages is always welcome. Please follow the contributing guidelines when making a submission. It is expected that contributions contain test cases.

Bug Reporting

Issues are managed on GitHub. It is recommended you search through the issues before opening a new one.


First, please do a search on the internet. There's a good chance your question has already been asked.

For general questions, please use the openbmc tag on Stack Overflow. Please review the discussion on Stack Overflow licensing before posting any code.

For technical discussions, please see contact info below for Discord and mailing list information. Please don't file an issue to ask a question. You'll get faster results by using the mailing list or Discord.

Features of OpenBMC

Feature List

  • Host management: Power, Cooling, LEDs, Inventory, Events, Watchdog
  • Full IPMI 2.0 Compliance with DCMI
  • Code Update Support for multiple BMC/BIOS images
  • Web-based user interface
  • REST interfaces
  • D-Bus based interfaces
  • SSH based SOL
  • Remote KVM
  • Hardware Simulation
  • Automated Testing
  • User management
  • Virtual media

Features In Progress

  • OpenCompute Redfish Compliance
  • Verified Boot

Features Requested but need help

  • OpenBMC performance monitoring

Finding out more

Dive deeper into OpenBMC by opening the docs repository.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) guides the project. Members are:

  • Roxanne Clarke, IBM
  • Nancy Yuen, Google
  • Sai Dasari, Facebook
  • Terry Duncan, Intel
  • Sagar Dharia, Microsoft
  • Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud, Arm