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Changes in Bitbake 1.9.x:
- Add PE (Package Epoch) support from Philipp Zabel (pH5)
- Treat python functions the same as shell functions for logging
- Use TMPDIR/anonfunc as a __anonfunc temp directory (T)
- Catch truncated cache file errors
- Allow operations other than assignment on flag variables
- Add code to handle inter-task dependencies
- Fix cache errors when generation dotGraphs
- Make sure __inherit_cache is updated before calling include() (from Michael Krelin)
- Fix bug when target was in ASSUME_PROVIDED (#2236)
- Raise ParseError for filenames with multiple underscores instead of infinitely looping (#2062)
- Fix invalid regexp in BBMASK error handling (missing import) (#1124)
- Promote certain warnings from debug to note 2 level
- Update manual
- Correctly redirect stdin when forking
- If parsing errors are found, exit, too many users miss the errors
- Remove supriours PREFERRED_PROVIDER warnings
- svn fetcher: Add _buildsvncommand function
- Improve certain error messages
- Rewrite svn fetcher to make adding extra operations easier
as part of future SRCDATE="now" fixes
(requires new FETCHCMD_svn definition in bitbake.conf)
- Change SVNDIR layout to be more unique (fixes #2644 and #2624)
- Add ConfigParsed Event after configuration parsing is complete
- Add SRCREV support for svn fetcher
- data.emit_var() - only call getVar if we need the variable
- Stop generating the A variable (seems to be legacy code)
- Make sure intertask depends get processed correcting in recursive depends
- Add pn-PN to overrides when evaluating PREFERRED_VERSION
- Improve the progress indicator by skipping tasks that have
already run before starting the build rather than during it
- Add profiling option (-P)
- Add BB_SRCREV_POLICY variable (clear or cache) to control SRCREV cache
- Add SRCREV_FORMAT support
- Fix local fetcher's localpath return values
- Apply OVERRIDES before performing immediate expansions
- Allow the -b -e option combination to take regular expressions
- Fix handling of variables with expansion in the name using _append/_prepend
e.g. RRECOMMENDS_${PN}_append_xyz = "abc"
- Add plain message function to bb.msg
- Sort the list of providers before processing so dependency problems are
reproducible rather than effectively random
- Fix/improve bitbake -s output
- Add locking for fetchers so only one tries to fetch a given file at a given time
- Fix int(0)/None confusion in which causes random gaps in dependency chains
- Expand data in addtasks
- Print the list of missing DEPENDS,RDEPENDS for the "No buildable providers available for required...."
error message.
- Rework add_task to be more efficient (6% speedup, 7% number of function calls reduction)
- Sort digraph output to make builds more reproducible
- Split expandKeys into two for loops to benefit from the expand_cache (12% speedup)
- Fix idepends handling to avoid dependency errors
- Clear the terminal TOSTOP flag if set (and warn the user)
- Fix regression from r653 and make SRCDATE/CVSDATE work for packages again
- Fix a bug in bb.decodeurl where decoded to host="" (#1530)
- Warn about malformed PREFERRED_PROVIDERS (#1072)
- Add support for BB_NICE_LEVEL option (#1627)
- Psyco is used only on x86 as there is no support for other architectures.
- Sort initial providers list by default preference (#1145, #2024)
- Improve provider sorting so prefered versions have preference over latest versions (#768)
- Detect builds of tasks with overlapping providers and warn (will become a fatal error) (#1359)
- Add MULTI_PROVIDER_WHITELIST variable to allow known safe multiple providers to be listed
- Handle paths in svn fetcher module parameter
- Support the syntax "export VARIABLE"
- Add bzr fetcher
- Add support for cleaning directories before a task in the form:
do_taskname[cleandirs] = "dir"
- bzr fetcher tweaks from Robert Schuster (#2913)
- Add mercurial (hg) fetcher from Robert Schuster (#2913)
- Don't add duplicates to BBPATH
- Fix preferred_version return values (
- Fix 'depends' flag splitting
- Fix unexport handling (#3135)
- Add bb.copyfile function similar to bb.movefile (and improve movefile error reporting)
- Allow multiple options for deptask flag
- Use git-fetch instead of git-pull removing any need for merges when
fetching (we don't care about the index). Fixes fetch errors.
- Add BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS option, set to 0 to make git fetches
faster at the expense of not creating mirror tarballs.
