subtree updates

poky: 67266331b0..835f7eac06:
  Adrian Bunk (9):
        valgrind: Remove dependency on libx11
        bluez5: Remove obsolete dependency on dbus-glib
        python3-dbus: Remove obsolete dependency on dbus-glib
        cups: Remove unnecessary dependency on dbus-glib
        libnotify: Remove obsolete dependency on dbus-glib
        unfs3: Switch to new upstream location
        i2c-tools: Add alternative for i2ctransfer
        meta: Remove remnants of bluez4 support
        e2fsprogs: Remove patch that disabled 64bit for ext4 by default

  Adrian Freihofer (1):
        yocto-bsp: runqemu runs beaglebone-yocto

  Adrian Ratiu (1):
        opkg/package/rootfs_ipk: allow overwriting OPKGLIBDIR

  Alejandro del Castillo (1):
        opkg: upgrade to version 0.4.1

  Alexander Kanavin (3):
        rt-tests: exclude 1.4 version from upstream check as well
        gtk-doc: correct the style.css permissions
        mobile-broadband-provider-info: upgrade 20190116 -> 20190618

  Alistair Francis (7):
        mesa: Add support for the lima PACKAGECONFIG
        u-boot: Update to 2019.07
        packagegroup-core-sdk: Set blank sanitiser for RISC-V 32
        opensbi: Update from 0.3 to 0.4
        opensbi: Fix installed-vs-shipped warning Be more verbose about problems
        package_manager: Ensure the base-feed directory exists

  Andrej Valek (2):
        busybox: 1.30.1 -> 1.31.0
        oe/copy_buildsystem: move layer into layers directory

  Anuj Mittal (25):
        gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: depend on vulkan-loader now
        vulkan-demos: depend on vulkan-loader
        vulkan: remove
        binutils: fix CVE-2019-12972 CVE-2019-9071
        gnupg: upgrade 2.2.16 -> 2.2.17
        libxslt: fix CVE-2019-13117 CVE-2019-13118
        libva: upgrade 2.4.1 -> 2.5.0
        libva-utils: upgrade 2.4.0 -> 2.5.0
        nasm: fix CVE-2018-19755
        python: fix CVE-2019-9740
        python3: upgrade 3.7.3 -> 3.7.4
        binutils: CVE-2019-9070 is same as CVE-2019-9071
        qemu: fix CVE-2019-12155
        bzip2: upgrade 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8
        glib-2.0: upgrade 2.60.4 -> 2.60.5
        vte: upgrade 0.56.1 -> 0.56.3
        openssl: set CVE vendor to openssl
        curl: upgrade 7.65.1 -> 7.65.2
        rsync: fix CVEs for included zlib
        glibc: CVE-2018-20796 is same as CVE-2019-9169
        unzip: fix CVE-2019-13232
        python: include CVE patches for python-native as well
        gdb: fix CVE-2017-9778
        iptables: upgrade 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3
        piglit: fix SRC_URI

  Armin Kuster (1):
        timezone: update to 2019b

  Bonnans, Laurent (1):
        openssl: fix valgrind errors on v1.1.1c

  Bruce Ashfield (5):
        linux-yocto/5.0: bsp: add basic xilinx zynqmp support
        linux-yocto/5.0: make scsi-debug include scsi core configs
        linux-yocto: bsp/beaglebone: support qemu -machine virt
        linux-yocto/4.19: update to 4.19.57 and -rt22
        package: check PKG_ variables before executing ontarget postinst (1):
        bitbake: fetch2/clearcase: Fix class import errors

  Changqing Li (5):
        quilt: run-ptest remove Interactive Input
        mdadm: fix systemd service start up failure
        mdam: fix mdmonitor start up failure
        opkg: make ptest output format align with common style
        mdadm: make ptest output format align with common style

  Chee Yang Lee (1):
        wic: add support for kernel with initramfs bundled

  Chen Qi (13):
        target-sdk-provides-dummy: add 64bit
        devtool: warn user about multiple layer having the same base name
        image.bbclass: fix systemd_preset_all track to clean devtool.conf in test_create_workspace
        grub-efi.bbclass: take into consideration of multilib
        sysstat: use service file from source codes
        xmlcatalog: hold libxml2-native dependency
        oeqa/runtime/rpm: ensure no user process running before deleting user
        oeqa/runtime/rpm: Move test_rpm_query_nonroot test case to RpmBasicTest fix race condition at qemu startup
        msmtp: use alternatives to manage /usr/lib/sendmail use track_for_cleanup for temp dir
        devtool: remove temp dir in upgrade

