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List of maintainers for meta-intel
How to use this list:
Find the most specific section entry (described below) that matches where
your change lives and add the reviewers (R) and maintainers (M) as
reviewers. You can use the same method to track down who knows a particular
code base best.
Your change/query may span multiple entries; that is okay.
If you do not find an entry that describes your request at all, someone
forgot to update this list; please at least file an issue or send an email
to a maintainer, but preferably you should just update this document.
Description of section entries:
Section entries are structured according to the following scheme:
X: ...
Where REPO_NAME is the name of the repository within the OpenBMC GitHub
organization; FILE_PATH is a file path within the repository, possibly with
wildcards; X is a tag of one of the following types:
M: Denotes maintainer; has fields NAME <EMAIL_USERNAME@DOMAIN> <IRC_USERNAME!>;
if omitted from an entry, assume one of the maintainers from the
R: Denotes reviewer; has fields NAME <EMAIL_USERNAME@DOMAIN> <IRC_USERNAME!>;
these people are to be added as reviewers for a change matching the repo
F: Denotes forked from an external repository; has fields URL.
Line comments are to be denoted "# SOME COMMENT" (typical shell style
comment); it is important to follow the correct syntax and semantics as we
may want to use automated tools with this file in the future.
A change cannot be added to an OpenBMC repository without a MAINTAINER's
approval; thus, a MAINTAINER should always be listed as a reviewer.
Change approval rules:
- Patches must be available for review for a minimum of 48 hours before it
can be submitted.
- Patches must be be approved (+1) by at least 2 maintainers.
- Patches must not have an unresolved -1 vote by any maintainer.
- Patches should have all maintainers added for visibility.
- Patches should include unit tests where possible.
- Feel free to ping on IRC about patches that look good but have not
received +2
Design approval rules:
- Design discussions should be carried out via email with, at minimum,
all maintainers on the thread. It's encouraged to include the
OpenBMC mailing list in the thread as well.
M: Vernon Mauery <> <vmauery!>
M: Jason Bills <> <jmbills!>