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# Development tool - upgrade command plugin
# Copyright (C) 2014-2017 Intel Corporation
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
"""Devtool upgrade plugin"""
import os
import sys
import re
import shutil
import tempfile
import logging
import argparse
import scriptutils
import errno
import bb
devtool_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) + '/../../../meta/lib'
sys.path = sys.path + [devtool_path]
import oe.recipeutils
from devtool import standard
from devtool import exec_build_env_command, setup_tinfoil, DevtoolError, parse_recipe, use_external_build, update_unlockedsigs, check_prerelease_version
logger = logging.getLogger('devtool')
def _run(cmd, cwd=''):
logger.debug("Running command %s> %s" % (cwd,cmd))
return'%s' % cmd, cwd=cwd)
def _get_srctree(tmpdir):
srctree = tmpdir
dirs = scriptutils.filter_src_subdirs(tmpdir)
if len(dirs) == 1:
srctree = os.path.join(tmpdir, dirs[0])
return srctree
def _copy_source_code(orig, dest):
for path in standard._ls_tree(orig):
dest_dir = os.path.join(dest, os.path.dirname(path))
dest_path = os.path.join(dest, path)
shutil.move(os.path.join(orig, path), dest_path)
def _remove_patch_dirs(recipefolder):
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(recipefolder):
for d in dirs:
def _recipe_contains(rd, var):
rf = rd.getVar('FILE')
varfiles = oe.recipeutils.get_var_files(rf, [var], rd)
for var, fn in varfiles.items():
if fn and fn.startswith(os.path.dirname(rf) + os.sep):
return True
return False
def _rename_recipe_dirs(oldpv, newpv, path):
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path):
# Rename directories with the version in their name
for olddir in dirs:
if olddir.find(oldpv) != -1:
newdir = olddir.replace(oldpv, newpv)
if olddir != newdir:
shutil.move(os.path.join(path, olddir), os.path.join(path, newdir))
# Rename any inc files with the version in their name (unusual, but possible)
for oldfile in files:
if oldfile.endswith('.inc'):
if oldfile.find(oldpv) != -1:
newfile = oldfile.replace(oldpv, newpv)
if oldfile != newfile:
os.rename(os.path.join(path, oldfile), os.path.join(path, newfile))
def _rename_recipe_file(oldrecipe, bpn, oldpv, newpv, path):
oldrecipe = os.path.basename(oldrecipe)
if oldrecipe.endswith('' % oldpv):
newrecipe = '' % (bpn, newpv)
if oldrecipe != newrecipe:
shutil.move(os.path.join(path, oldrecipe), os.path.join(path, newrecipe))
newrecipe = oldrecipe
return os.path.join(path, newrecipe)
def _rename_recipe_files(oldrecipe, bpn, oldpv, newpv, path):
_rename_recipe_dirs(oldpv, newpv, path)
return _rename_recipe_file(oldrecipe, bpn, oldpv, newpv, path)
def _write_append(rc, srctree, same_dir, no_same_dir, rev, copied, workspace, d):
"""Writes an append file"""
if not os.path.exists(rc):
raise DevtoolError("bbappend not created because %s does not exist" % rc)
appendpath = os.path.join(workspace, 'appends')
if not os.path.exists(appendpath):
brf = os.path.basename(os.path.splitext(rc)[0]) # rc basename
srctree = os.path.abspath(srctree)
pn = d.getVar('PN')
af = os.path.join(appendpath, '%s.bbappend' % brf)
with open(af, 'w') as f:
f.write('FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"\n\n')
f.write('inherit externalsrc\n')
f.write(('# NOTE: We use pn- overrides here to avoid affecting'
'multiple variants in the case where the recipe uses BBCLASSEXTEND\n'))
f.write('EXTERNALSRC_pn-%s = "%s"\n' % (pn, srctree))
b_is_s = use_external_build(same_dir, no_same_dir, d)
if b_is_s:
f.write('EXTERNALSRC_BUILD_pn-%s = "%s"\n' % (pn, srctree))
if rev:
f.write('# initial_rev: %s\n' % rev)
if copied:
f.write('# original_path: %s\n' % os.path.dirname(d.getVar('FILE')))
f.write('# original_files: %s\n' % ' '.join(copied))
return af
def _cleanup_on_error(rf, srctree):
rfp = os.path.split(rf)[0] # recipe folder
rfpp = os.path.split(rfp)[0] # recipes folder
if os.path.exists(rfp):
if not len(os.listdir(rfpp)):
srctree = os.path.abspath(srctree)
if os.path.exists(srctree):
def _upgrade_error(e, rf, srctree, keep_failure=False, extramsg=None):
if rf and not keep_failure:
_cleanup_on_error(rf, srctree)
if extramsg:
if keep_failure:'Preserving failed upgrade files (--keep-failure)')
def _get_uri(rd):
srcuris = rd.getVar('SRC_URI').split()
if not len(srcuris):
raise DevtoolError('SRC_URI not found on recipe')
