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# Copyright (C) 2006 OpenedHand LTD
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
# Point to an empty file so any user's custom settings don't break things
PATCHDEPENDENCY = "${PATCHTOOL}-native:do_populate_sysroot"
# There is a bug in patch 2.7.3 and earlier where index lines
# in patches can change file modes when they shouldn't:
# This leaks into debug sources in particular. Add the dependency
# to target recipes to avoid this problem until we can rely on 2.7.4 or later.
PATCHDEPENDENCY:append:class-target = " patch-replacement-native:do_populate_sysroot"
PATCH_GIT_USER_NAME ?= "OpenEmbedded"
PATCH_GIT_USER_EMAIL ?= "oe.patch@oe"
inherit terminal
python () {
if d.getVar('PATCHTOOL') == 'git' and d.getVar('PATCH_COMMIT_FUNCTIONS') == '1':
extratasks ='do_unpack', 'do_patch', d)
except ValueError:
# For some recipes do_unpack doesn't exist, ignore it
d.appendVarFlag('do_patch', 'prefuncs', ' patch_task_patch_prefunc')
for task in extratasks:
d.appendVarFlag(task, 'postfuncs', ' patch_task_postfunc')
python patch_task_patch_prefunc() {
# Prefunc for do_patch
srcsubdir = d.getVar('S')
workdir = os.path.abspath(d.getVar('WORKDIR'))
testsrcdir = os.path.abspath(srcsubdir)
if (testsrcdir + os.sep).startswith(workdir + os.sep):
# Double-check that either workdir or S or some directory in-between is a git repository
found = False
while testsrcdir != workdir:
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(testsrcdir, '.git')):
found = True
if testsrcdir == workdir:
testsrcdir = os.path.dirname(testsrcdir)
if not found:
bb.fatal('PATCHTOOL = "git" set for source tree that is not a git repository. Refusing to continue as that may result in commits being made in your metadata repository.')
patchdir = os.path.join(srcsubdir, 'patches')
if os.path.exists(patchdir):
if os.listdir(patchdir):
d.setVar('PATCH_HAS_PATCHES_DIR', '1')
python patch_task_postfunc() {
# Prefunc for task functions between do_unpack and do_patch
import oe.patch
import shutil
func = d.getVar('BB_RUNTASK')
srcsubdir = d.getVar('S')
if os.path.exists(srcsubdir):
if func == 'do_patch':
haspatches = (d.getVar('PATCH_HAS_PATCHES_DIR') == '1')
patchdir = os.path.join(srcsubdir, 'patches')
if os.path.exists(patchdir):
if haspatches:
stdout, _ ='git status --porcelain patches', cwd=srcsubdir)
if stdout:'git checkout patches', cwd=srcsubdir)
stdout, _ ='git status --porcelain .', cwd=srcsubdir)
if stdout:
useroptions = []
oe.patch.GitApplyTree.gitCommandUserOptions(useroptions, d=d)'git add .; git %s commit -a -m "Committing changes from %s\n\n%s"' % (' '.join(useroptions), func, oe.patch.GitApplyTree.ignore_commit_prefix + ' - from %s' % func), cwd=srcsubdir)
def src_patches(d, all=False, expand=True):
import oe.patch
return oe.patch.src_patches(d, all, expand)
def should_apply(parm, d):
"""Determine if we should apply the given patch"""
import oe.patch
return oe.patch.should_apply(parm, d)
should_apply[vardepsexclude] = "DATE SRCDATE"
python patch_do_patch() {
import oe.patch
patchsetmap = {
"patch": oe.patch.PatchTree,
"quilt": oe.patch.QuiltTree,
"git": oe.patch.GitApplyTree,
cls = patchsetmap[d.getVar('PATCHTOOL') or 'quilt']
resolvermap = {
"noop": oe.patch.NOOPResolver,
"user": oe.patch.UserResolver,
rcls = resolvermap[d.getVar('PATCHRESOLVE') or 'user']
classes = {}
s = d.getVar('S')
os.putenv('PATH', d.getVar('PATH'))
# We must use one TMPDIR per process so that the "patch" processes
# don't generate the same temp file name.
import tempfile
process_tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
os.environ['TMPDIR'] = process_tmpdir
for patch in src_patches(d):
_, _, local, _, _, parm = bb.fetch.decodeurl(patch)
if "patchdir" in parm:
patchdir = parm["patchdir"]
if not os.path.isabs(patchdir):
patchdir = os.path.join(s, patchdir)
if not os.path.isdir(patchdir):
bb.fatal("Target directory '%s' not found, patchdir '%s' is incorrect in patch file '%s'" %
(patchdir, parm["patchdir"], parm['patchname']))
patchdir = s
if not patchdir in classes:
patchset = cls(patchdir, d)
resolver = rcls(patchset, oe_terminal)
classes[patchdir] = (patchset, resolver)
patchset, resolver = classes[patchdir]
bb.note("Applying patch '%s' (%s)" % (parm['patchname'], oe.path.format_display(local, d)))
patchset.Import({"file":local, "strippath": parm['striplevel']}, True)
except Exception as exc:
bb.utils.remove(process_tmpdir, True)
bb.fatal("Importing patch '%s' with striplevel '%s'\n%s" % (parm['patchname'], parm['striplevel'], repr(exc).replace("\\n", "\n")))
except bb.BBHandledException as e:
bb.utils.remove(process_tmpdir, True)
bb.fatal("Applying patch '%s' on target directory '%s'\n%s" % (parm['patchname'], patchdir, repr(e).replace("\\n", "\n")))
bb.utils.remove(process_tmpdir, True)
del os.environ['TMPDIR']
patch_do_patch[vardepsexclude] = "PATCHRESOLVE"
addtask patch after do_unpack
do_patch[dirs] = "${WORKDIR}"
do_patch[depends] = "${PATCHDEPENDENCY}"