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This file contains a list of maintainers for the meta-networking layer.
Please submit any patches against meta-networking to the OpenEmbedded
development mailing list ( with
'[meta-networking]' in the subject.
When sending single patches, please use something like:
git send-email -1 -M \
--to \
You may also contact the maintainers directly.
Descriptions of section entries:
M: Mail patches to: FullName <address@domain>
F: Files and directories with wildcard patterns.
A trailing slash includes all files and subdirectory files.
F: recipes-devtools/ all files in and below recipes-devtools
F: recipes-selinux/* all files in recipes-selinux, but not below
One pattern per line. Multiple F: lines acceptable.
Please keep this list in alphabetical order.
Maintainers List (try to look for most precise areas first)
M: Khem Raj <>
M: "Joe MacDonald (backup)" <>
S: Maintained
F: conf
F: recipes-*
M: Stefan Schmidt <>
F: recipes-connectivity/openthread/