Squashed 'yocto-poky/' changes from b1f23d1..8358e54

Upgrade subtree to Yocto-2.1.

6c1c013 build-appliance-image: Update to krogoth head revision
5f84d65 syslinux.bbclass: Remove APPEND from variable dependency
d9dd864 bitbake: toaster-tests: tests for build dashboard
1cf8f21 bitbake: toaster: add modal to select custom image for editing
a40a3e6 bitbake: toaster: add build dashboard buttons to edit/create custom images
e65c980 bitbake: toaster-tests: make helper click on input before entering text
484cbf8 bitbake: toaster-tests: add tests for new custom image page
437b728 bitbake: toaster: prevent exception when Project.release is null
cfc22d3 bitbake: toaster: only prevent duplicate custom image names within a project
3036413 bitbake: toaster: disable/enable "Add layer" button according to input's content
040dbf6 bitbake: toaster: fix sorting after hiding a column in build tables
1b11b79 bitbake: toaster: ensure ToasterTable headings are reset when order by changes
9855840 image.bbclass: The wrong name is being used for the debug filesystem
38c7e2d image_types: Ensure rootfs dependencies cover DEBUGFS
0c3eaa7 syslinux.bbclass: The AUTO_SYSLINUXMENU value needs to be boolean
9c8a049 perf: pass DESTDIR in EXTRA_OEMAKE
9de7324 buildtools-tarball: set INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS
ef09105 xf86-video-omapfb: remove EXTRA_OECONF_armv7a
c2f7da2 base.bbclass: Introduce PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS variable
e1c6890 git: update to 2.7.4
98bf7de license.bbclass: do write_deploy_manifest in image postprocessing
519600c devtool: sdk-update: fix handling of UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM changes
c7980b6 bitbake: main: fix processing of BBEVENTLOG
ee25d0e toasterconf.json: Update for krogoth release
b8e5de2 toasterconf.json: Remove fido from supported configurations
c59771e toasterconf.json: Update for krogoth release
d0bce0b toasterconf.json: Remove fido from supported configurations
d25eea3 poky-tiny.conf: set PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto-tiny to 4.4
9f970b6 dev-manual, profile-manual, ref-manual: Purging Oprofile stuff
1d93104 ref-manual: Added description for the testsdk.bbclass.
db47094 ref-manual: Updated the remove-libtool.bbclass description.
a16eeca ref-manual: Added gobject-introspection.bbclass description.
3e761b4 ref-manual: Added reference for npm.bbclass.
5e50157 ref-manual: Fixed typo in the nopackages.bbclass description
f7b68c7 ref-manual: Added description for bash-completion.bbclass
ece900a ref-manual: Added nopackages.bbclass description. Fixed stray typo.
9143e9e ref-manual: Added description for the INSTALL_TIMEZONE_FILE variable.
6391dbf ref-manual: Updated the PREFERRED_PROVIDER variable with a note.
6d86f7a ref-manual: Dropped references to the autotools_stage class
4d5ff5e ref-manual, dev-manual: Scrubbed boot-directdisk and bootimg classes
cd2aaaa ref-manual: Updated the uninative.bbclass description.
e975d26 documentation: Converted "meta-yocto" to "meta-poky"
84452ee bsp-guide: Updated yocto-bsp create example output.
e00a62c ref-manual: Added the migration section for 2.1
02db9e6 yocto-project-qs, ref-manual: Upgraded minimum Git requirement
989841f ref-manual: Added rootfs-postcommands class description.
d06b343 ref-manual: Updated the EXTRA_OEMAKE variable description.
ecb2eb6 dev-manual: Updated "Additional Implementation Details" section
004b939 bitbake: lib/bb/utils: add docstring for contains()
524d04c ca-certificates: support Toybox
ecaf12e oetest: make console output more verbose
4946ecf dhcp: CVE-2016-2774
c219c6d buildtools-tarball: fix perl being included when building with ipk
9fe7738 buildtools-tarball.bb: fix unexpected operator
ed07f43 lib/oeqa/selftest/base.py: Correct a reference to meta/lib/oeqa/selftest
8953d83 oe-selftest: Correct the usage examples
dee47ad devtool: sdk-update: reset git metadata on update
396e64d build-appliance-image: Load TUN at startup
55068b1 default-providers.inc: set openssl PREFERRED_PROVIDER to openssl
74ab080 bind: CVE-2016-2088
d488d78 rpm: Disable __sync_add_and_fetch_8 on nios2
9d2d1ae kernel: fitimage: Fix do_deploy taskhash mismatch
4693593 images: zero out the rootfs_extra_space in initramfs images
8beb671 ext-sdk-prepare.py: exclude do_rm_work from unexpected output; create unit test
0262bc5 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated the 'bitbake -h' output example.
