Initial commit to support Supermicro X11SPI platform

Signed-off-by: Ryan Sie <>
Change-Id: I7b69a9315a709e296eacd949c8226ac83ba09466
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+Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
+of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
+in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
+to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
+copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
+furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
+The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
+all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
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+                                 Apache License
+                           Version 2.0, January 2004
+   1. Definitions.
+      "License" shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction,
+      and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.
+      "Licensor" shall mean the copyright owner or entity authorized by
+      the copyright owner that is granting the License.
+      "Legal Entity" shall mean the union of the acting entity and all
+      other entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common
+      control with that entity. For the purposes of this definition,
+      "control" means (i) the power, direct or indirect, to cause the
+      direction or management of such entity, whether by contract or
+      otherwise, or (ii) ownership of fifty percent (50%) or more of the
+      outstanding shares, or (iii) beneficial ownership of such entity.
+      "You" (or "Your") shall mean an individual or Legal Entity
+      exercising permissions granted by this License.
+      "Source" form shall mean the preferred form for making modifications,
+      including but not limited to software source code, documentation
+      source, and configuration files.
+      "Object" form shall mean any form resulting from mechanical
+      transformation or translation of a Source form, including but
+      not limited to compiled object code, generated documentation,
+      and conversions to other media types.
+      "Work" shall mean the work of authorship, whether in Source or
+      Object form, made available under the License, as indicated by a
+      copyright notice that is included in or attached to the work
+      (an example is provided in the Appendix below).
+      "Derivative Works" shall mean any work, whether in Source or Object
+      form, that is based on (or derived from) the Work and for which the
+      editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications
+      represent, as a whole, an original work of authorship. For the purposes
+      of this License, Derivative Works shall not include works that remain
+      separable from, or merely link (or bind by name) to the interfaces of,
+      the Work and Derivative Works thereof.
+      "Contribution" shall mean any work of authorship, including
+      the original version of the Work and any modifications or additions
+      to that Work or Derivative Works thereof, that is intentionally
+      submitted to Licensor for inclusion in the Work by the copyright owner
+      or by an individual or Legal Entity authorized to submit on behalf of
+      the copyright owner. For the purposes of this definition, "submitted"
+      means any form of electronic, verbal, or written communication sent
+      to the Licensor or its representatives, including but not limited to
+      communication on electronic mailing lists, source code control systems,
+      and issue tracking systems that are managed by, or on behalf of, the
+      Licensor for the purpose of discussing and improving the Work, but
+      excluding communication that is conspicuously marked or otherwise
+      designated in writing by the copyright owner as "Not a Contribution."
+      "Contributor" shall mean Licensor and any individual or Legal Entity
+      on behalf of whom a Contribution has been received by Licensor and
+      subsequently incorporated within the Work.
+   2. Grant of Copyright License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
+      this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual,
+      worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable
+      copyright license to reproduce, prepare Derivative Works of,
+      publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute the
+      Work and such Derivative Works in Source or Object form.
+   3. Grant of Patent License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
+      this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual,
+      worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable
+      (except as stated in this section) patent license to make, have made,
+      use, offer to sell, sell, import, and otherwise transfer the Work,
+      where such license applies only to those patent claims licensable
+      by such Contributor that are necessarily infringed by their
+      Contribution(s) alone or by combination of their Contribution(s)
+      with the Work to which such Contribution(s) was submitted. If You
+      institute patent litigation against any entity (including a
+      cross-claim or counterclaim in a lawsuit) alleging that the Work
+      or a Contribution incorporated within the Work constitutes direct
+      or contributory patent infringement, then any patent licenses
+      granted to You under this License for that Work shall terminate
+      as of the date such litigation is filed.
