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# Copyright OpenEmbedded Contributors
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
python read_subpackage_metadata () {
import oe.packagedata
vars = {
"PN" : d.getVar('PN'),
"PE" : d.getVar('PE'),
"PV" : d.getVar('PV'),
"PR" : d.getVar('PR'),
data = oe.packagedata.read_pkgdata(vars["PN"], d)
for key in data.keys():
d.setVar(key, data[key])
for pkg in d.getVar('PACKAGES').split():
sdata = oe.packagedata.read_subpkgdata(pkg, d)
for key in sdata.keys():
if key in vars:
if sdata[key] != vars[key]:
if key == "PN":
bb.fatal("Recipe %s is trying to create package %s which was already written by recipe %s. This will cause corruption, please resolve this and only provide the package from one recipe or the other or only build one of the recipes." % (vars[key], pkg, sdata[key]))
bb.fatal("Recipe %s is trying to change %s from '%s' to '%s'. This will cause do_package_write_* failures since the incorrect data will be used and they will be unable to find the right workdir." % (vars["PN"], key, vars[key], sdata[key]))
# If we set unsuffixed variables here there is a chance they could clobber override versions
# of that variable, e.g. DESCRIPTION could clobber DESCRIPTION:<pkgname>
# We therefore don't clobber for the unsuffixed variable versions
if key.endswith(":" + pkg):
d.setVar(key, sdata[key])
d.setVar(key, sdata[key], parsing=True)