# Get first non-local entry in SRC_URI - usually by convention it's
# the first entry, but not always!
srcuri = None
for entry in srcuris:
if not entry.startswith('file://'):
srcuri = entry
if not srcuri:
raise DevtoolError('Unable to find non-local entry in SRC_URI')
srcrev = '${AUTOREV}'
if '://' in srcuri:
# Fetch a URL
rev_re = re.compile(';rev=([^;]+)')
res =
if res:
srcrev =
srcuri = rev_re.sub('', srcuri)
return srcuri, srcrev
def _extract_new_source(newpv, srctree, no_patch, srcrev, srcbranch, branch, keep_temp, tinfoil, rd):
"""Extract sources of a recipe with a new version"""
def __run(cmd):
"""Simple wrapper which calls _run with srctree as cwd"""
return _run(cmd, srctree)
crd = rd.createCopy()
pv = crd.getVar('PV')
crd.setVar('PV', newpv)
tmpsrctree = None
uri, rev = _get_uri(crd)
if srcrev:
rev = srcrev
if uri.startswith('git://'):
__run('git fetch')
__run('git checkout %s' % rev)
__run('git tag -f devtool-base-new')
md5 = None
sha256 = None
_, _, _, _, _, params = bb.fetch2.decodeurl(uri)
srcsubdir_rel = params.get('destsuffix', 'git')
if not srcbranch:
check_branch, check_branch_err = __run('git branch -r --contains %s' % srcrev)
get_branch = [x.strip() for x in check_branch.splitlines()]
# Remove HEAD reference point and drop remote prefix
get_branch = [x.split('/', 1)[1] for x in get_branch if not x.startswith('origin/HEAD')]
if 'master' in get_branch:
# If it is master, we do not need to append 'branch=master' as this is default.
# Even with the case where get_branch has multiple objects, if 'master' is one
# of them, we should default take from 'master'
srcbranch = ''
elif len(get_branch) == 1:
# If 'master' isn't in get_branch and get_branch contains only ONE object, then store result into 'srcbranch'
srcbranch = get_branch[0]
# If get_branch contains more than one objects, then display error and exit.
mbrch = '\n ' + '\n '.join(get_branch)
raise DevtoolError('Revision %s was found on multiple branches: %s\nPlease provide the correct branch in the devtool command with "--srcbranch" or "-B" option.' % (srcrev, mbrch))
__run('git checkout devtool-base -b devtool-%s' % newpv)
tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix='devtool')
checksums, ftmpdir = scriptutils.fetch_url(tinfoil, uri, rev, tmpdir, logger, preserve_tmp=keep_temp)
except scriptutils.FetchUrlFailure as e:
raise DevtoolError(e)
if ftmpdir and keep_temp:'Fetch temp directory is %s' % ftmpdir)
md5 = checksums['md5sum']
sha256 = checksums['sha256sum']
tmpsrctree = _get_srctree(tmpdir)
srctree = os.path.abspath(srctree)
srcsubdir_rel = os.path.relpath(tmpsrctree, tmpdir)
# Delete all sources so we ensure no stray files are left over
for item in os.listdir(srctree):
if item in ['.git', 'oe-local-files']:
itempath = os.path.join(srctree, item)
if os.path.isdir(itempath):
# Copy in new ones
_copy_source_code(tmpsrctree, srctree)
(stdout,_) = __run('git ls-files --modified --others')
filelist = stdout.splitlines()
pbar = bb.ui.knotty.BBProgress('Adding changed files', len(filelist))
batchsize = 100
for i in range(0, len(filelist), batchsize):
batch = filelist[i:i+batchsize]
__run('git add -f -A %s' % ' '.join(['"%s"' % item for item in batch]))
useroptions = []
oe.patch.GitApplyTree.gitCommandUserOptions(useroptions, d=rd)
__run('git %s commit -q -m "Commit of upstream changes at version %s" --allow-empty' % (' '.join(useroptions), newpv))
__run('git tag -f devtool-base-%s' % newpv)
(stdout, _) = __run('git rev-parse HEAD')
rev = stdout.rstrip()
if no_patch:
patches = oe.recipeutils.get_recipe_patches(crd)
if patches:
logger.warning('By user choice, the following patches will NOT be applied to the new source tree:\n %s' % '\n '.join([os.path.basename(patch) for patch in patches]))
