poky: subtree update:a35bf0e5d3..b66b9f7548

meson 0.54.2: backport upstream patch for boost libs

Adrian Bunk (1):
      libubootenv: Remove the DEPENDS on mtd-utils

Alex Kiernan (2):
      openssh: Upgrade 8.2p1 -> 8.3p1
      systemd: upgrade v245.5 -> v245.6

Alexander Kanavin (68):
      btrfs-tools: upgrade 5.4.1 -> 5.6.1
      build-compare: upgrade to latest revision
      ccache: upgrade 3.7.7 -> 3.7.9
      createrepo-c: upgrade 0.15.7 -> 0.15.10
      dpkg: upgrade 1.19.7 -> 1.20.0
      librepo: upgrade 1.11.2 -> 1.11.3
      python3-numpy: upgrade 1.18.3 -> 1.18.4
      python3-cython: upgrade 0.29.16 -> 0.29.19
      python3-gitdb: upgrade 4.0.4 -> 4.0.5
      python3-mako: upgrade 1.1.1 -> 1.1.3
      python3-pygments: upgrade 2.5.2 -> 2.6.1
      python3-smmap: upgrade 2.0.5 -> 3.0.4
      python3-subunit: upgrade 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0
      python3-testtools: upgrade 2.3.0 -> 2.4.0
      python3: upgrade 3.8.2 -> 3.8.3
      strace: upgrade 5.5 -> 5.6
      vala: upgrade 0.46.6 -> 0.48.6
      cups: upgrade 2.3.1 -> 2.3.3
      gawk: upgrade 5.0.1 -> 5.1.0
      libsolv: upgrade 0.7.10 -> 0.7.14
      man-pages: upgrade 5.05 -> 5.06
      msmtp: upgrade 1.8.8 -> 1.8.10
      stress-ng: upgrade 0.11.01 -> 0.11.12
      stress-ng: mark as incompatible with musl
      sudo: upgrade 1.8.31 -> 1.9.0
      adwaita-icon-theme: upgrade 3.34.3 -> 3.36.1
      gtk+3: upgrade 3.24.14 -> 3.24.20
      cogl-1.0: upgrade 1.22.4 -> 1.22.6
      mesa: upgrade 20.0.2 -> 20.0.7
      mesa: merge the .bb content into .inc
      piglit: upgrade to latest revision
      waffle: upgrade 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1
      pixman: upgrade 0.38.4 -> 0.40.0
      kmod: upgrade 26 -> 27
      powertop: upgrade 2.10 -> 2.12
      alsa-plugins: upgrade 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2
      alsa-tools: upgrade 1.1.7 -> 1.2.2
      alsa-utils: split the content into .inc
      alsa-topology/ucm-conf: update to 1.2.2
      x264: upgrade to latest revision
      puzzles: upgrade to latest revision
      libcap: upgrade 2.33 -> 2.34
      libical: upgrade 3.0.7 -> 3.0.8
      libunwind: upgrade 1.3.1 -> 1.4.0
      rng-tools: upgrade 6.9 -> 6.10
      babeltrace: correct the git SRC_URI
      libexif: update to 0.6.22
      ppp: update 2.4.7 -> 2.4.8
      gettext: update 0.20.1 -> 0.20.2
      ptest-runner: fix upstream version check
      automake: 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2
      bison: 3.5.4 -> 3.6.2
      cmake: update 3.16.5 -> 3.17.3
      gnu-config: update to latest revision
      jquery: update to 3.5.1
      json-c: update 0.13.1 - > 0.14
      libmodulemd: update 2.9.2 -> 2.9.4
      meson: upgrade 0.53.2 -> 0.54.2
      shared-mime-info: fix upstream version check
      mpg123: fix upstream version check
      ethtool: upgrade 5.4 -> 5.6
      libcpre2: update 10.34 -> 10.35
      help2man-native: update to 1.47.15
      apt: update to
      asciidoc: bump PV to 8.6.10
      pulseaudio: exclude pre-releases from version checks
      xinetd: switch to a maintained opensuse fork
      lz4: disable static library

Andreas Müller (1):
      vte: Pack ${libexecdir}/vte-urlencode-cwd to vte-prompt

Anuj Mittal (1):
      linux-yocto: bump genericx86 kernel version to v5.4.40

Bruce Ashfield (5):
      linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.42
      linux-yocto-rt/5.4: update to rt24
      linux-yocto/5.4: temporarily revert IKHEADERS in standard kernels
      linux-yocto: gather reproducibility configs into a fragment
      linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.43

Christian Eggers (2):
      librsvg: Extend for nativesdk
      tiff: Extend for nativesdk

Hongxu Jia (1):
      rpm: fix rpm -Kv xxx.rpm failed if signature header is larger than 64KB