890ccd3 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated "Conditional Metadata" section
20a0121 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated discussion about using "inherit"
9f374c4 bitbake: providers: Add PREFERRED_RPROVIDER support
4b8b110 bitbake: providers: We don't depend on previous build results
8e7282c bitbake: cooker/knotty: Prefix parse logs with filename being parsed
1131303 bitbake: cooker: pass exception to finishAsyncCommand
ffa2ca0 fs-perms.txt: fix ROOT_HOME's permission
fd66a38 Revert "fs-perms.txt: fix ROOT_HOME's permission"
9ec9557 buildstats: Fix tracebacks for early task failures
7f9d01e default-providers: Update to use PREFERRED_RPROVIDER
76f4bbc oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: fix no-op sstate test
6326812 buildhistory: don't alter SDK creation stamps
bb40b5e dhcp: Enable update-rc.d service
27e202f meta/classes/qemu.bbclass: set -cpu of ppce5500/ppce6500 to e500mc
7c5823a shadow: Disable syslog for more commands
60a8719 devtool: upgrade: handle recipes where source is not first entry in SRC_URI
8353557 devtool: update-recipe: handle where SRC_URI is appended to with +=
aab3c8d linux-yocto: make aufs4 optional
d75d2be linux-yocto: tiny and pin ctrl config updates
8547cbf linux-yocto/4.4: BXT enablement
ffad386 linux-yocto/4.1: mainline SPI backports
4ba33a3 linux-yocto/4.4: gpio-pca953x: fix the "drive" property cannot read/write
86571db devtool: don't copy .git when building the eSDK
83eac65 package.bbclass: improve permission handling
eeae2ac fs-perms.txt: fix ROOT_HOME's permission
1db3dc8 runqemu: let ramfs equal to cpio.gz
a8c8e81 gcc-common.inc: String format tweak for available tunes
a7c426a pbzip2: fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM following 1.1.12 -> 1.1.13 upgrade
1229009 pbzip2: don't skip do_configure
1e4ee30 useradd_base.bbclass: remove flock option '-w'
cb45ef3 matchbox-keyboard: Hide desktop launcher
69e20ca npm.bbclass: Stop packagenames containing underscores from being generated
c3c55478 bind: CVE-2016-1285 CVE-2016-1286
c4387a8 image.bbclass: add DEB_{PRE, POST}PROCESS_COMMANDS to rootfs_command_variables list
967bc74 rootfs.py: apply ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND to all package formats
f7352ca wic: fix bug in handling fsoptions
b2f5de5 buildtools-tarball.bb: set TOOLCHAIN_NEED_CONFIGSITE_CACHE to null
a460b04 rpm: more verbose errors in rpmTempFile
a43991d rootfs-postcommands: handle broken links when writing manifest
2c81e17 socat: Use c_ispeed and c_ospeed based upon libc
5c8124d archiver: Improve debug output
e912c46 kbd: remove uclibc-stdarg.patch
965fd3c image.bbclass: use max() instead of indexing booleans
6d85874 linux-yocto-tiny: fix KBRANCH
440d949 sudo: fix pam config on systemd systems
3fd5a6d sysvinit: make lastb.1 an alternative
175263e lib/oe/lsb: sanitise the distro identifier
9262d2f package.bbclass: handle links in sorted order
29cf263 sanity: allow sftp and ssh mirrors
f503317 toaster.bbclass: improve package information collection
88f4178 rsync: remove upstream's rebuild logic
8d59d06 rsync: pass cached configure values through the right variable
384e41c rsync: don't install acinclude.m4
e80800e Revert "oeqa/selftest/wic: add test case for sparse images"
45c0763 Revert "wic/utils/partitionedfs.py: assemble .wic images as sparse files"
e0e5426 bitbake: runqueue: Improve 'mulitiple .bb files are due to be built' message
380004b archiver: Ensure sstate-inputdir directory is created
3ad70a5 linux-yocto-tiny: fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
0e59727 glib-2.0: Put glib-compile-schemas back in -utils
d27ca36 oeqa/runexported.py: Fix exported test
85dbd7b oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: split 32/64 build host from no-op action tests
57be6dd util-linux: take ownership of hwclock if installed