  Fabio Berton (1):
        mesa: Update 19.1.0 -> 19.1.1

  Haiqing Bai (1):
        sysstat: Use sysstat.service in source for cron with systemd

  He Zhe (1):
        ltp: file01: Fix in was not recognized

  Hongzhi.Song (3):
        ltp: fix shmctl01 failure when executed.
        ltp: diotest4: Let kernel pick an address when calling mmap
        ltp: getrlimit03: adjust-a-bit-of-code-to-compatiable-with mips32

  Jason Wessel (5):
        glibc: Fix multilibs + usrmerge builds
        psmisc: Fix dependency for USE_NLS=no
        glibc-locale: Fix build error with PACKAGE_NO_GCONV = "1"
        glibc/glibc-locale: Fix do_stash_locale to work with usrmerge and multilibs
        glibc / glibc-locale: Fix stash_locale determinism problems

  Joe Slater (1):
        libtool: remove host information from libtool

  Jon Mason (1): Handle syslogd/klogd restart race

  Joshua Watt (5):
        python3: Fix .pyc file reproduciblility
        oeqa: Test bitbake --skip-setsecene
        bitbake: bitbake: Add --skip-setscene option
        classes/icecc: Disable remote pre-processing by default
        scripts/buildstats-diff: Add option to filter tasks

  Joël Esponde (1):
        package.bbclass: fix directories setuid and setgid bits

  Jun Nie (1):
        kernel-fitimage: uboot-sign: fix missing signature

  Kai Kang (4):
        rng-tools: fix rngd blocks system shutdown
        openssl: fix multilib files conflict
        webkitgtk: set incomptible with tune mips
        defaultsetup.conf: enable select init manager

  Khem Raj (10):
        efibootmgr: Pass correct flags to compiler from pkg-config
        mpeg2dec: Fix PIE build and avoid relocation in text section on ARM
        Revert "unzip: fix CVE-2019-13232"
        musl: Upgrade to 1.1.23+
        mdadm: Include sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor definitions
        sysvinit: Include sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor definitions on musl too
        pam_systemd: Include missing.h for secure_getenv
        musl-obstack: Add recipe
        elfutils: Fix eu-* utils builds for musl
        maintainers: Account for musl-obstack and libssp-nonshared

  Li Zhou (2):
        bc: dc: fix exit code of q command
        iptables: Security Advisory - iptables - CVE-2019-11360

  Luca Boccassi (1):
        bitbake: tests/ add missing skipIfNoNetwork tags to tests that try to git clone

  Matthias Schiffer (1):
        systemd: backport patch to fix sysctl warning on boot

  Mike Crowe (4):
        bitbake.conf: Stop exporting TARGET_ flags variables
        image.bbclass: Only append to IMAGE_LINK_NAME if it was already set
        rootfs-postcommands: Cope with empty IMAGE_LINK_NAME in write_image_manifest
        rootfs-postcommands: Cope with empty IMAGE_LINK_NAME in write_image_test_data

  Mikko Rapeli (3):
        busybox: enable unicode support
        cve-check.bbclass: initialize to_append
        freetype: add --tag CC to libtool arguments

  Mingli Yu (2):
        go.bbclass: separate the ptest logic to go-ptest class
        mdadm: fix ptest hang

  Oleksandr Kravchuk (34):
        mc: update to 4.8.23
        encodings: update to 1.0.5
        gawk: update to 5.0.1
        libinput: update to 1.13.3
        libxi: update to 1.7.10
        libxt: update to 1.2.0
        autoconf-archive: update to 2019.01.06
        python3-mako: update to 1.0.12
        python3-pbr: update to 5.3.1
        python3-pygobject: update to 3.32.2
        git: update to 2.22.0
        eudev: update to 3.2.8
        babeltrace: update to 1.5.7
        dpkg: update to 1.19.7
        apt: update to 1.2.31
        libinput: update to 1.13.4
        expat: update to 2.2.7
        libsolf: update to 0.7.5
        bison: update to 3.4.1
        ruby: update to 2.5.5
        quilt: update to 0.66
        bzip2: update to 1.0.7
        python3-mako: update to 1.0.13
        ifupdown: update to 0.8.22
        libdrm: update to 2.4.99
        python3-pbr: update to 5.4.0
        linux-firmware: bump to 20190618
        iproute2: update to 5.2.0
        udev-extraconf: do not mount swap partitions
        python3-pbr: update to 5.4.1
        xinput: update to 1.6.3
        python3-scons: update to 3.1.0
        python3-docutils: update to 0.15
        python3-mako: update to 1.0.14