+   4. Redistribution. You may reproduce and distribute copies of the
+      Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without
+      modifications, and in Source or Object form, provided that You
+      meet the following conditions:
+      (a) You must give any other recipients of the Work or
+          Derivative Works a copy of this License; and
+      (b) You must cause any modified files to carry prominent notices
+          stating that You changed the files; and
+      (c) You must retain, in the Source form of any Derivative Works
+          that You distribute, all copyright, patent, trademark, and
+          attribution notices from the Source form of the Work,
+          excluding those notices that do not pertain to any part of
+          the Derivative Works; and
+      (d) If the Work includes a "NOTICE" text file as part of its
+          distribution, then any Derivative Works that You distribute must
+          include a readable copy of the attribution notices contained
+          within such NOTICE file, excluding those notices that do not
+          pertain to any part of the Derivative Works, in at least one
+          of the following places: within a NOTICE text file distributed
+          as part of the Derivative Works; within the Source form or
+          documentation, if provided along with the Derivative Works; or,
+          within a display generated by the Derivative Works, if and
+          wherever such third-party notices normally appear. The contents
+          of the NOTICE file are for informational purposes only and
+          do not modify the License. You may add Your own attribution
+          notices within Derivative Works that You distribute, alongside
+          or as an addendum to the NOTICE text from the Work, provided
+          that such additional attribution notices cannot be construed
+          as modifying the License.
+      You may add Your own copyright statement to Your modifications and
+      may provide additional or different license terms and conditions
+      for use, reproduction, or distribution of Your modifications, or
+      for any such Derivative Works as a whole, provided Your use,
+      reproduction, and distribution of the Work otherwise complies with
+      the conditions stated in this License.
+   5. Submission of Contributions. Unless You explicitly state otherwise,
+      any Contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the Work
+      by You to the Licensor shall be under the terms and conditions of
+      this License, without any additional terms or conditions.
+      Notwithstanding the above, nothing herein shall supersede or modify
+      the terms of any separate license agreement you may have executed
+      with Licensor regarding such Contributions.
+   6. Trademarks. This License does not grant permission to use the trade
+      names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of the Licensor,
+      except as required for reasonable and customary use in describing the
+      origin of the Work and reproducing the content of the NOTICE file.
+   7. Disclaimer of Warranty. Unless required by applicable law or
+      agreed to in writing, Licensor provides the Work (and each
+      Contributor provides its Contributions) on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+      implied, including, without limitation, any warranties or conditions
+      PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You are solely responsible for determining the
+      appropriateness of using or redistributing the Work and assume any
+      risks associated with Your exercise of permissions under this License.
+   8. Limitation of Liability. In no event and under no legal theory,
+      whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise,
+      unless required by applicable law (such as deliberate and grossly
+      negligent acts) or agreed to in writing, shall any Contributor be
+      liable to You for damages, including any direct, indirect, special,
+      incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a
+      result of this License or out of the use or inability to use the
+      Work (including but not limited to damages for loss of goodwill,
+      work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all
+      other commercial damages or losses), even if such Contributor
+      has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
+   9. Accepting Warranty or Additional Liability. While redistributing
+      the Work or Derivative Works thereof, You may choose to offer,
+      and charge a fee for, acceptance of support, warranty, indemnity,
+      or other liability obligations and/or rights consistent with this
+      License. However, in accepting such obligations, You may act only
+      on Your own behalf and on Your sole responsibility, not on behalf
+      of any other Contributor, and only if You agree to indemnify,
+      defend, and hold each Contributor harmless for any liability
+      incurred by, or claims asserted against, such Contributor by reason
+      of your accepting any such warranty or additional liability.
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+++ b/meta-supermicro/LICENSE
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+Different components of meta-supermicro are under different licenses (a mix
+of MIT and Apache-2.0). Please see:
+All metadata is MIT licensed unless otherwise stated. Source code
+included in tree for individual recipes is under the LICENSE stated in
+the associated recipe (.bb file) unless otherwise stated.
+License information for any other files is either explicitly stated
+or defaults to Apache-2.0.
