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DESCRIPTION = "Boot strap code that the GPU puts on memory to start running the boot loader"
LICENSE = "BSD-3-Clause"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://armstub.S;beginline=1;endline=26;md5=9888f34ac06a676129416c952a6a521e"
inherit deploy nopackages
include recipes-bsp/common/
S = "${RPITOOLS_S}/armstubs"
export CC7="${CC}"
export LD7="${LD}"
export OBJCOPY7="${OBJCOPY}"
export OBJDUMP7="${OBJDUMP}"
export CC8="${CC}"
export LD8="${LD}"
export OBJCOPY8="${OBJCOPY}"
export OBJDUMP8="${OBJDUMP} -maarch64"
do_compile() {
[ -z "${ARMSTUB}" ] && bbfatal "No ARMSTUB defined for your machine."
oe_runmake ${ARMSTUB}
do_deploy() {
install -d ${DEPLOYDIR}/${PN}
cp ${S}/armstub*.bin ${DEPLOYDIR}/${PN}
addtask deploy before do_build after do_install
do_deploy[dirs] += "${DEPLOYDIR}/${PN}"