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  1. ima-local-ca.pem
  2. ima-local-ca.priv
  3. privkey_ima.pem
  4. privkey_modsign.pem
  6. x509_ima.der
  7. x509_modsign.crt

EVM & IMA keys

The following IMA & EVM debug/test keys are in this directory

  • ima-local-ca.priv: The CA's private key (password: 1234)
  • ima-local-ca.pem: The CA's self-signed certificate
  • privkey_ima.pem: IMA & EVM private key used for signing files
  • x509_ima.der: Certificate containing public key (of privkey_ima.pem) to verify signatures

The CA's (self-signed) certificate can be used to verify the validity of the x509_ima.der certificate. Since the CA certificate will be built into the Linux kernel, any key (x509_ima.der) loaded onto the .ima keyring must pass this test:

  openssl verify -CAfile ima-local-ca.pem x509_ima.der