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/MAINTAINERS b/meta-supermicro/MAINTAINERS
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+++ b/meta-supermicro/MAINTAINERS
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
+How to use this list:
+    Find the most specific section entry (described below) that matches where
+    your change lives and add the reviewers (R) and maintainers (M) as
+    reviewers. You can use the same method to track down who knows a particular
+    code base best.
+    Your change/query may span multiple entries; that is okay.
+    If you do not find an entry that describes your request at all, someone
+    forgot to update this list; please at least file an issue or send an email
+    to a maintainer, but preferably you should just update this document.
+Description of section entries:
+    Section entries are structured according to the following scheme:
+    X:  ...
+    .
+    .
+    .
+    Where REPO_NAME is the name of the repository within the OpenBMC GitHub
+    organization; FILE_PATH is a file path within the repository, possibly with
+    wildcards; X is a tag of one of the following types:
+    M:  Denotes maintainer; has fields NAME <EMAIL_USERNAME@DOMAIN> <IRC_USERNAME!>;
+        if omitted from an entry, assume one of the maintainers from the
+        MAINTAINERS entry.
+    R:  Denotes reviewer; has fields NAME <EMAIL_USERNAME@DOMAIN> <IRC_USERNAME!>;
+        these people are to be added as reviewers for a change matching the repo
+        path.
+    F:  Denotes forked from an external repository; has fields URL.
+    Line comments are to be denoted "# SOME COMMENT" (typical shell style
+    comment); it is important to follow the correct syntax and semantics as we
+    may want to use automated tools with this file in the future.
+    A change cannot be added to an OpenBMC repository without a MAINTAINER's
+    approval; thus, a MAINTAINER should always be listed as a reviewer.
+M:  Ryan Sie <> <RyanSie!>
+M:  Ryan Zhou <>
+M:  Kevin Cheng <>
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/conf/layer.conf b/meta-supermicro/conf/layer.conf
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..23b7406
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/conf/layer.conf
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+# We have a conf and classes directory, add to BBPATH
+# We have recipes-* directories, add to BBFILES
+BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/meta-common/recipes-*/*/*.bb \
+            ${LAYERDIR}/meta-common/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"
+BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "supermicro-layer"
+BBFILE_PATTERN_supermicro-layer := "^${LAYERDIR}/"
+LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_supermicro-layer := "dunfell gatesgarth"
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/conf/machine/include/ b/meta-supermicro/conf/machine/include/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f7f37be
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/conf/machine/include/
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+        obmc-bmc-state-mgmt \
+        obmc-chassis-state-mgmt \
+        obmc-host-ipmi \
+        obmc-host-state-mgmt \
+        obmc-phosphor-chassis-mgmt \
+        obmc-phosphor-fan-mgmt \
+        obmc-phosphor-flash-mgmt \
+        "
+VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_skeleton_workbook = "${MACHINE}-config"
+VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_obmc-host-state-manager ?= "x86-power-control"
+VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_obmc-chassis-state-manager ?= "x86-power-control"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/obmc-chassis-mgmt = "packagegroup-supermicro-apps"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/obmc-fan-mgmt = "packagegroup-supermicro-apps"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/obmc-flash-mgmt = "packagegroup-supermicro-apps"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/obmc-host-ipmi-hw ?= "phosphor-ipmi-kcs"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/obmc-inventory-data ?= "${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_skeleton_workbook}"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/obmc-system-mgmt = "packagegroup-supermicro-apps"
+OVERRIDES .= ":supermicro"
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-aspeed/smci.cfg b/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-aspeed/smci.cfg
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d566e2d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-aspeed/smci.cfg
@@ -0,0 +1,83 @@
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-aspeed_%.bbappend b/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-aspeed_%.bbappend
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..540aadc
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-aspeed_%.bbappend
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+SRC_URI += " file://smci.cfg"
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-supermicro/packagegroups/ b/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-supermicro/packagegroups/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..2373cec