acc1f96 meta: remove redundant ac_cv_sizeof_off_t assignments
92759d8 meta/site: remove sizeof_off_t
5602f64 archiver: Fix ASSUME_PROVIDED issues
fab626c distrodata: Exclude DATETIME reference from sstate checksum
faaeaf9 build-appliance-image: Support for VirtualBox guest additions
778121a local.conf.sample: Make it possible to override EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES
f947c27 poky.conf: add Fedora 23 to supported distros
f33a110 maintainers.inc: remove adt-installer
83d4fab local.conf.sample: remove reference to adt
52cfdb6 bitbake: toaster: fixes for customimage package not found
dae4ffb bitbake: data_smart: Restrict expansion regexp to not include : characters
7e739ac bitbake: tests/utils.py: test origvalue in a callback matches what is expected
e1e459e bitbake: lib/bb/utils.py: Fix a bug in edit_metadata() that could corrupt vars
43150ab oeqa/selftest/wic: add test case for sparse images
29bc2f7 wic/utils/partitionedfs.py: assemble .wic images as sparse files
7fdb061 image-vm.bbclass/image_types.bbclass: IMAGE_NAME -> IMAGE_LINK_NAME
04e1978 image_types.bbclass: fix elf
513ea49 image_types.bbclass: set nodesize for btrfs
bad434b libxml2: fix AM_PATH_XML2
9fe3d01 useradd_base.bbclass: prevent variable expansion in $opts
fb8e5f9 extrausers.bbclass: drop retry count for perform_user/group* calls
f737af4 build-perf-test: add eSDK installed size to metrics
50f5ca3 rpm: brace expansion is a bashism
66ecbd3 openssl.inc: minor packaging cleanup
e38ec0c systemd-systemctl-native: fix unit detection
4019058 apr-util: fix path in rules.mk for nativesdk
bdf453f bdwgc: installed-vs-shipped for nativesdk
12ca8df libsolv: fix installed-vs-shipped for nativesdk
c88c894 desktop-file-utils-native: disable emacs
d4f6c0e toaster: add DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR to oe toasterconf
69b3f87 toaster.bbclass: strip task from the target
aa45c75 x11-common: Add PACKAGECONFIG for screen blanking
d366a33 opkg-utils: re-do find/ls code to not fail on filenames with spaces
5e360ca image-live.bbclass: fix iso + efi only
f5adb23 Add missing runtime dependency to python-pygobject
0720425 devtool: Create unlocked-sigs.inc containing items in the workspace
64cca7e sstatesig.py: Add a method to "unlock" recipes
1cb99dd populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: Enable locked sigs errors
2431ed7 sstatesig.py: Improve the SIGGEN_LOCKEDSIGS_TASKSIG_CHECK message
7e90280 sstatesig.py: Split single locked sigs check into multiple checks
7ce800c toasterconf.json: Set default distro to nodistro
1b7b548 dev-manual: Updated poky-floating-revisions file snippit example.
8d9e233 dev-manual: set correct task name for do_kernel_configme
6971029 poky-floating-revisions: Fix typo
14e2b90 toasterconf.json: Add DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR to poky toasterconf
296dfbc build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
00c4c9b poky: Convetion is 2.1, not 2.1.0
8cd1dec build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
ecd58bb poky.conf: Bump version for 2.1.0 krogoth release
e955b5d bitbake: Update version to 1.30.0
4fd14e3 build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
133224f documentation: Fixed references using the DISTRO_NAME variable
3831ca0 documentation: Updated release date in manual history tables.
b590fab dev-manual, ref-manual, sdk-manual: Removing oprofile references.
d2084cc Makefile: Removed adt-manual support
2677098 mega-manual: Removed the adt title .PNG file.
d9b4c80 README: Updated to remove the ADT manual and add the SDK manual.
9796cbb mega-manual.sed: Removed adt-manual processing
aa4b72b yocto-project-qs: Updated the minnowboard example.
f2505af poky.ent: Added lower-case distro name variable.
ee42a9b kernel-dev: Applied review comments to "Adding Recipe-Space Kernel Features"
d57fe7c ref-manual: Updated the PREFERRED_VERSION variable description.
