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This is the directory that contains the BitBake documentation.
Manual Organization
Folders exist for individual manuals as follows:
* bitbake-user-manual - The BitBake User Manual
Each folder is self-contained regarding content and figures.
If you want to find HTML versions of the BitBake manuals on the web,
go to
The Makefile processes manual directories to create HTML, PDF,
tarballs, etc. Details on how the Makefile work are documented
inside the Makefile. See that file for more information.
To build a manual, you run the make command and pass it the name
of the folder containing the manual's contents.
For example, the following command run from the documentation directory
creates an HTML and a PDF version of the BitBake User Manual.
The DOC variable specifies the manual you are making:
$ make DOC=bitbake-user-manual
Contains various templates, fonts, and some old PNG files.
Contains a tool to convert the DocBook files to PDF format.