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-common/recipes-supermicro/packagegroups/
@@ -0,0 +1,46 @@
+SUMMARY = "OpenBMC for Supermicro - Applications"
+PR = "r1"
+inherit packagegroup
+        ${PN}-chassis \
+        ${PN}-fans \
+        ${PN}-flash \
+        ${PN}-system \
+        "
+PROVIDES += "virtual/obmc-chassis-mgmt"
+PROVIDES += "virtual/obmc-fan-mgmt"
+PROVIDES += "virtual/obmc-flash-mgmt"
+PROVIDES += "virtual/obmc-system-mgmt"
+RPROVIDES_${PN}-chassis += "virtual-obmc-chassis-mgmt"
+RPROVIDES_${PN}-fans += "virtual-obmc-fan-mgmt"
+RPROVIDES_${PN}-flash += "virtual-obmc-flash-mgmt"
+RPROVIDES_${PN}-system += "virtual-obmc-system-mgmt"
+SUMMARY_${PN}-chassis = "Supermicro Chassis"
+RDEPENDS_${PN}-chassis = " \
+        x86-power-control \
+        "
+SUMMARY_${PN}-fans = "Supermicro Fans"
+RDEPENDS_${PN}-fans = " \
+        phosphor-pid-control \
+        "
+SUMMARY_${PN}-flash = "Supermicro Flash"
+RDEPENDS_${PN}-flash = " \
+        phosphor-software-manager \
+        "
+SUMMARY_${PN}-system = "Supermicro System"
+RDEPENDS_${PN}-system = " \
+        bmcweb \
+        entity-manager \
+        dbus-sensors \
+        phosphor-webui \
+        ipmitool \
+        "
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/bblayers.conf.sample b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/bblayers.conf.sample
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..fc7b623
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/bblayers.conf.sample
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
+# LAYER_CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/bblayers.conf
+# changes incompatibly
+BBFILES ?= ""
+BBLAYERS ?= " \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-poky \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-openembedded/meta-networking \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-openembedded/meta-perl \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-openembedded/meta-python \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-openembedded/meta-webserver \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-phosphor \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-aspeed \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-supermicro \
+  ##OEROOT##/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi \
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/conf-notes.txt b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/conf-notes.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5314bf4
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/conf-notes.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+Common targets are:
+    obmc-phosphor-image
+    virtual/kernel
+    phosphor-ipmi-host
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/layer.conf b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/layer.conf
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..86e0a91
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/layer.conf
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+# We have a conf and classes directory, add to BBPATH
+# We have recipes-* directories, add to BBFILES
+BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \
+            ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"
+BBFILE_PATTERN_x11spi = ""
+LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_x11spi = "dunfell gatesgarth"
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/local.conf.sample b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/local.conf.sample
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..17c9945
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/local.conf.sample
@@ -0,0 +1,223 @@
+# This file is your local configuration file and is where all local user settings
+# are placed. The comments in this file give some guide to the options a new user
+# to the system might want to change but pretty much any configuration option can
+# be set in this file.
+# Lines starting with the '#' character are commented out and in some cases the
+# default values are provided as comments to show people example syntax. Enabling
+# the option is a question of removing the # character and making any change to the
+# variable as required.
+# Machine Selection
+MACHINE ??= "x11spi"
+# Where to place downloads
+# During a first build the system will download many different source code tarballs
+# from various upstream projects. This can take a while, particularly if your network
+# connection is slow. These are all stored in DL_DIR. When wiping and rebuilding you
+# can preserve this directory to speed up this part of subsequent builds. This directory
+# is safe to share between multiple builds on the same machine too.
+# The default is a downloads directory under TOPDIR which is the build directory.
+#DL_DIR ?= "${TOPDIR}/downloads"
+# Where to place shared-state files
+# BitBake has the capability to accelerate builds based on previously built output.
+# This is done using "shared state" files which can be thought of as cache objects
+# and this option determines where those files are placed.
