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Gunnar Mills889dcc32019-03-01 17:28:42 -06001# Stale bot config
3# Number of days of inactivity before an issue becomes stale (6 months)
4daysUntilStale: 183
6# Number of days of inactivity before a stale issue is closed
7daysUntilClose: 30
9# Label to use when marking an issue as stale
10staleLabel: stale
12# Comment to post when marking an issue as stale. Set to `false` to disable
13markComment: >
14 This issue has been automatically marked as stale because no activity has
15 occurred in the last 6 months. It will be closed if no activity occurs in the
16 next 30 days. If this issue should not be closed please add a comment.
17 Thank you for your understanding and contributions.
19# Comment to post when closing a stale issue. Set to `false` to disable
20closeComment: >
21 This issue has been closed because no activity has occurred in the last 7
22 months. Please reopen if this issue should not have been closed. Thank you
23 for your contributions.