Poky is an integration of various components to form a pre-packaged build system and development environment which is used as a development and validation tool by the Yocto Project. It features support for building customised embedded style device images and custom containers. There are reference demo images ranging from X11/GTK+ to Weston, commandline and more. The system supports cross-architecture application development using QEMU emulation and a standalone toolchain and SDK suitable for IDE integration.

Additional information on the specifics of hardware that Poky supports is available in README.hardware. Further hardware support can easily be added in the form of BSP layers which extend the systems capabilities in a modular way. Many layers are available and can be found through the layer index.

As an integration layer Poky consists of several upstream projects such as BitBake, OpenEmbedded-Core, Yocto documentation, the 'meta-yocto' layer which has configuration and hardware support components. These components are all part of the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded ecosystems.

The Yocto Project has extensive documentation about the system including a reference manual which can be found at https://docs.yoctoproject.org/

OpenEmbedded is the build architecture used by Poky and the Yocto project. For information about OpenEmbedded, see the OpenEmbedded website.

Contribution Guidelines

The project works using a mailing list patch submission process. Patches should be sent to the mailing list for the repository the components originate from (see below). Throughout the Yocto Project, the README files in the component in question should detail where to send patches, who the maintainers are and where bugs should be reported.

A guide to submitting patches to OpenEmbedded is available at:


There is good documentation on how to write/format patches at:


Where to Send Patches

As Poky is an integration repository (built using a tool called combo-layer), patches against the various components should be sent to their respective upstreams:

OpenEmbedded-Core (files in meta/, meta-selftest/, meta-skeleton/, scripts/):

BitBake (files in bitbake/):

Documentation (files in documentation/):

meta-yocto (files in meta-poky/, meta-yocto-bsp/):

If in doubt, check the openembedded-core git repository for the content you intend to modify as most files are from there unless clearly one of the above categories. Before sending, be sure the patches apply cleanly to the current git repository branch in question.

CII Best Practices