obmc-phosphor-image: Improper use of DATETIME

The use of the DATETIME variable has issues with the sstate cache
because of the variable changing values, and therefore the checksum
used for sstate calculation also changing.

Other existing recipes add DATETIME to the 'vardepsexclude' list.
This case is glossed over very rapidly in section 21.3.2 "Checksums"
of the Mega Manual.

Signed-off-by: Patrick Williams <patrick@stwcx.xyz>
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Build Status


OpenBMC uses Yocto/Open-Embedded for a build system, which supports an out-of-tree build. It is recommended that you create an empty directory somewhere to hold the build. This directory will get big.

On Ubuntu 14.04 the following packages are required to build the default target

sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential libsdl1.2-dev texinfo gawk chrpath diffstat

On Fedora 23 the following packages are required to build the default target:

sudo dnf install -y git patch diffstat texinfo chrpath SDL-devel bitbake
sudo dnf groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"

To start a build:

cd <builddir>
. <repodir>/openbmc-env
bitbake obmc-phosphor-image