poky: refresh thud: b904775c2b..7c76c5d78b

Update poky to thud HEAD.

Adam Trhon (1):
      icecc-env: don't raise error when icecc not installed

Alexander Kanavin (1):
      openssl10: update to 1.0.2q

Armin Kuster (1):
      perl: add testdepends for ssh

Bruce Ashfield (2):
      linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.26
      linux-yocto/4.18: update to v4.18.27

Changqing Li (1):
      checklayer: generate locked-sigs.inc under builddir

Dan Dedrick (2):
      devtool: remove duplicate overrides
      devtool: improve git repo checks before check_commits logic

Daniel Ammann (1):
      ref-manual: Typo found and fixed.

Douglas Royds (2):
      openssl ptest: Strip build host paths from configdata.pm
      openssl: Strip perl version from installed ptest configdata.pm file

Dustin Bain (1):
      busybox: update to 1.29.3

Jan Kiszka (1):
      oe-git-proxy: Avoid resolving NO_PROXY against local files

Jens Rehsack (1):
      avahi: avoid depending on skipped package

Jonas Bonn (1):
      keymaps: tighten package write dependency

Kai Kang (1):
      selftest/wic: update test case test_qemu

Khem Raj (3):
      openssl10: Fix mutliple include assumptions for bn.h in opensslconf.h
      send-error-report: Use https instead of http protocol
      multilib_header_wrapper.h: Use #pragma once

Leonardo Augusto (1):
      scripts/lib/wic/engine: Fix cp's target path for ext* filesystems

Liu Haitao (1):
      iw: fix parsing of WEP keys

Mingli Yu (1):
      logrotate.py: restore /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp

Otavio Salvador (1):
      linux-firmware: Bump to 710963f revision

Ovidiu Panait (1):
      ghostscript: Fix CVE-2019-6116

Peter Kjellerstedt (1):
      libaio: Extend to native

Richard Purdie (23):
      package: Add pkg_postinst_ontarget to PACKAGEVARS
      oeqa/runtime/ptest: Avoid traceback for tests with no section
      oeqa/utils/logparser: Simplify ptest log parsing code
      oeqa/logparser: Further simplification/clarification
      oeqa/logparser: Reform the ptest results parser
      oeqa/utils/logparser: Add in support for duration, exitcode and logs by section
      oeqa/logparser: Improve results handling
      oeqa/logparser: Various misc cleanups
      oeqa/runtime/ptest: Ensure OOM errors are logged
      scripts/contrib/build-perf-test-wrapper.sh: Improve interaction with autobuilder automation
      scripts/contrib/build-perf-test.sh: Remove it
      oe-build-perf-report: Allow branch without hostname
      oe-build-perf-report: Allow commits from different branches
      oe-build-perf-report: Improve branch comparision handling
      oe-build-perf-report: Fix missing buildstats comparisions
      wic/engine: Fix missing parted autobuilder failures
      lib/buildstats: Improve error message
      scripts/oe-git-archive: Separate out functionality to library function
      oe-build-perf-report/gitarchive: Move common useful functions to library
      bitbake: runqueue: Fix dependency loop analysis 'hangs'
      bitbake: runqueue: Filter out multiconfig dependencies from BB_TASKDEPDATA
      bitbake: siggen: Fix multiconfig corner case
      bitbake: cooker: Tweak multiconfig dependency resolution

Robert Yang (5):
      bluez5: Fix a race issue for tools
      yocto-check-layer-wrapper: Fix path for oe-init-build-env
      checklayer: Avoid adding the layer if it is already present
      runqemu: Let qemuparams override default settings
      runqemu: Make QB_MEM easier to set

Ross Burton (3):
      e2fsprogs: fix file system generation with large files
      linux-firmware: recommend split up packages
      linux-firmware: split out liquidio firmware

Scott Rifenbark (2):
      poky.ent: Updated "meta-intel" version to "10.1"
      overview-manual, mega-manual: Updated Package Feeds diagram

Serhey Popovych (1):
      openssl: Skip assembler optimized code for powerpc64 with musl

William Bourque (1):
      wic/engine.py: Load paths from PATH environment variable

Xulin Sun (1):
      openssl: fix multilib file install conflicts

Zheng Ruoqin (1):
      mdadm: add init and service scripts

Change-Id: Ib14c2fb69d25d84aa3d4bf0a6715bba57d1eb900
Signed-off-by: Andrew Geissler <geissonator@yahoo.com>
59 files changed
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Build Status

The OpenBMC project can be described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices that have a BMC; typically, but not limited to, things like servers, top of rack switches or RAID appliances. The OpenBMC stack uses technologies such as Yocto, OpenEmbedded, systemd, and D-Bus to allow easy customization for your server platform.

Setting up your OpenBMC project

1) Prerequisite

  • Ubuntu 14.04
sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential libsdl1.2-dev texinfo gawk chrpath diffstat
  • Fedora 28
sudo dnf install -y git patch diffstat texinfo chrpath SDL-devel bitbake rpcgen
sudo dnf groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"

2) Download the source

git clone git@github.com:openbmc/openbmc.git
cd openbmc

3) Target your hardware

Any build requires an environment variable known as TEMPLATECONF to be set to a hardware target. You can see all of the known targets with find meta-* -name local.conf.sample. Choose the hardware target and then move to the next step. Additional examples can be found in the OpenBMC Cheatsheet


As an example target Palmetto

export TEMPLATECONF=meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/conf

4) Build

. openbmc-env
bitbake obmc-phosphor-image

Additional details can be found in the docs repository.

Build Validation and Testing

Commits submitted by members of the OpenBMC GitHub community are compiled and tested via our Jenkins server. Commits are run through two levels of testing. At the repository level the makefile make check directive is run. At the system level, the commit is built into a firmware image and run with an arm-softmmu QEMU model against a barrage of CI tests.

Commits submitted by non-members do not automatically proceed through CI testing. After visual inspection of the commit, a CI run can be manually performed by the reviewer.

Automated testing against the QEMU model along with supported systems are performed. The OpenBMC project uses the Robot Framework for all automation. Our complete test repository can be found here.

Submitting Patches

Support of additional hardware and software packages is always welcome. Please follow the contributing guidelines when making a submission. It is expected that contributions contain test cases.

Bug Reporting

Issues are managed on GitHub. It is recommended you search through the issues before opening a new one.

Features of OpenBMC

Feature List

  • REST Management
  • IPMI
  • SSH based SOL
  • Power and Cooling Management
  • Event Logs
  • Zeroconf discoverable
  • Sensors
  • Inventory
  • LED Management
  • Host Watchdog
  • Simulation
  • Code Update Support for multiple BMC/BIOS images

Features In Progress

  • Full IPMI 2.0 Compliance with DCMI
  • Verified Boot
  • HTML5 Java Script Web User Interface

Features Requested but need help

  • OpenCompute Redfish Compliance
  • OpenBMC performance monitoring
  • cgroup user management and policies
  • Remote KVM
  • Remote USB
  • OpenStack Ironic Integration
  • QEMU enhancements

Finding out more

Dive deeper in to OpenBMC by opening the docs repository.