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Contributions and Additional Information
.. _resources-intro:
The Yocto Project team is happy for people to experiment with the Yocto
Project. There is a number of places where you can find help if you run into
difficulties or find bugs. This presents information about contributing
and participating in the Yocto Project.
.. _resources-contributions:
The Yocto Project gladly accepts contributions. You can submit changes
to the project either by creating and sending pull requests, or by
submitting patches through email. For information on how to do both as
well as information on how to identify the maintainer for each area of
code, see the ":ref:`dev-manual/common-tasks:submitting a change to the yocto project`" section in the
Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual.
.. _resources-bugtracker:
Yocto Project Bugzilla
The Yocto Project uses its own implementation of
:yocto_bugs:`Bugzilla <>` to track defects (bugs).
Implementations of Bugzilla work well for group development because they
track bugs and code changes, can be used to communicate changes and
problems with developers, can be used to submit and review patches, and
can be used to manage quality assurance.
Sometimes it is helpful to submit, investigate, or track a bug against
the Yocto Project itself (e.g. when discovering an issue with some
component of the build system that acts contrary to the documentation or
your expectations).
For a general procedure and guidelines on how to use Bugzilla to submit a bug
against the Yocto Project, see the following:
- The ":ref:`dev-manual/common-tasks:submitting a defect against the yocto project`"
section in the Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual.
- The Yocto Project :yocto_wiki:`Bugzilla wiki page </Bugzilla_Configuration_and_Bug_Tracking>`
For information on Bugzilla in general, see
.. _resources-mailinglist:
Mailing lists
There are multiple mailing lists maintained by the Yocto Project as well
as related OpenEmbedded mailing lists for discussion, patch submission
and announcements. To subscribe to one of the following mailing lists,
click on the appropriate URL in the following list and follow the
- :yocto_lists:`/g/yocto` - General Yocto Project
discussion mailing list.
- :oe_lists:`/g/openembedded-core` - Discussion mailing
list about OpenEmbedded-Core (the core metadata).
- :oe_lists:`/g/openembedded-devel` - Discussion
mailing list about OpenEmbedded.
- :oe_lists:`/g/bitbake-devel` - Discussion mailing
list about the :term:`BitBake` build tool.
- :yocto_lists:`/g/poky` - Discussion mailing list
about :term:`Poky`.
- :yocto_lists:`/g/yocto-announce` - Mailing list to
receive official Yocto Project release and milestone announcements.
For more Yocto Project-related mailing lists, see the
:yocto_home:`Yocto Project Website <>`.
.. _resources-irc:
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Two IRC channels on Freenode are available for the Yocto Project and
Poky discussions:
- ``#yocto``
- ``#poky``
.. _resources-links-and-related-documentation:
Links and Related Documentation
Here is a list of resources you might find helpful:
- :yocto_home:`The Yocto Project Website <>`\ *:* The home site
for the Yocto Project.
- :yocto_wiki:`The Yocto Project Main Wiki Page <>`\ *:* The main wiki page for
the Yocto Project. This page contains information about project
planning, release engineering, QA & automation, a reference site map,
and other resources related to the Yocto Project.
- :oe_home:`OpenEmbedded <>`\ *:* The build system used by the
Yocto Project. This project is the upstream, generic, embedded
distribution from which the Yocto Project derives its build system
(Poky) and to which it contributes.
- :oe_wiki:`BitBake </BitBake>`\ *:* The tool used to process metadata.
- :doc:`BitBake User Manual <bitbake:index>`\ *:* A comprehensive
guide to the BitBake tool. If you want information on BitBake, see
this manual.
- :doc:`/brief-yoctoprojectqs/index` *:* This
short document lets you experience building an image using the Yocto
Project without having to understand any concepts or details.
- :doc:`/overview-manual/index` *:* This manual provides overview
and conceptual information about the Yocto Project.
- :doc:`/dev-manual/index` *:* This manual is a "how-to" guide
that presents procedures useful to both application and system
developers who use the Yocto Project.
- :doc:`/sdk-manual/index` *manual :* This
guide provides information that lets you get going with the standard
or extensible SDK. An SDK, with its cross-development toolchains,
allows you to develop projects inside or outside of the Yocto Project
- :doc:`/bsp-guide/bsp` *:* This guide defines the structure
for BSP components. Having a commonly understood structure encourages
- :doc:`/kernel-dev/index` *:* This manual describes
how to work with Linux Yocto kernels as well as provides a bit of
conceptual information on the construction of the Yocto Linux kernel
- :doc:`/ref-manual/index` *:* This
manual provides reference material such as variable, task, and class
- :yocto_docs:`Yocto Project Mega-Manual </singleindex.html>`\ *:* This manual
is simply a single HTML file comprised of the bulk of the Yocto
Project manuals. It makes it easy to search for phrases and terms used
in the Yocto Project documentation set.
- :doc:`/profile-manual/index` *:* This manual presents a set of
common and generally useful tracing and profiling schemes along with
their applications (as appropriate) to each tool.
- :doc:`/toaster-manual/index` *:* This manual
introduces and describes how to set up and use Toaster. Toaster is an
Application Programming Interface (API) and web-based interface to
the :term:`OpenEmbedded Build System`, which uses
BitBake, that reports build information.
- :yocto_wiki:`FAQ </FAQ>`\ *:* A list of commonly asked
questions and their answers.
- *Release Notes:* Features, updates and known issues for the current
release of the Yocto Project. To access the Release Notes, go to the
:yocto_home:`Downloads </software-overview/downloads>` page on
the Yocto Project website and click on the "RELEASE INFORMATION" link
for the appropriate release.
- :yocto_bugs:`Bugzilla <>`\ *:* The bug tracking application
the Yocto Project uses. If you find problems with the Yocto Project,
you should report them using this application.
- :yocto_wiki:`Bugzilla Configuration and Bug Tracking Wiki Page
</Bugzilla_Configuration_and_Bug_Tracking>`\ *:*
Information on how to get set up and use the Yocto Project
implementation of Bugzilla for logging and tracking Yocto Project
- *Internet Relay Chat (IRC):* Two IRC channels on Freenode are
available for Yocto Project and Poky discussions: ``#yocto`` and
``#poky``, respectively.
- `Quick EMUlator (QEMU) <>`__\ *:* An
open-source machine emulator and virtualizer.