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This repository contains the Arm layers for OpenEmbedded.

  • meta-arm

    This layer contains general recipes for the Arm architecture, such as firmware, FVPs, and Arm-specific integration.

  • meta-arm-autonomy

    This layer is the distribution for a reference stack for autonomous systems.

  • meta-arm-bsp

    This layer contains machines for Arm reference platforms, for example FVP Base, N1SDP, and Juno.

  • meta-arm-toolchain

    This layer contains recipes for Arm's binary toolchains (GCC and Clang for -A and -M), and a recipe to build Arm's GCC.

Other Directories

  • ci

    This directory contains gitlab continuous integration configuration files (KAS yaml files) as well as scripts needed for this

  • kas

    This directory contains KAS yaml files to describe builds for systems not used in CI

  • scripts

    This directory contains scripts used in running the CI tests


Currently, we only accept patches from the meta-arm mailing list. For general information on how to submit a patch, please read

E-mail with patches created using this process. You can configure git-send-email to automatically use this address for the meta-arm repository with the following git command:

$ git config --local --add

Commits and patches added should follow the OpenEmbedded patch guidelines:

The component being changed in the shortlog should be prefixed with the layer name (without the meta- prefix), for example:

arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: decrease frobbing level

arm-toolchain/gcc: enable foobar v2

Reporting bugs

E-mail with the error encountered and the steps to reproduce the issue.