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SUMMARY = "Host SDK package for cross canadian toolchain"
PN = "packagegroup-cross-canadian-${MACHINE}"
inherit cross-canadian packagegroup
# Use indirection to stop these being expanded prematurely
BINUTILS = "binutils-cross-canadian-${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH}"
GCC = "gcc-cross-canadian-${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH}"
GDB = "gdb-cross-canadian-${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH}"
${@all_multilib_tune_values(d, 'BINUTILS')} \
${@all_multilib_tune_values(d, 'GCC')} \
${@all_multilib_tune_values(d, 'GDB')} \
meta-environment-${MACHINE} \
# When TUNE_ARCH changes but MACHINE does not (for example when a machine definition is updated),
# cross-canadian.bbclass prevents variable dependency propagation to TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH
# This will result in erroneous reuse of previous sstate packages. The following line
# establishes a direct dependency instead.
do_package[vardeps] += "TUNE_ARCH"