- SRCREV handling updates, improvements and fixes from Poky
- Add bb.utils.lockfile() and bb.utils.unlockfile() from Poky
- Add support for task selfstamp and lockfiles flags
- Disable task number acceleration since it can allow the tasks to run
out of sequence
- Improve runqueue code comments
- Add task scheduler abstraction and some example schedulers
- Improve circular dependency chain debugging code and user feedback
- Don't give a stacktrace for invalid tasks, have a user friendly message (#3431)
- Add support for "-e target" (#3432)
- Fix shell showdata command (#3259)
- Fix shell data updating problems (#1880)
- Properly raise errors for invalid source URI protocols
- Change the wget fetcher failure handling to avoid lockfile problems
- Add support for branches in git fetcher (Otavio Salvador, Michael Lauer)
- Make taskdata and runqueue errors more user friendly
- Add norecurse and fullpath options to cvs fetcher
- Fix exit code for build failures in --continue mode
- Fix git branch tags fetching
- Change parseConfigurationFile so it works on real data, not a copy
- Handle 'base' inherit and all other INHERITs from parseConfigurationFile
instead of BBHandler
- Fix getVarFlags bug in data_smart
- Optmise cache handling by more quickly detecting an invalid cache, only
saving the cache when its changed, moving the cache validity check into
the parsing loop and factoring some getVar calls outside a for loop
- Cooker: Remove a debug message from the parsing loop to lower overhead
- Convert exec_task to use getVarFlags
- Update shell to use cooker.buildFile
- Add StampUpdate event
- Convert -b option to use taskdata/runqueue
- Remove digraph and switch to new stamp checking code. exec_task no longer
honours dependencies
- Make fetcher timestamp updating non-fatal when permissions don't allow
- Add BB_SCHEDULER variable/option ("completion" or "speed") controlling
the way bitbake schedules tasks
- Add BB_STAMP_POLICY variable/option ("perfile" or "full") controlling
how extensively stamps are looked at for validity
- When handling build target failures make sure idepends are checked and
failed where needed. Fixes --continue mode crashes.
- Fix -f (force) in conjunction with -b
- Fix problems with recrdeptask handling where some idepends weren't handled
- Handle exit codes correctly (from pH5)
- Work around refs/HEAD issues with git over http (#3410)
- Add proxy support to the CVS fetcher (from Cyril Chemparathy)
- Improve runfetchcmd so errors are seen and various GIT variables are exported
- Add ability to fetchers to check URL validity without downloading
- Improve runtime PREFERRED_PROVIDERS warning message
- Add BB_STAMP_WHITELIST option which contains a list of stamps to ignore when
checking stamp dependencies and using a BB_STAMP_POLICY of "whitelist"
- No longer weight providers on the basis of a package being "already staged". This
leads to builds being non-deterministic.
- Flush stdout/stderr before forking to fix duplicate console output
- Make sure recrdeps tasks include all inter-task dependencies of a given fn
- Add bb.runqueue.check_stamp_fn() for use by packaged-staging
- Add PERSISTENT_DIR to store the PersistData in a persistent
directory != the cache dir.
- Add md5 and sha256 checksum generation functions to
- Correctly handle '-' characters in class names (#2958)
- Make sure expandKeys has been called on the data dictionary before running tasks
- Correctly add a task override in the form task-TASKNAME.
- Revert the '-' character fix in class names since it breaks things
- When a regexp fails to compile for PACKAGES_DYNAMIC, print a more useful error (#4444)
- Allow to checkout CVS by Date and Time. Just add HHmm to the SRCDATE.
- Move prunedir function to and add explode_dep_versions function
- Raise an exception if SRCREV == 'INVALID'
- Fix hg fetcher username/password handling and fix crash
- Fix PACKAGES_DYNAMIC handling of packages with '++' in the name
- Rename __depends to __base_depends after configuration parsing so we don't
recheck the validity of the config files time after time
- Add better environmental variable handling. By default it will now only pass certain
whitelisted variables into the data store. If BB_PRESERVE_ENV is set bitbake will use
all variable from the environment. If BB_ENV_WHITELIST is set, that whitelist will be
used instead of the internal bitbake one. Alternatively, BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE can be used
to extend the internal whitelist.
- Perforce fetcher fix to use commandline options instead of being overriden by the environment
- bb.utils.prunedir can cope with symlinks to directoriees without exceptions
- use @rev when doing a svn checkout
- Add osc fetcher (from Joshua Lock in Poky)
- When SRCREV autorevisioning for a recipe is in use, don't cache the recipe
- Add tryaltconfigs option to control whether bitbake trys using alternative providers
to fulfil failed dependencies. It defaults to off, changing the default since this
behaviour confuses many users and isn't often useful.