Jacob Kroon (1):
      bitbake: doc: More explanation to tasks that recursively depend on themselves

Jan Luebbe (1):
      classes/buildhistory: capture package config

Jens Rehsack (2):
      initscripts/init-system-helpers: fix mountnfs.sh dependency
      init-system-helpers: avoid superfluous update-rc.d

Joshua Watt (2):
      layer.conf: Bump OE-Core layer version
      wic: Add --offset argument for partitions

Junling Zheng (3):
      buildstats.bbclass: Remove useless variables
      buildstats.bbclass: Do not recalculate build start time
      security_flags: Remove stack protector flag from LDFLAGS

Kai Kang (1):
      bitbake: bitbake-user-manual-metadata.xml: fix a minor error

Khem Raj (4):
      make-mod-scripts: Fix a rare build race condition
      go-1.14: Update to 1.14.3 minor release
      armv8/tunes: Set TUNE_PKGARCH_64 based on ARMPKGARCH
      ltp: Disable sigwaitinfo tests relying on undefined behavior

Konrad Weihmann (8):
      qemurunner: fix ip fallback detection
      sysfsutils: rem leftover settings for libsysfs-dev
      debianutils: whitespace fixes
      libjpeg-turbo: whitespace fixes
      cairo: remove trailing whitespace
      gtk-doc: remove trailing whitespace
      libxt: fix whitespaces
      cogl: point to correct HOMEPAGE

Lee Chee Yang (4):
      re2c: fix CVE-2020-11958
      bind: fix CVE-2020-8616/7
      glib-2.0: 2.64.2 -> 2.64.3
      glib-networking: 2.64.2 -> 2.64.3

Marco Felsch (1):
      util-linux: alternatify rtcwake

Mark Hatle (1):
      sstate.bbclass: When siginfo or sig files are missing, stop fetcher errors

Martin Jansa (6):
      devtool: use -f and don't use --exclude-standard when adding files to workspace
      meta-selftest: add test of .gitignore in tarball
      lib/oe/patch: prevent applying patches without any subject
      lib/oe/patch: GitApplyTree: save 1 echo in commit-msg hook
      Revert "lib/oe/patch: fix handling of patches with no header"
      meta-selftest: add test for .patch file with long filename and without subject

Mauro Queirós (3):
      bitbake: git.py: skip smudging if lfs=0 is set
      bitbake: git.py: LFS bitbake note should not be printed if need_lfs is not set.
      bitbake: git.py: Use the correct branch to check if the repository has LFS objects.

Ming Liu (2):
      u-boot.inc: fix some inconsistent coding style
      u-boot: introduce UBOOT_INITIAL_ENV

Paul Barker (5):
      archiver: Fix test case for srpm archiver mode
      oe-selftest: Allow overriding the build directory used for tests
      oe-selftest: Support verbose log output
      oe-selftest: Recursively patch test case paths
      bitbake: fetch2: Add the ability to list expanded URL data

Peter Kjellerstedt (1):
      cairo: Do not try to remove nonexistent directories

Pierre-Jean Texier (1):
      diffoscope: upgrade 144 -> 146

Ralph Siemsen (1):
      cve-check: include epoch in product version output

Richard Purdie (7):
      lib/classextend: Drop unneeded comment
      poky.ent: Update UBUNTU_HOST_PACKAGES_ESSENTIAL to match recent changes
      maintainers: Update Ross' email address
      logrotate: Drop obsolete setting/comment
      oeqa/targetcontrol: Rework exception handling to avoid warnings
      patchelf: Add patch to address corrupt shared library issue
      poky.ent: Update XXX_HOST_PACKAGES_ESSENTIAL to include mesa for other distros

Robert P. J. Day (1):
      bitbake.conf: Remove unused DEPLOY_DIR_TOOLS variable

Tim Orling (1):
      bitbake: toaster-requirements.txt: require Django 2.2

Trevor Gamblin (1):
      qemuarm: check serial consoles vs /proc/consoles

Wang Mingyu (13):
      less: upgrade 551 -> 562
      liburcu: upgrade 0.12.0 -> 0.12.1
      alsa-lib: upgrade -> 1.2.2
      alsa-utils: upgrade 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2
      python3-six: upgrade 1.14.0 -> 1.15.0
      util-linux: upgrade 2.35.1 -> 2.35.2
      xf86-input-libinput: upgrade 0.29.0 -> 0.30.0
      ca-certificates: upgrade 20190110 -> 20200601
      dbus: upgrade 1.12.16 -> 1.12.18
      libyaml: upgrade 0.2.4 -> 0.2.5
      sqlite: upgrade 3.31.1 -> 3.32.1
      valgrind: upgrade 3.15.0 -> 3.16.0
      dbus-test: upgrade 1.12.16 -> 1.12.18

akuster (2):
      poky.ent: Update OPENSUSE_HOST_PACKAGES_ESSENTIAL to include mesa-dri-devel
      yocto-docs: Add SPDX headers in scripts and Makefile

hongxu (1):
      core-image-minimal-initramfs: keep restriction with initramfs-module-install

zangrc (3):
      python3-pycairo:upgrade 1.19.0 -> 1.19.1
      python3-pygobject:upgrade 3.34.0 -> 3.36.1
      python3-setuptools:upgrade 45.2.0 -> 47.1.1

zhengruoqin (2):
      gdb: upgrade 9.1 -> 9.2
      libyaml: upgrade 0.2.2 -> 0.2.4