+# You can wipe out TMPDIR leaving this directory intact and the build would regenerate
+# from these files if no changes were made to the configuration. If changes were made
+# to the configuration, only shared state files where the state was still valid would
+# be used (done using checksums).
+# The default is a sstate-cache directory under TOPDIR.
+#SSTATE_DIR ?= "${TOPDIR}/sstate-cache"
+# Where to place the build output
+# This option specifies where the bulk of the building work should be done and
+# where BitBake should place its temporary files and output. Keep in mind that
+# this includes the extraction and compilation of many applications and the toolchain
+# which can use Gigabytes of hard disk space.
+# The default is a tmp directory under TOPDIR.
+#TMPDIR = "${TOPDIR}/tmp"
+# Default policy config
+# The distribution setting controls which policy settings are used as defaults.
+# The default value is fine for general Yocto project use, at least initially.
+# Ultimately when creating custom policy, people will likely end up subclassing
+# these defaults.
+DISTRO ?= "openbmc-phosphor"
+# As an example of a subclass there is a "bleeding" edge policy configuration
+# where many versions are set to the absolute latest code from the upstream 
+# source control systems. This is just mentioned here as an example, its not
+# useful to most new users.
+# DISTRO ?= "poky-bleeding"
+# Package Management configuration
+# This variable lists which packaging formats to enable. Multiple package backends
+# can be enabled at once and the first item listed in the variable will be used
+# to generate the root filesystems.
+# Options are:
+#  - 'package_deb' for debian style deb files
+#  - 'package_ipk' for ipk files are used by opkg (a debian style embedded package manager)
+#  - 'package_rpm' for rpm style packages
+# E.g.: PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm package_deb package_ipk"
+# We default to rpm:
+PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"
+# SDK/ADT target architecture
+# This variable specifies the architecture to build SDK/ADT items for and means
+# you can build the SDK packages for architectures other than the machine you are
+# running the build on (i.e. building i686 packages on an x86_64 host).
+# Supported values are i686 and x86_64
+#SDKMACHINE ?= "i686"
+# Extra image configuration defaults
+# The EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES variable allows extra packages to be added to the generated
+# images. Some of these options are added to certain image types automatically. The
+# variable can contain the following options:
+#  "dbg-pkgs"       - add -dbg packages for all installed packages
+#                     (adds symbol information for debugging/profiling)
+#  "dev-pkgs"       - add -dev packages for all installed packages
+#                     (useful if you want to develop against libs in the image)
+#  "ptest-pkgs"     - add -ptest packages for all ptest-enabled packages
+#                     (useful if you want to run the package test suites)
+#  "tools-sdk"      - add development tools (gcc, make, pkgconfig etc.)
+#  "tools-debug"    - add debugging tools (gdb, strace)
+#  "eclipse-debug"  - add Eclipse remote debugging support
+#  "tools-profile"  - add profiling tools (oprofile, exmap, lttng, valgrind)
+#  "tools-testapps" - add useful testing tools (ts_print, aplay, arecord etc.)
+#  "debug-tweaks"   - make an image suitable for development
+#                     e.g. ssh root access has a blank password
+# There are other application targets that can be used here too, see
+# meta/classes/image.bbclass and meta/classes/core-image.bbclass for more details.
+# We default to enabling the debugging tweaks.
+EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks"
+# Additional image features
+# The following is a list of additional classes to use when building images which
+# enable extra features. Some available options which can be included in this variable
+# are:
+#   - 'buildstats' collect build statistics
+#   - 'image-mklibs' to reduce shared library files size for an image
+#   - 'image-prelink' in order to prelink the filesystem image
+#   - 'image-swab' to perform host system intrusion detection
+# NOTE: if listing mklibs & prelink both, then make sure mklibs is before prelink
+# NOTE: mklibs also needs to be explicitly enabled for a given image, see local.conf.extended
+USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs image-prelink"
+# Runtime testing of images
+# The build system can test booting virtual machine images under qemu (an emulator)
+# after any root filesystems are created and run tests against those images. To
+# enable this uncomment this line. See classes/testimage(-auto).bbclass for
+# further details.
