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# This .inc file contains functionality for automatically splitting
# built plugins into individual packages for each plugin. A -meta
# package is also set up that has no files of its own, but contains
# the names of all plugin packages in its RDEPENDS list.
# This is mainly used by the gstreamer1.0-plugins-* plugin set recipes,
# but can be used in any recipe that produces GStreamer plugins.
# Dynamically generate packages for all enabled plugins
PACKAGES_DYNAMIC = "^${PN}-.* ^libgst.*"
PACKAGESPLITFUNCS =+ "split_gstreamer10_packages"
PACKAGESPLITFUNCS += "set_gstreamer10_metapkg_rdepends"
python split_gstreamer10_packages () {
gst_libdir = d.expand('${libdir}/gstreamer-1.0')
postinst = d.getVar('plugin_postinst')
glibdir = d.getVar('libdir')
# GStreamer libraries
do_split_packages(d, glibdir, r'^lib(.*)\.so\.*', 'lib%s', 'GStreamer 1.0 %s library', extra_depends='', allow_links=True)
# GStreamer plugin shared objects
do_split_packages(d, gst_libdir, r'libgst(.*)\.so$', d.expand('${PN}-%s'), 'GStreamer 1.0 plugin for %s', postinst=postinst, extra_depends='')
# GObject introspection files for GStreamer plugins
do_split_packages(d, glibdir+'/girepository-1.0', r'Gst(.*)-1.0\.typelib$', d.expand('${PN}-%s-typelib'), 'GStreamer 1.0 typelib file for %s', postinst=postinst, extra_depends='')
# Static GStreamer libraries for development
do_split_packages(d, gst_libdir, r'libgst(.*)\.a$', d.expand('${PN}-%s-staticdev'), 'GStreamer 1.0 plugin for %s (static development files)', extra_depends='${PN}-staticdev')
python set_gstreamer10_metapkg_rdepends () {
import os
import oe.utils
# Go through all generated packages (excluding the main package and
# the -meta package itself) and add them to the -meta package as RDEPENDS.
pn = d.getVar('PN')
metapkg = pn + '-meta'
d.setVar('ALLOW_EMPTY:' + metapkg, "1")
d.setVar('FILES:' + metapkg, "")
exclude = [ pn, pn + '-meta' ]
metapkg_rdepends = []
pkgdest = d.getVar('PKGDEST')
for pkg in oe.utils.packages_filter_out_system(d):
if pkg not in exclude and pkg not in metapkg_rdepends:
# See if the package is empty by looking at the contents of its PKGDEST subdirectory.
# If this subdirectory is empty, then the package is.
# Empty packages do not get added to the meta package's RDEPENDS
pkgdir = os.path.join(pkgdest, pkg)
if os.path.exists(pkgdir):
dir_contents = os.listdir(pkgdir) or []
dir_contents = []
is_empty = len(dir_contents) == 0
if not is_empty:
d.setVar('RDEPENDS:' + metapkg, ' '.join(metapkg_rdepends))
d.setVar('DESCRIPTION:' + metapkg, pn + ' meta package')
# each plugin-dev depends on PN-dev, plugin-staticdev on PN-staticdev
# so we need them even when empty (like in gst-plugins-good case)
ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN}-dev = "1"
ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN}-staticdev = "1"
PACKAGES += "${PN}-apps ${PN}-meta ${PN}-glib"
FILES:${PN} = ""
FILES:${PN}-apps = "${bindir}"
FILES:${PN}-glib = "${datadir}/glib-2.0"
RRECOMMENDS:${PN} += "${PN}-meta"