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# Common code for recipes that modify the phosphor-mapper
# configuration.
# Typically it is not desired to monitor all dbus traffic
# on a system and as such, the phosphor-mapper has command
# line options to control what path namespaces and dbus
# interfaces it will keep track of.
# The Phosphor layer by default configures the mapper to
# watch xyz.openbmc_project services and interfaces only.
# This configuration file is intended to be inherited by
# native recipes in other layers that wish to add namespaces
# or interfaces to the mapper watchlist.
# Add service namespaces to be monitored:
# Add interfaces to be monitored:
# Blacklist services from being monitored:
inherit phosphor-mapperdir
inherit obmc-phosphor-utils
python phosphor_mapper_do_postinst() {
def process_var(d, var, dir):
for p in listvar_to_list(d, var):
parent = d.getVar('D', True) + d.getVar(dir, True)
if not os.path.exists(parent):
path = os.path.join(
with open(path, 'w+') as fd:
process_var(d, 'PHOSPHOR_MAPPER_SERVICE', 'service_dir')
process_var(d, 'PHOSPHOR_MAPPER_INTERFACE', 'interface_dir')
process_var(d, 'PHOSPHOR_MAPPER_SERVICE_BLACKLIST', 'serviceblacklist_dir')
do_install[vardeps] += "PHOSPHOR_MAPPER_SERVICE"
do_install[vardeps] += "PHOSPHOR_MAPPER_INTERFACE"
do_install[postfuncs] += "phosphor_mapper_do_postinst"