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OpenEmbedded/Yocto/OpenBMC BSP layer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers

This layer supports OpenBMC firmware on supported Hewlett Packard Enterprise server products.

The following system is supported.

HPE DL360 Gen10 (Modified Proof of Concept)

The HPE DL360 Gen10 OpenBMC Proof of Concept is a two-socket, 1U general purpose server. For more information, click here

This is for experimental use only at this time. The thermal management configuration (fan PID calibration) is not complete.

HPE ProLiant Gen10 products contain a custom BMC ASIC (called "GXP" here) that includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise Silicon Root of Trust technology. This feature was designed to ensure that only firmware released by Hewlett Packard Enterprise can run. In order to enable customers and partners to work with open firmware including OpenBMC, the DL360 layer described here will run only on a modified server or on the open source firmware CI system at

This boot process for the GXP ASIC begins with a binary bootblock before starting U-Boot, Linux, and the OpenBMC services.


Source the setup script as follows:

. ./setup dl360poc


bitbake obmc-phosphor-image

Additional machine configurations will be made available in the future.


meta-hpe patches are reviewed using the Gerrit instance at

Please submit patches to Gerrit. More information about using Gerrit can be found here. is a hosting mirror only. GitHub pull requests are not monitored and will not be accepted.

Patch checklist. Please ensure that patches adhere to the following guidelines:

For questions or help, join us on the mailing list or in IRC.