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This README file contains information on the contents of the filesystems layer.

Please see the corresponding sections below for details.


This layer depends on:

URI: git:// layers: meta branch: master

URI: git:// layers: meta-oe branch: master


Please submit any patches against the filesystems layer to the OpenEmbedded development mailing list ( with '[meta-filesystems]' in the subject.

Layer maintainer: Khem Raj

When sending single patches, please use something like:

git send-email -1 -M

Table of Contents

I. Adding the filesystems layer to your build II. Misc

I. Adding the filesystems layer to your build

In order to use this layer, you need to make the build system aware of it.

Assuming the filesystems layer exists at the top-level of your yocto build tree, you can add it to the build system by adding the location of the filesystems layer to bblayers.conf, along with any other layers needed. e.g.:


II. Misc

--- physfs --- A library to provide abstract access to various archives

--- fuse --- Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) is a simple interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the Linux kernel.

--- ifuse --- A fuse filesystem to access the contents of an iPhone or iPod Touch

--- sshfs-fuse --- A filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol

--- owfs --- An easy way to use the 1-Wire file system

--- ntfs-3g-ntfsprogs --- The ntfs-3g is a freely available read/write NTFS driver for Linux and ntfsprogs includes utilities for doing all required tasks to NTFS partitions.

--- cramfs --- Builds cramfs filesystems for embedded systems

--- smbnetfs --- SMBNetFS is a Linux/FreeBSD filesystem that allow you to use samba/microsoft network in the same manner as the network neighborhood in Microsoft Windows.

--- fuse-exfat --- A read and write exFAT driver for FUSE

--- exfat-utils --- Utilities to create, check, label and dump exFAT filesystem

--- f2fs-tools --- Tools needed for creating and managing f2fs partitions

--- xfsprogs --- It provides XFS filesystem utilities.