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# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
import re
from import OERuntimeTestCase
from oeqa.core.decorator.depends import OETestDepends
from oeqa.runtime.decorator.package import OEHasPackage
class DateTest(OERuntimeTestCase):
def setUp(self):
if'VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager') == 'systemd':
self.logger.debug('Stopping systemd-timesyncd daemon')'systemctl disable --now --runtime systemd-timesyncd')
def tearDown(self):
if'VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager') == 'systemd':
self.logger.debug('Starting systemd-timesyncd daemon')'systemctl enable --now --runtime systemd-timesyncd')
@OEHasPackage(['coreutils', 'busybox'])
def test_date(self):
(status, output) ='date +"%Y-%m-%d %T"')
msg = 'Failed to get initial date, output: %s' % output
self.assertEqual(status, 0, msg=msg)
oldDate = output
sampleTimestamp = 1488800000
(status, output) ="date -s @%d" % sampleTimestamp)
self.assertEqual(status, 0, msg='Date set failed, output: %s' % output)
(status, output) ='date +"%s"')
msg = 'The date was not set correctly, output: %s' % output
self.assertTrue(int(output) - sampleTimestamp < 300, msg=msg)
(status, output) ='date -s "%s"' % oldDate)
msg = 'Failed to reset date, output: %s' % output
self.assertEqual(status, 0, msg=msg)