- Improve lock file function error handling
- Add username handling to the git fetcher (Robert Bragg)
- Add support for HTTP_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY_IGNORE variables to the wget fetcher
- Export more variables to the fetcher commands to allow ssh checkouts and checkouts through
proxies to work better. (from Poky)
- Also allow user and pswd options in SRC_URIs globally (from Poky)
- Improve proxy handling when using mirrors (from Poky)
- Add bb.utils.prune_suffix function
- Fix hg checkouts of specific revisions (from Poky)
- Fix wget fetching of urls with parameters specified (from Poky)
- Add username handling to git fetcher (from Poky)
- Set HOME environmental variable when running fetcher commands (from Poky)
- Make sure allowed variables inherited from the environment are exported again (from Poky)
- When running a stage task in bbshell, run populate_staging, not the stage task (from Poky)
- Fix + character escaping from PACKAGES_DYNAMIC (thanks Otavio Salvador)
- Addition of BBCLASSEXTEND support for allowing one recipe to provide multiple targets (from Poky)
Changes in Bitbake 1.8.0:
- Release 1.7.x as a stable series
Changes in BitBake 1.7.x:
- Major updates of the dependency handling and execution
of tasks. Code from bin/bitbake replaced with
- New task execution code supports multithreading with a simplistic
threading algorithm controlled by BB_NUMBER_THREADS
- Change of the SVN Fetcher to keep the checkout around
courtsey of Paul Sokolovsky (#1367)
- PATH fix to bbimage (#1108)
- Allow debug domains to be specified on the commandline (-l)
- Allow 'interactive' tasks
- Logging message improvements
- Drop now uneeded BUILD_ALL_DEPS variable
- Add support for wildcards to -b option
- Major overhaul of the fetchers making a large amount of code common
including mirroring code
- Fetchers now touch md5 stamps upon access (to show activity)
- Fix -f force option when used without -b (long standing bug)
- Add expand_cache to, caching expanded data (speedup)
- Allow version field in DEPENDS (ignored for now)
- Add abort flag support to the shell
- Make inherit fail if the class doesn't exist (#1478)
- Fix data.emit_env() to expand keynames as well as values
- Add ssh fetcher
- Add perforce fetcher
- Make PREFERRED_PROVIDER_foobar defaults to foobar if available
- Share the parser's mtime_cache, reducing the number of stat syscalls
- Compile all anonfuncs at once!
*** Anonfuncs must now use common spacing format ***
- Memorise the list of handlers in __BBHANDLERS and tasks in __BBTASKS
This removes 2 million function calls resulting in a 5-10% speedup
- Add manpage
- Update generateDotGraph to use taskData/runQueue improving accuracy
and also adding a task dependency graph
- Fix/standardise on GPLv2 licence
- Move most functionality from bin/bitbake to and split into
separate funcitons
- CVS fetcher: Added support for non-default port
- Add BBINCLUDELOGS_LINES, the number of lines to read from any logfile
- Drop shebangs from lib/bb scripts
Changes in Bitbake 1.6.0:
- Better msg handling
- COW dict implementation from Tim Ansell (mithro) leading
to better performance
- Speed up of -s
Changes in Bitbake 1.4.4:
- SRCDATE now handling courtsey Justin Patrin
- #1017 fix to work with rm_work
Changes in BitBake 1.4.2:
- Send logs to instead of
fixes #856
- Copy the internal bitbake data before building the
dependency graph. This fixes nano not having a
virtual/libc dependency
- Allow multiple TARBALL_STASH entries
- Cache, check if the directory exists before changing
into it
- git speedup cloning by not doing a checkout
- allow to have spaces in filenames (.conf, .bb, .bbclass)
Changes in BitBake 1.4.0:
- Fix to check both RDEPENDS and RDEPENDS_${PN}
- Fix a RDEPENDS parsing bug in utils:explode_deps()
- Update git fetcher behaviour to match git changes
- ASSUME_PROVIDED allowed to include runtime packages
- git fetcher cleanup and efficency improvements
- Change the format of the cache
- Update usermanual to document the Fetchers
- Major changes to caching with a new strategy
giving a major performance increase when reparsing
with few data changes
Changes in BitBake 1.3.3:
- Create a new Fetcher module to ease the
development of new Fetchers.
Issue #438 fixed by
- Make the Subversion fetcher honor the SRC Date
Issue #555 fixed by
- Expand PREFERRED_PROVIDER properly
Issue #436 fixed by
- Typo fix for Issue #531 by Philipp Zabel for the
BitBake Shell
- Introduce a new special variable SRCDATE as
a generic naming to replace CVSDATE.
- Introduce a new keyword 'required'. In contrast
to 'include' parsing will fail if a to be included
file can not be found.
- Remove hardcoding of the STAMP directory. Patch
courtsey pHilipp Zabel
- Track the RDEPENDS of each package (
- Introduce BUILD_ALL_DEPS to build all RDEPENDS. E.g
this is used by the OpenEmbedded Meta Packages.
Changes in BitBake 1.3.2:
- reintegration of into BitBake
- bbread is gone, use bitbake -e
- lots of shell updates and bugfixes
- Introduction of the .= and =. operator
- Sort variables, keys and groups in bitdoc
- Fix regression in the handling of BBCOLLECTIONS
- Update the bitbake usermanual
Changes in BitBake 1.3.0:
- add bitbake interactive shell (bitbake -i)
- refactor bitbake utility in OO style
- kill default arguments in methods in the module
- kill default arguments in methods in the bb.fetch module
- the http/https/ftp fetcher will fail if the to be
downloaded file was not found in DL_DIR (this is needed
to avoid unpacking the sourceforge mirror page)
- Switch to a cow like data instance for persistent and non
persisting mode (called
- Changed the callback of bb.make.collect_bbfiles to carry
additional parameters
- Drastically reduced the amount of needed RAM by not holding
each data instance in memory when using a cache/persistent
Changes in BitBake 1.2.1:
The 1.2.1 release is meant as a intermediate release to lay the
ground for more radical changes. The most notable changes are:
- Do not hardcode {}, use instead if you want to
get a instance of a data class
- is a factory and the old methods are delegates
- Do not use deepcopy use instead.
- Removed default arguments in bb.fetch