Signed-off-by: Andrew Geissler <geissonator@yahoo.com>
Signed-off-by: Patrick Williams <patrick@stwcx.xyz>
Change-Id: I60e616be0c30904f8cfc947089ed2e4f5e84bc60
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Build Status

The OpenBMC project can be described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices that have a BMC; typically, but not limited to, things like servers, top of rack switches or RAID appliances. The OpenBMC stack uses technologies such as Yocto, OpenEmbedded, systemd, and D-Bus to allow easy customization for your server platform.

Setting up your OpenBMC project

1) Prerequisite

  • Ubuntu 14.04
sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential libsdl1.2-dev texinfo gawk chrpath diffstat
  • Fedora 28
sudo dnf install -y git patch diffstat texinfo chrpath SDL-devel bitbake \
    rpcgen perl-Thread-Queue perl-bignum perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum
sudo dnf groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"

2) Download the source

git clone git@github.com:openbmc/openbmc.git
cd openbmc

3) Target your hardware

Any build requires an environment set up according to your hardware target. There is a special script in the root of this repository that can be used to configure the environment as needed. The script is called setup and takes the name of your hardware target as an argument.

The script needs to be sourced while in the top directory of the OpenBMC repository clone, and, if run without arguments, will display the list of supported hardware targets, see the following example:

$ . setup
Target machine must be specified. Use one of:

centriq2400-rep         nicole                     stardragon4800-rep2
f0b                     olympus                    swift
fp5280g2                olympus-nuvoton            tiogapass
gsj                     on5263m5                   vesnin
hr630                   palmetto                   witherspoon
hr855xg2                qemuarm                    witherspoon-128
lanyang                 quanta-q71l                witherspoon-tacoma
mihawk                  rainier                    yosemitev2
msn                     romulus                    zaius
neptune                 s2600wf

Once you know the target (e.g. romulus), source the setup script as follows:

. setup romulus

4) Build

bitbake obmc-phosphor-image

Additional details can be found in the docs repository.

OpenBMC Development

The OpenBMC community maintains a set of tutorials new users can go through to get up to speed on OpenBMC development out here

Build Validation and Testing

Commits submitted by members of the OpenBMC GitHub community are compiled and tested via our Jenkins server. Commits are run through two levels of testing. At the repository level the makefile make check directive is run. At the system level, the commit is built into a firmware image and run with an arm-softmmu QEMU model against a barrage of CI tests.

Commits submitted by non-members do not automatically proceed through CI testing. After visual inspection of the commit, a CI run can be manually performed by the reviewer.

Automated testing against the QEMU model along with supported systems are performed. The OpenBMC project uses the Robot Framework for all automation. Our complete test repository can be found here.

Submitting Patches

Support of additional hardware and software packages is always welcome. Please follow the contributing guidelines when making a submission. It is expected that contributions contain test cases.

Bug Reporting

Issues are managed on GitHub. It is recommended you search through the issues before opening a new one.


First, please do a search on the internet. There's a good chance your question has already been asked.

For general questions, please use the openbmc tag on Stack Overflow. Please review the discussion on Stack Overflow licensing before posting any code.

For technical discussions, please see contact info below for IRC and mailing list information. Please don't file an issue to ask a question. You'll get faster results by using the mailing list or IRC.

Features of OpenBMC

Feature List

  • Host management: Power, Cooling, LEDs, Inventory, Events, Watchdog
  • Full IPMI 2.0 Compliance with DCMI
  • Code Update Support for multiple BMC/BIOS images
  • Web-based user interface
  • REST interfaces
  • D-Bus based interfaces
  • SSH based SOL
  • Remote KVM
  • Hardware Simulation
  • Automated Testing
  • User management
  • Virtual media

Features In Progress

  • OpenCompute Redfish Compliance
  • Verified Boot

Features Requested but need help

  • OpenBMC performance monitoring

Finding out more

Dive deeper into OpenBMC by opening the docs repository.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) guides the project. Members are:

  • Brad Bishop (chair), IBM
  • Nancy Yuen, Google
  • Sai Dasari, Facebook
  • James Mihm, Intel
  • Sagar Dharia, Microsoft
  • Supreeth Venkatesh, Arm