__run('git checkout devtool-patched -b %s' % branch)
skiptag = False
__run('git rebase %s' % rev)
except bb.process.ExecutionError as e:
skiptag = True
if 'conflict' in e.stdout:
logger.warning('Command \'%s\' failed:\n%s\n\nYou will need to resolve conflicts in order to complete the upgrade.' % (e.command, e.stdout.rstrip()))
logger.warning('Command \'%s\' failed:\n%s' % (e.command, e.stdout))
if not skiptag:
if uri.startswith('git://'):
suffix = 'new'
suffix = newpv
__run('git tag -f devtool-patched-%s' % suffix)
if tmpsrctree:
if keep_temp:'Preserving temporary directory %s' % tmpsrctree)
if tmpdir != tmpsrctree:
return (rev, md5, sha256, srcbranch, srcsubdir_rel)
def _add_license_diff_to_recipe(path, diff):
notice_text = """# FIXME: the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM values have been updated by 'devtool upgrade'.
# The following is the difference between the old and the new license text.
# Please update the LICENSE value if needed, and summarize the changes in
# the commit message via 'License-Update:' tag.
# (example: 'License-Update: copyright years updated.')
# The changes:
commented_diff = "\n".join(["# {}".format(l) for l in diff.split('\n')])
with open(path, 'rb') as f:
orig_content =
with open(path, 'wb') as f:
def _create_new_recipe(newpv, md5, sha256, srcrev, srcbranch, srcsubdir_old, srcsubdir_new, workspace, tinfoil, rd, license_diff, new_licenses, srctree, keep_failure):
"""Creates the new recipe under workspace"""
bpn = rd.getVar('BPN')
path = os.path.join(workspace, 'recipes', bpn)
copied, _ = oe.recipeutils.copy_recipe_files(rd, path, all_variants=True)
if not copied:
raise DevtoolError('Internal error - no files were copied for recipe %s' % bpn)
logger.debug('Copied %s to %s' % (copied, path))
oldpv = rd.getVar('PV')
if not newpv:
newpv = oldpv
origpath = rd.getVar('FILE')
fullpath = _rename_recipe_files(origpath, bpn, oldpv, newpv, path)
logger.debug('Upgraded %s => %s' % (origpath, fullpath))
newvalues = {}
if _recipe_contains(rd, 'PV') and newpv != oldpv:
newvalues['PV'] = newpv
if srcrev:
newvalues['SRCREV'] = srcrev
if srcbranch:
src_uri = oe.recipeutils.split_var_value(rd.getVar('SRC_URI', False) or '')
changed = False
replacing = True
new_src_uri = []
for entry in src_uri:
scheme, network, path, user, passwd, params = bb.fetch2.decodeurl(entry)
if replacing and scheme in ['git', 'gitsm']:
branch = params.get('branch', 'master')
if rd.expand(branch) != srcbranch:
# Handle case where branch is set through a variable
res = re.match(r'\$\{([^}@]+)\}', branch)
if res:
newvalues[] = srcbranch
# We know we won't change SRC_URI now, so break out
params['branch'] = srcbranch
entry = bb.fetch2.encodeurl((scheme, network, path, user, passwd, params))
changed = True
replacing = False
if changed:
newvalues['SRC_URI'] = ' '.join(new_src_uri)
newvalues['PR'] = None
# Work out which SRC_URI entries have changed in case the entry uses a name
crd = rd.createCopy()
crd.setVar('PV', newpv)
for var, value in newvalues.items():
crd.setVar(var, value)
old_src_uri = (rd.getVar('SRC_URI') or '').split()
new_src_uri = (crd.getVar('SRC_URI') or '').split()
newnames = []
addnames = []
for newentry in new_src_uri:
_, _, _, _, _, params = bb.fetch2.decodeurl(newentry)
if 'name' in params:
if newentry not in old_src_uri:
# Find what's been set in the original recipe
oldnames = []
noname = False
for varflag in rd.getVarFlags('SRC_URI'):
if varflag.endswith(('.md5sum', '.sha256sum')):
name = varflag.rsplit('.', 1)[0]
if name not in oldnames:
elif varflag in ['md5sum', 'sha256sum']:
noname = True
# Even if SRC_URI has named entries it doesn't have to actually use the name
if noname and addnames and addnames[0] not in oldnames:
