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" Vim syntax file
" Language: BitBake bb/bbclasses/inc
" Author: Chris Larson <>
" Ricardo Salveti <>
" Copyright: Copyright (C) 2004 Chris Larson <>
" Copyright (C) 2008 Ricardo Salveti <>
" This file is licensed under the MIT license, see COPYING.MIT in
" this source distribution for the terms.
" Syntax highlighting for bb, bbclasses and inc files.
" It's an entirely new type, just has specific syntax in shell and python code
if &compatible || v:version < 600 || exists("b:loaded_bitbake_plugin")
if exists("b:current_syntax")
syn include @python syntax/python.vim
if exists("b:current_syntax")
unlet b:current_syntax
" BitBake syntax
" Matching case
syn case match
" Indicates the error when nothing is matched
syn match bbUnmatched "."
" Comments
syn cluster bbCommentGroup contains=bbTodo,@Spell
syn keyword bbTodo COMBAK FIXME TODO XXX contained
syn match bbComment "#.*$" contains=@bbCommentGroup
" String helpers
syn match bbQuote +['"]+ contained
syn match bbDelimiter "[(){}=]" contained
syn match bbArrayBrackets "[\[\]]" contained
" BitBake strings
syn match bbContinue "\\$"
syn region bbString matchgroup=bbQuote start=+"+ skip=+\\$+ end=+"+ contained contains=bbTodo,bbContinue,bbVarDeref,bbVarPyValue,@Spell
syn region bbString matchgroup=bbQuote start=+'+ skip=+\\$+ end=+'+ contained contains=bbTodo,bbContinue,bbVarDeref,bbVarPyValue,@Spell
" Vars definition
syn match bbExport "^export" nextgroup=bbIdentifier skipwhite
syn keyword bbExportFlag export contained nextgroup=bbIdentifier skipwhite
syn match bbIdentifier "[a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.\/\+]\+" display contained
syn match bbVarDeref "${[a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.\/\+]\+}" contained
syn match bbVarEq "\(:=\|+=\|=+\|\.=\|=\.\|?=\|??=\|=\)" contained nextgroup=bbVarValue
syn match bbVarDef "^\(export\s*\)\?\([a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.\/\+]\+\(_[${}a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.\/\+]\+\)\?\)\s*\(:=\|+=\|=+\|\.=\|=\.\|?=\|??=\|=\)\@=" contains=bbExportFlag,bbIdentifier,bbVarDeref nextgroup=bbVarEq
syn match bbVarValue ".*$" contained contains=bbString,bbVarDeref,bbVarPyValue
syn region bbVarPyValue start=+${@+ skip=+\\$+ end=+}+ contained contains=@python
" Vars metadata flags
syn match bbVarFlagDef "^\([a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.]\+\)\(\[[a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.+]\+\]\)\@=" contains=bbIdentifier nextgroup=bbVarFlagFlag
syn region bbVarFlagFlag matchgroup=bbArrayBrackets start="\[" end="\]\s*\(:=\|=\|.=\|=.|+=\|=+\|?=\)\@=" contained contains=bbIdentifier nextgroup=bbVarEq
" Includes and requires
syn keyword bbInclude inherit include require contained
syn match bbIncludeRest ".*$" contained contains=bbString,bbVarDeref
syn match bbIncludeLine "^\(inherit\|include\|require\)\s\+" contains=bbInclude nextgroup=bbIncludeRest
" Add taks and similar
syn keyword bbStatement addtask deltask addhandler after before EXPORT_FUNCTIONS contained
syn match bbStatementRest ".*$" skipwhite contained contains=bbStatement
syn match bbStatementLine "^\(addtask\|deltask\|addhandler\|after\|before\|EXPORT_FUNCTIONS\)\s\+" contains=bbStatement nextgroup=bbStatementRest
" OE Important Functions
syn keyword bbOEFunctions do_fetch do_unpack do_patch do_configure do_compile do_stage do_install do_package contained
" Generic Functions
syn match bbFunction "\h[0-9A-Za-z_\-\.]*" display contained contains=bbOEFunctions
" BitBake shell metadata
syn include @shell syntax/sh.vim
if exists("b:current_syntax")
unlet b:current_syntax
syn keyword bbShFakeRootFlag fakeroot contained
syn match bbShFuncDef "^\(fakeroot\s*\)\?\([\.0-9A-Za-z_${}\-\.]\+\)\(python\)\@<!\(\s*()\s*\)\({\)\@=" contains=bbShFakeRootFlag,bbFunction,bbVarDeref,bbDelimiter nextgroup=bbShFuncRegion skipwhite
syn region bbShFuncRegion matchgroup=bbDelimiter start="{\s*$" end="^}\s*$" contained contains=@shell
" Python value inside shell functions
syn region shDeref start=+${@+ skip=+\\$+ excludenl end=+}+ contained contains=@python
" BitBake python metadata
syn keyword bbPyFlag python contained
syn match bbPyFuncDef "^\(fakeroot\s*\)\?\(python\)\(\s\+[0-9A-Za-z_${}\-\.]\+\)\?\(\s*()\s*\)\({\)\@=" contains=bbShFakeRootFlag,bbPyFlag,bbFunction,bbVarDeref,bbDelimiter nextgroup=bbPyFuncRegion skipwhite
syn region bbPyFuncRegion matchgroup=bbDelimiter start="{\s*$" end="^}\s*$" contained contains=@python
" BitBake 'def'd python functions
syn keyword bbPyDef def contained
syn region bbPyDefRegion start='^\(def\s\+\)\([0-9A-Za-z_-]\+\)\(\s*(.*)\s*\):\s*$' end='^\(\s\|$\)\@!' contains=@python
" Highlighting Definitions
hi def link bbUnmatched Error
hi def link bbInclude Include
hi def link bbTodo Todo
hi def link bbComment Comment
hi def link bbQuote String
hi def link bbString String
hi def link bbDelimiter Keyword
hi def link bbArrayBrackets Statement
hi def link bbContinue Special
hi def link bbExport Type
hi def link bbExportFlag Type
hi def link bbIdentifier Identifier
hi def link bbVarDeref PreProc
hi def link bbVarDef Identifier
hi def link bbVarValue String
hi def link bbShFakeRootFlag Type
hi def link bbFunction Function
hi def link bbPyFlag Type
hi def link bbPyDef Statement
hi def link bbStatement Statement
hi def link bbStatementRest Identifier
hi def link bbOEFunctions Special
hi def link bbVarPyValue PreProc
let b:current_syntax = "bb"