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Andrew Geisslera1a6aef2021-06-25 14:23:58 -05001addhandler security_bbappend_distrocheck
2security_bbappend_distrocheck[eventmask] = "bb.event.SanityCheck"
3python security_bbappend_distrocheck() {
Andrew Geisslerd159c7f2021-09-02 21:05:58 -05004 skip_check ='SKIP_META_SECURITY_SANITY_CHECK') == "1"
Andrew Geisslera1a6aef2021-06-25 14:23:58 -05005 if 'security' not in'DISTRO_FEATURES').split() and not skip_check:
6 bb.warn("You have included the meta-security layer, but \
7'security' has not been enabled in your DISTRO_FEATURES. Some bbappend files \
8and preferred version setting may not take effect. See the meta-security README \
9for details on enabling security support.")