addnames = []
# Drop any old names (the name actually might include ${PV})
for name in oldnames:
if name not in newnames:
newvalues['SRC_URI[%s.md5sum]' % name] = None
newvalues['SRC_URI[%s.sha256sum]' % name] = None
if sha256:
if addnames:
nameprefix = '%s.' % addnames[0]
nameprefix = ''
newvalues['SRC_URI[%smd5sum]' % nameprefix] = None
newvalues['SRC_URI[%ssha256sum]' % nameprefix] = sha256
if srcsubdir_new != srcsubdir_old:
s_subdir_old = os.path.relpath(os.path.abspath(rd.getVar('S')), rd.getVar('WORKDIR'))
s_subdir_new = os.path.relpath(os.path.abspath(crd.getVar('S')), crd.getVar('WORKDIR'))
if srcsubdir_old == s_subdir_old and srcsubdir_new != s_subdir_new:
# Subdir for old extracted source matches what S points to (it should!)
# but subdir for new extracted source doesn't match what S will be
newvalues['S'] = '${WORKDIR}/%s' % srcsubdir_new.replace(newpv, '${PV}')
if crd.expand(newvalues['S']) == crd.expand('${WORKDIR}/${BP}'):
# It's the default, drop it
# FIXME what if S is being set in a .inc?
newvalues['S'] = None'Source subdirectory has changed, dropping S value since it now matches the default ("${WORKDIR}/${BP}")')
else:'Source subdirectory has changed, updating S value')
if license_diff:
newlicchksum = " ".join(["file://{}".format(l['path']) +
(";beginline={}".format(l['beginline']) if l['beginline'] else "") +
(";endline={}".format(l['endline']) if l['endline'] else "") +
(";md5={}".format(l['actual_md5'])) for l in new_licenses])
newvalues["LIC_FILES_CHKSUM"] = newlicchksum
_add_license_diff_to_recipe(fullpath, license_diff)
rd = tinfoil.parse_recipe_file(fullpath, False)
except bb.tinfoil.TinfoilCommandFailed as e:
_upgrade_error(e, fullpath, srctree, keep_failure, 'Parsing of upgraded recipe failed')
oe.recipeutils.patch_recipe(rd, fullpath, newvalues)
return fullpath, copied
def _check_git_config():
def getconfig(name):
value ='git config --global %s' % name)[0].strip()
except bb.process.ExecutionError as e:
if e.exitcode == 1:
value = None
return value
username = getconfig('')
useremail = getconfig('')
configerr = []
if not username:
configerr.append('Please set your name using:\n git config --global')
if not useremail:
configerr.append('Please set your email using:\n git config --global')
if configerr:
raise DevtoolError('Your git configuration is incomplete which will prevent rebases from working:\n' + '\n'.join(configerr))
def _extract_licenses(srcpath, recipe_licenses):
licenses = []
for url in recipe_licenses.split():
license = {}
(type, host, path, user, pswd, parm) = bb.fetch.decodeurl(url)
license['path'] = path
license['md5'] = parm.get('md5', '')
license['beginline'], license['endline'] = 0, 0
if 'beginline' in parm:
license['beginline'] = int(parm['beginline'])
if 'endline' in parm:
license['endline'] = int(parm['endline'])
license['text'] = []
with open(os.path.join(srcpath, path), 'rb') as f:
import hashlib
actual_md5 = hashlib.md5()
lineno = 0
for line in f:
lineno += 1
if (lineno >= license['beginline']) and ((lineno <= license['endline']) or not license['endline']):
license['actual_md5'] = actual_md5.hexdigest()
return licenses
def _generate_license_diff(old_licenses, new_licenses):
need_diff = False
for l in new_licenses:
if l['md5'] != l['actual_md5']:
need_diff = True
if need_diff == False:
return None
import difflib
diff = ''
for old, new in zip(old_licenses, new_licenses):
for line in difflib.unified_diff(old['text'], new['text'], old['path'], new['path']):
diff = diff + line
return diff
def upgrade(args, config, basepath, workspace):
"""Entry point for the devtool 'upgrade' subcommand"""
if args.recipename in workspace:
