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# TODO: Manually copy the U-Boot signing key and customer-key-block here:
HPE_GXP_KEY_FILES_DIR = "${COREBASE}/meta-hpe/meta-gxp/recipes-bsp/image/files"
inherit deploy
do_deploy () {
install -d ${DEPLOYDIR}
# Copy in the bootblock
install -m 644 ${HPE_GXP_KEY_FILES_DIR}/gxp-bootblock.bin ${DEPLOYDIR}/gxp-bootblock.bin
# Copy in files from the files subdirectory
install -m 644 ${HPE_GXP_KEY_FILES_DIR}/header.sig ${DEPLOYDIR}/hpe-uboot-header.section
# Copy in the U-Boot signing key
install -m 644 ${HPE_GXP_KEY_FILES_DIR}/private_key.pem ${DEPLOYDIR}/hpe-uboot-signing-key.pem
# Copy in the customer keyblock
install -m 644 ${HPE_GXP_KEY_FILES_DIR}/customer-key-block ${DEPLOYDIR}/customer-key-block
addtask deploy before do_build after do_compile