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recipes-bsp - Anything with links to specific hardware or hardware configuration information
recipes-connectivity - Libraries and applications related to communication with other devices
recipes-core - What's needed to build a basic working Linux image including commonly used dependencies
recipes-devtools - Tools primarily used by the build system (but can also be used on targets)
recipes-extended - Applications which whilst not essential add features compared to the alternatives in
core. May be needed for full tool functionality or LSB compliance.
recipes-gnome - All things related to the GTK+ application framework
recipes-graphics - X and other graphically related system libraries
recipes-kernel - The kernel and generic applications/libraries with strong kernel dependencies
recipes-lsb4 - Recipes added for the sole purpose of supporting the Linux Standard Base (LSB) 4.x
recipes-multimedia - Codecs and support utilties for audio, images and video
recipes-rt - Provides package and image recipes for using and testing the PREEMPT_RT kernel
recipes-qt - All things related to the Qt application framework
recipes-sato - The Sato demo/reference UI/UX, its associated apps and configuration
recipes-support - Recipes used by other recipes but that are not directly included in images