raise DevtoolError("recipe %s is already in your workspace" % args.recipename)
if args.srcbranch and not args.srcrev:
raise DevtoolError("If you specify --srcbranch/-B then you must use --srcrev/-S to specify the revision" % args.recipename)
tinfoil = setup_tinfoil(basepath=basepath, tracking=True)
rd = parse_recipe(config, tinfoil, args.recipename, True)
if not rd:
return 1
pn = rd.getVar('PN')
if pn != args.recipename:'Mapping %s to %s' % (args.recipename, pn))
if pn in workspace:
raise DevtoolError("recipe %s is already in your workspace" % pn)
if args.srctree:
srctree = os.path.abspath(args.srctree)
srctree = standard.get_default_srctree(config, pn)
# try to automatically discover latest version and revision if not provided on command line
if not args.version and not args.srcrev:
version_info = oe.recipeutils.get_recipe_upstream_version(rd)
if version_info['version'] and not version_info['version'].endswith("new-commits-available"):
args.version = version_info['version']
if version_info['revision']:
args.srcrev = version_info['revision']
if not args.version and not args.srcrev:
raise DevtoolError("Automatic discovery of latest version/revision failed - you must provide a version using the --version/-V option, or for recipes that fetch from an SCM such as git, the --srcrev/-S option.")
standard._check_compatible_recipe(pn, rd)
old_srcrev = rd.getVar('SRCREV')
if old_srcrev == 'INVALID':
old_srcrev = None
if old_srcrev and not args.srcrev:
raise DevtoolError("Recipe specifies a SRCREV value; you must specify a new one when upgrading")
old_ver = rd.getVar('PV')
if old_ver == args.version and old_srcrev == args.srcrev:
raise DevtoolError("Current and upgrade versions are the same version")
if args.version:
if bb.utils.vercmp_string(args.version, old_ver) < 0:
logger.warning('Upgrade version %s compares as less than the current version %s. If you are using a package feed for on-target upgrades or providing this recipe for general consumption, then you should increment PE in the recipe (or if there is no current PE value set, set it to "1")' % (args.version, old_ver))
check_prerelease_version(args.version, 'devtool upgrade')
rf = None
license_diff = None
try:'Extracting current version source...')
rev1, srcsubdir1 = standard._extract_source(srctree, False, 'devtool-orig', False, config, basepath, workspace, args.fixed_setup, rd, tinfoil, no_overrides=args.no_overrides)
old_licenses = _extract_licenses(srctree, (rd.getVar('LIC_FILES_CHKSUM') or ""))'Extracting upgraded version source...')
rev2, md5, sha256, srcbranch, srcsubdir2 = _extract_new_source(args.version, srctree, args.no_patch,
args.srcrev, args.srcbranch, args.branch, args.keep_temp,
tinfoil, rd)
new_licenses = _extract_licenses(srctree, (rd.getVar('LIC_FILES_CHKSUM') or ""))
license_diff = _generate_license_diff(old_licenses, new_licenses)
rf, copied = _create_new_recipe(args.version, md5, sha256, args.srcrev, srcbranch, srcsubdir1, srcsubdir2, config.workspace_path, tinfoil, rd, license_diff, new_licenses, srctree, args.keep_failure)
except bb.process.CmdError as e:
_upgrade_error(e, rf, srctree, args.keep_failure)
except DevtoolError as e:
_upgrade_error(e, rf, srctree, args.keep_failure)
standard._add_md5(config, pn, os.path.dirname(rf))
af = _write_append(rf, srctree, args.same_dir, args.no_same_dir, rev2,
copied, config.workspace_path, rd)
standard._add_md5(config, pn, af)
update_unlockedsigs(basepath, workspace, args.fixed_setup, [pn])'Upgraded source extracted to %s' % srctree)'New recipe is %s' % rf)
if license_diff:'License checksums have been updated in the new recipe; please refer to it for the difference between the old and the new license texts.')