  Pascal Bach (1):
        cmake: 3.14.1 -> 3.14.5

  Paul Eggleton (7):
        libcap-ng: do not use symlink to share files with libcap-ng-python
        scripts/contrib/ddimage: fix typo
        scripts/contrib/ddimage: replace blacklist with mount check
        scripts/contrib/ddimage: be explicit whether device doesn't exist or isn't writeable
        list-packageconfig-flags: print PN instead of P
        recipetool: ignore zero-length files
        devtool: upgrade: fix handling of errors parsing upgraded recipe

  Peter Kjellerstedt (4):
        glib-2.0: Update to 2.60.4 Do not use bitbake variable syntax for shell variables
        meson.bbclass: Remove the MESON_*_ARGS variables
        nativesdk-meson: Remove some unused variables

  Pierre Le Magourou (10):
        cve-update-db: Use std library instead of urllib3
        cve-update-db: Manage proxy if needed.
        cve-update-db: do_populate_cve_db depends on do_fetch
        cve-update-db: Catch request.urlopen errors.
        cve-check: Depends on cve-update-db-native
        cve-update-db: Use NVD CPE data to populate PRODUCTS table
        cve-check: Update unpatched CVE matching
        cve-update-db-native: Skip recipe when cve-check class is not loaded.
        cve-update-db-native: Remove hash column from database.

  Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (4):
        nfs-mountd: Add missing dependency on systemd service
        systemd: Fix interface bring-up on kernels >= 5.2
        wic: Fix (again) partition files UIDs on multi rootfs images
        systemd-bootconf: Mark as machine specific

  Ricardo Salveti (1):
        gcc-9.1: add back GLIBC_DYNAMIC_LINKER riscv changes

  Richard Purdie (58):
        multilib_global: Fix multilib rebuild issue
        multilib_global: Fix KERNEL_VERSION expansion problems
        sysklogd: Fix init script races
        busybox: Improve syslog restart handling
        oeqa/runtime/syslog: Improve test debug messages
        oeqa/runtime/oesyslog: systemd syslog restart doesn't change pid
        oeqa/runtime/syslog: Add delay to test to avoid failures
        busybox: Fix typo in syslog initscript
        pigz: Add debug for autobuilder errors
        staging: Code cleanup
        package: Build pkgdata specific to the current recipe
        Revert "pigz: Add debug for autobuilder errors"
        grub2: Drop unneeded code
        bitbake: event: Clear ui_queue after handling it
        bitbake: main: Ensure log messages are printed when no UI starts
        bitbake: main: Alter EOFError handling
        core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Reduce image padding size due to bootimg 4GB limit
        oeqa/bbtests: Tweak test bitbake output pattern matching
        sstate: Add tweak to avoid multiple sstate stats messages
        bitbake: siggen: Fix default handler
        bitbake: siggen: Use unique hashes for tasks
        bitbake: runqueue: Tweak buildable variable handling in scheduler
        bitbake: runqueue: Drop unused BB_SETSCENE_VERIFY_FUNCTION2
        bitbake: runqueue: Remove now uneeded code
        bitbake: runqueue: Move scenequeue data generation to a separate function
        bitbake: runqueue: Remove unused function parameter
        bitbake: runqueue: Factor out the process_setscene_whitelist checks
        bitbake: runqueue: Uniquely namespace the scenequeue functions
        bitbake: runqueue: Merge stats handling together for setscene/real tasks
        bitbake: runqueue: Merge scenequeue and real task queue code together
        bitbake: runqueue: Fix counter/task updating glitch
        bitbake: runqueue: Remove RunQueueExecuteScenequeue and RunQueueExecuteTasks
        bitbake: runqueue: Simplify _execute_runqueue logic
        bitbake: runqueue: Fold remains of the scenequeue setup into RunQueueExecute
        bitbake: event/runqueue: Drop StampUpdate event, its pointless/unused
        bitbake: runqueue: Add covered_tasks (or 'collated_deps') to scenequeue data
        bitbake: runqueue: Simplify scenequeue unskippable calculation
        bitbake: runqueue: Tweak comments and debug code
        bitbake: runqueue: Code simplification
        bitbake: runqueue: Remove pointless variable
        bitbake: runqueue: Further scheduler buildable tasks cleanup
        bitbake: runqueue: Clarify scenequeue_covered vs. tasks_covered
        bitbake: runqueue: Merge the queues and execute setscene and normal tasks in parallel
        bitbake: runqueue: Alter setscenewhitelist handling
        bitbake: runqueue: Complete the merge of scenequeue and normal task execution
        bitbake: tests: Add initial scenario based test for runqueue
        bitbake: uihelper: No longer listen to scenequeue task started
        bitbake: runqueue: Simplify some convoluted logic
        bitbake: runqueue: Whitespace fix
        bitbake: runqueue: Abstract hash verification function
        bitbake: runqueue: Optimise multiconfig with overlapping setscene
        bitbake: tests/runqueue: Allow common sstate tasks to become valid
        bitbake: runqueue: Fix non setscene tasks targets being lost
        staging: Drop clean_recipe_sysroot
        poky-lsb: Drop features already in poky
        poky-lsb: Drop libx11 PREFERRED_PROVIDER
        distro/include: Add
        bitbake: siggen: Fix handling of tainted sig files