+#TEST_IMAGE = "1"
+# Interactive shell configuration
+# Under certain circumstances the system may need input from you and to do this it
+# can launch an interactive shell. It needs to do this since the build is
+# multithreaded and needs to be able to handle the case where more than one parallel
+# process may require the user's attention. The default is iterate over the available
+# terminal types to find one that works.
+# Examples of the occasions this may happen are when resolving patches which cannot
+# be applied, to use the devshell or the kernel menuconfig
+# Supported values are auto, gnome, xfce, rxvt, screen, konsole (KDE 3.x only), none
+# Note: currently, Konsole support only works for KDE 3.x due to the way
+# newer Konsole versions behave
+#OE_TERMINAL = "auto"
+# By default disable interactive patch resolution (tasks will just fail instead):
+# Disk Space Monitoring during the build
+# Monitor the disk space during the build. If there is less that 1GB of space or less
+# than 100K inodes in any key build location (TMPDIR, DL_DIR, SSTATE_DIR), gracefully
+# shutdown the build. If there is less that 100MB or 1K inodes, perform a hard abort
+# of the build. The reason for this is that running completely out of space can corrupt
+# files and damages the build in ways which may not be easily recoverable.
+# It's necessary to monitor /tmp, if there is no space left the build will fail
+# with very exotic errors.
+    STOPTASKS,${TMPDIR},1G,100K \
+    STOPTASKS,${DL_DIR},1G,100K \
+    STOPTASKS,/tmp,100M,100K \
+    ABORT,${TMPDIR},100M,1K \
+    ABORT,${DL_DIR},100M,1K \
+    ABORT,${SSTATE_DIR},100M,1K \
+    ABORT,/tmp,10M,1K"
+# Shared-state files from other locations
+# As mentioned above, shared state files are prebuilt cache data objects which can
+# used to accelerate build time. This variable can be used to configure the system
+# to search other mirror locations for these objects before it builds the data itself.
+# This can be a filesystem directory, or a remote url such as http or ftp. These
+# would contain the sstate-cache results from previous builds (possibly from other
+# machines). This variable works like fetcher MIRRORS/PREMIRRORS and points to the
+# cache locations to check for the shared objects.
+# NOTE: if the mirror uses the same structure as SSTATE_DIR, you need to add PATH
+# at the end as shown in the examples below. This will be substituted with the
+# correct path within the directory structure.
+#file://.* http://someserver.tld/share/sstate/PATH;downloadfilename=PATH \n \
+#file://.* file:///some/local/dir/sstate/PATH"
+# Qemu configuration
+# By default qemu will build with a builtin VNC server where graphical output can be
+# seen. The two lines below enable the SDL backend too. This assumes there is a
+# libsdl library available on your build system.
+#PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-native = " sdl"
+#PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-nativesdk-qemu = " sdl"
+#ASSUME_PROVIDED += "libsdl-native"
+# CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/ changes incompatibly and is used to
+# track the version of this file when it was generated. This can safely be ignored if
+# this doesn't mean anything to you.
+# Set the root password to '0penBmc'
+INHERIT += "extrausers"
+  usermod -p '\$1\$UGMqyqdG\$FZiylVFmRRfl9Z0Ue8G7e/' root; \
+  "
diff --git a/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/machine/x11spi.conf b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/machine/x11spi.conf
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..55b07b0
--- /dev/null
+++ b/meta-supermicro/meta-x11spi/conf/machine/x11spi.conf
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+KMACHINE = "aspeed"
+KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "aspeed-bmc-supermicro-x11spi.dtb"
+require conf/machine/include/
+require conf/machine/include/
+require conf/machine/include/
+UBOOT_MACHINE = "ast_g5_phy_config"
+FLASH_SIZE = "32768"
+VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_skeleton_workbook = "${MACHINE}-config"