return 0
def latest_version(args, config, basepath, workspace):
"""Entry point for the devtool 'latest_version' subcommand"""
tinfoil = setup_tinfoil(basepath=basepath, tracking=True)
rd = parse_recipe(config, tinfoil, args.recipename, True)
if not rd:
return 1
version_info = oe.recipeutils.get_recipe_upstream_version(rd)
# "new-commits-available" is an indication that upstream never issues version tags
if not version_info['version'].endswith("new-commits-available"):"Current version: {}".format(version_info['current_version']))"Latest version: {}".format(version_info['version']))
if version_info['revision']:"Latest version's commit: {}".format(version_info['revision']))
else:"Latest commit: {}".format(version_info['revision']))
return 0
def check_upgrade_status(args, config, basepath, workspace):
if not args.recipe:"Checking the upstream status for all recipes may take a few minutes")
results = oe.recipeutils.get_recipe_upgrade_status(args.recipe)
for result in results:
# pn, update_status, current, latest, maintainer, latest_commit, no_update_reason
if args.all or result[1] != 'MATCH':"{:25} {:15} {:15} {} {} {}".format( result[0],
result[1] if result[1] != 'UPDATE' else (result[3] if not result[3].endswith("new-commits-available") else "new commits"),
result[5] if result[5] != 'N/A' else "",
"cannot be updated due to: %s" %(result[6]) if result[6] else ""))
def register_commands(subparsers, context):
"""Register devtool subcommands from this plugin"""
defsrctree = standard.get_default_srctree(context.config)
parser_upgrade = subparsers.add_parser('upgrade', help='Upgrade an existing recipe',
description='Upgrades an existing recipe to a new upstream version. Puts the upgraded recipe file into the workspace along with any associated files, and extracts the source tree to a specified location (in case patches need rebasing or adding to as a result of the upgrade).',
parser_upgrade.add_argument('recipename', help='Name of recipe to upgrade (just name - no version, path or extension)')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('srctree', nargs='?', help='Path to where to extract the source tree. If not specified, a subdirectory of %s will be used.' % defsrctree)
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--version', '-V', help='Version to upgrade to (PV). If omitted, latest upstream version will be determined and used, if possible.')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--srcrev', '-S', help='Source revision to upgrade to (useful when fetching from an SCM such as git)')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--srcbranch', '-B', help='Branch in source repository containing the revision to use (if fetching from an SCM such as git)')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--branch', '-b', default="devtool", help='Name for new development branch to checkout (default "%(default)s")')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--no-patch', action="store_true", help='Do not apply patches from the recipe to the new source code')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--no-overrides', '-O', action="store_true", help='Do not create branches for other override configurations')
group = parser_upgrade.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
group.add_argument('--same-dir', '-s', help='Build in same directory as source', action="store_true")
group.add_argument('--no-same-dir', help='Force build in a separate build directory', action="store_true")
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--keep-temp', action="store_true", help='Keep temporary directory (for debugging)')
parser_upgrade.add_argument('--keep-failure', action="store_true", help='Keep failed upgrade recipe and associated files (for debugging)')
parser_upgrade.set_defaults(func=upgrade, fixed_setup=context.fixed_setup)
parser_latest_version = subparsers.add_parser('latest-version', help='Report the latest version of an existing recipe',
description='Queries the upstream server for what the latest upstream release is (for git, tags are checked, for tarballs, a list of them is obtained, and one with the highest version number is reported)',
parser_latest_version.add_argument('recipename', help='Name of recipe to query (just name - no version, path or extension)')
parser_check_upgrade_status = subparsers.add_parser('check-upgrade-status', help="Report upgradability for multiple (or all) recipes",
description="Prints a table of recipes together with versions currently provided by recipes, and latest upstream versions, when there is a later version available",
parser_check_upgrade_status.add_argument('recipe', help='Name of the recipe to report (omit to report upgrade info for all recipes)', nargs='*')
parser_check_upgrade_status.add_argument('--all', '-a', help='Show all recipes, not just recipes needing upgrade', action="store_true")