  Robert Yang (13):
        update-alternatives.bbclass: run update-alternatives firstly in postinst script
        busybox: make postinst run firstly before update-alternatives
        multilib.bbclass: Reduce ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY for extended recipes
        bitbake: bitbake: lib: Cleanup /usr/bin/env python
        bitbake: bitbake: toaster:tests: python -> python3 python -> python3
        wic: python2 -> python3 python2 -> python3
        oeqa: Cleanup /usr/bin/env python
        package_rpm.bbclass: python2 -> python3
        bitbake: cache: Remove duplicated lines for provides and rprovides
        bitbake: cache: Set packages for skipped recipes
        bitbake: cache: Create a symlink for current cachefile

  Ross Burton (56):
        cve-check: be idiomatic
        gtk-icon-cache: rename intercept to update_gtk_icon_cache
        fortran-helloworld: add a very dumb Fortran Hello World for testing
        oeqa/buildoptions: check that Fortran code actually cross-compiles
        buildhistory: write the contents of the sysroot
        buildhistory: report sysroot changes
        perl: fix Upstream-Status tags
        efivar: ensure that target security flags are not used to build native code
        multilib_script: fix whitespace
        buildhistory_analysis: ignore ownership for sysroot diffs
        insane: use clean_path for the host contamination warnings
        libsndfile1: disable use of sqlite3 by default
        libsndfile1: remove redundant autoconf seeding
        buildhistory: don't output ownership for the sysroot
        buildhistory: filter out the unexpected prefix for native/cross sysroots
        alsa-utils: disable tools using GTK+2
        packagegroup-core-lsb: remove GTK+
        recipetool: add MD5 hash for the line-wrapped MPL-1.1 license
        oeqa/recipetool: change the CMake test to use taglib
        gtk+: remove GTK+ 2
        gnome-themes-standard: remove
        Revert "sysstat: use service file from source codes"
        libpsl: update Upstream-Status
        grub: build with python 3
        qemu: use Python 3 to build
        ninja: use Python 3
        conf/poky: add debian-10 to the supported distribution list
        tiff: remove redundant patch
        tiff: fix CVE-2019-6128
        tiff: fix CVE-2019-7663
        cve-check: remove redundant readline CVE whitelisting
        cve-check-tool: remove
        glibc: exclude child recipes from CVE scanning
        libid3tag: CVE-2017-11551 is the same as CVE-2004-2779
        libid3tag: handle unknown encodings (CVE-2017-11550)
        subversion: set CVE vendor to Apache
        boost: set CVE vendor to Boost
        git: set CVE vendor to git-scm
        ed: set CVE vendor to avoid false positives
        cve-check: allow comparison of Vendor as well as Product
        flex: set CVE_PRODUCT to include vendor
        cve-update-db-native: use SQL placeholders instead of format strings
        xkeyboard-config: remove redundant intltool dependency
        piglit: upgrade to latest revision
        pkgconf: upgrade 1.6.1 -> 1.6.3
        conf/poky: add Fedora 30 and Opensuse Leap 15.1 to supported distributions
        cve-update-db-native: use os.path.join instead of +
        cve-update-db: actually inherit native
        cve-update-db-native: use executemany() to optimise CPE insertion
        cve-update-db-native: improve metadata parsing
        cve-update-db-native: clean up JSON fetching
        freetype: upgrade to 2.10.1
        unfs3: set upstream tag regex to avoid false-positives
        meson.bbclass: export STRIP=${BUILD_STRIP}
        ffmpeg: don't use hardcoded lookup tables
        ffmpeg: upgrade to 4.1.4

  Sai Hari Chandana Kalluri (3):
        devtool/ Update devtool modify to copy source from work-shared if its already downloaded
        devtool/ Create a copy of kernel source within work-shared if not present
        devtool: provide support for devtool menuconfig command

  Scott Rifenbark (5):
        overview-manual: Fixed manual history table
        sdk-manual: Updated devtool to talk about oe-local-files.
        dev-manual: Provided proper link title
        ref-manual: Fixed typo for BBMULTICONFIG variable.
        ref-manual: Removed "python2" mention in example.

  Stefan Agner (1):
        psplash: create psplash tmpfs mount directory in psplash-init

  Tim Orling (3):
        vulkan-headers: add recipe
        vulkan-loader: add recipe
        vulkan-tools: add recipe

  Ulrich Ölmann (1):
        squashfs-tools: upgrade to commit f95864afe883

  William Bourque (2):
        wic/plugins: Source that support both EFI and BIOS
        meta/lib/oeqa: Test for bootimg-biosplusefi Source

  Yi Zhao (2):
        debianutils: upgrade ->
        ltp: upgrade 20190115 -> 20190517

  Zang Ruochen (9):
        nss: upgrade 3.44 -> 3.44.1
        util-linux:upgrade 2.33.2 -> 2.34
        librepo:upgrade 1.10.3 -> 1.10.4
        sqlite3: Upgrade 3.28.0 -> 3.29.0
        nss: Upgrade 3.44.1 -> 3.45
        xauth:upgrade 1.0.10 -> 1.1
        libice:upgrade 1.0.9 -> 1.0.10
        xwininfo:upgrade 1.1.4 -> 1.1.5
        libpciaccess:upgrade 0.14 -> 0.16

meta-phosphor: fe8cee7488..601f253a66:
  Brad Bishop (1):
        meta-phosphor: systemd: remove upstreamed patches

Change-Id: If591144821cd2e5b990a7aa49a1cf426f6a906de
Signed-off-by: Brad Bishop <>
439 files changed
tree: f2c9093a4ddffe5fb78f5dccbba36fac85603f37
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Build Status

The OpenBMC project can be described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices that have a BMC; typically, but not limited to, things like servers, top of rack switches or RAID appliances. The OpenBMC stack uses technologies such as Yocto, OpenEmbedded, systemd, and D-Bus to allow easy customization for your server platform.

Setting up your OpenBMC project

1) Prerequisite

  • Ubuntu 14.04
sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential libsdl1.2-dev texinfo gawk chrpath diffstat
  • Fedora 28
sudo dnf install -y git patch diffstat texinfo chrpath SDL-devel bitbake \
    rpcgen perl-Thread-Queue perl-bignum perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum
sudo dnf groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"

2) Download the source

git clone
cd openbmc

3) Target your hardware

Any build requires an environment variable known as TEMPLATECONF to be set to a hardware target. You can see all of the known targets with find meta-* -name local.conf.sample. Choose the hardware target and then move to the next step. Additional examples can be found in the OpenBMC Cheatsheet


As an example target Palmetto

export TEMPLATECONF=meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/conf

4) Build

. openbmc-env
bitbake obmc-phosphor-image

Additional details can be found in the docs repository.

Build Validation and Testing

Commits submitted by members of the OpenBMC GitHub community are compiled and tested via our Jenkins server. Commits are run through two levels of testing. At the repository level the makefile make check directive is run. At the system level, the commit is built into a firmware image and run with an arm-softmmu QEMU model against a barrage of CI tests.

Commits submitted by non-members do not automatically proceed through CI testing. After visual inspection of the commit, a CI run can be manually performed by the reviewer.

Automated testing against the QEMU model along with supported systems are performed. The OpenBMC project uses the Robot Framework for all automation. Our complete test repository can be found here.

Submitting Patches

Support of additional hardware and software packages is always welcome. Please follow the contributing guidelines when making a submission. It is expected that contributions contain test cases.

Bug Reporting

Issues are managed on GitHub. It is recommended you search through the issues before opening a new one.

Features of OpenBMC

Feature List

  • Host management: Power, Cooling, LEDs, Inventory, Events, Watchdog
  • Full IPMI 2.0 Compliance with DCMI
  • Code Update Support for multiple BMC/BIOS images
  • Web-based user interface
  • REST interfaces
  • D-Bus based interfaces
  • SSH based SOL
  • Remote KVM
  • Hardware Simulation
  • Automated Testing

Features In Progress

  • OpenCompute Redfish Compliance
  • User management
  • Virtual media
  • Verified Boot

Features Requested but need help

  • OpenBMC performance monitoring

Finding out more

Dive deeper into OpenBMC by opening the docs repository.