53bade8 dev-manual: Added new section describing hardware and non-hardware config
763ae4e ref-manual: Updated verbiage on proxy handling
a1295ed ref-manual: Updated PREFERRED_VERSION variable description
879eec2 ref-manual: Updated debugging tips and tricks
23dbf81 kernel-dev: Added new "Adding Recipe-Space Kernel Features" section.
f30bfe9 kernel-dev: Updated the "Kernel Metadata Location" section.
53729bc sdk-manual: Removed three sections of writer notes.
9f0c571 sdk-manual: Applied review edits.
d4bdafa sdk-manual: Added sections in Appendix B.
d94fa00 dev-manual, profile-manual: Removed oprofile section and link
4f3dfa8 bitbake: bitbake: update LICENSE file with QUnit details
013984d bitbake: tests: browser Add test to run the js unit tests
7609888 bitbake: toaster: views jsunittest Add MACHINE and an extra layer to test project
fbc2c5d bitbake: toaster: tests Set MACHINE for the test projects
cb6b4eb bitbake: toaster: Add quint to project so that it can be used offline
18cb7fe bitbake: toaster: add rev dep column to image detail pages
7a309d9 bitbake: buildinfohelper: work around unicode exceptions
860cba8 bitbake: toasterui: update build in internal state
acb9407 bitbake: buildinfohelper: fix KeyError
52c8740 bitbake: toaster: get bitbake location from BBBASEDIR
f5d3ef6 bitbake: toaster: export BBBASEDIR variable
71ff9b9 bitbake: toaster: update projectconf.html for DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR
705d44f bitbake: toaster: update view to support DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR
4aafcae bitbake: toaster: use empty token
5ce4665 bitbake: toaster: runbuilds Clean up runbuilds
55b6fab bitbake: toaster: runbuilds Make runbuilds aware of the build CANCELLED state
f4cee88 bitbake: toaster: models Exclude the CANCELLED builds from get_number_of_builds
296d373 bitbake: toaster: mrb_section template Add build cancel button
f1b49dc bitbake: toaster: tables BuildsTable exclude cancelled builds
22242ae bitbake: buildinfohelper: Add handler for cancelling a build
9dcb9cb bitbake: toaster: bldcontrol models Add a cancelling state the BuildRequest
dfa8510 bitbake: toaster: models Add cancelled state to build outcome
5f862bb bitbake: toaster: update BuildEnvironmentController and BitbakeController
0db62c5 bitbake: toaster: libtoaster Update implementation of startABuild and cancelABuild
afab95c bitbake: toaster: xhr Update the implementation of the build cancellation request
eead032 bitbake: toaster: Move xhr calls for starting and stopping builds
f5aa970 bitbake: toaster: bldcontrol Add forceShutDown function to BitbakeController
d6992a8 bitbake: toasterui: shutdown on BuildCompleted event
c4ae028 bitbake: toaster: use bash explicitly
4adddfd bitbake: toaster: fix jethro build
b1a919a bitbake: toaster: update conf/local.conf
590a815 bitbake: toaster: stop bitbake server after the build
a8f6001 bitbake: toaster: add new parameter to _shellcmd
a43a16b bitbake: toaster: reimplement triggerBuild
ab18c20 bitbake: toaster: modified setLayers API
22fba9b bitbake: toaster: add brbe parameter to triggerBuild
829a0bd bitbake: toaster: remove release API
7068e8a bitbake: toaster: remove startBBServer API
9d4c62d bitbake: toasterui: fix brbe reporting
5bcce68 bitbake: buildinfohelper: improve handling of providermap
61b6b98 bitbake: uievent: improve BBUIEventQueue code
0b0d754 bitbake: toasterui: add brbe parameter to buildinfohelper
94ac3f0 bitbake: toaster: set BITBAKE_UI environment variable
e23a23b bitbake: toaster: get rid of noui option
f77baec bitbake: toaster: don't start bitbake server
4127fef image_types: use compress framework to produce checksums for images
60786b8 runqemu-gen-tapdevs: Add note about NetworkManager & tap devices
634aeed libtool: fix contaminated path to lt_truncate_bin
298d875 create-pull-request: fix for newer git
4faeff9 wget: fix build when len(TMPDIR) == 410
b667f4d sanity.bbclass: fix a hardcode in check_path_length()
94b3583 grub: remove unused 0001-Fix-build-with-glibc-2.20.patch
ef163ab glibc: remove unused CVE patches
b050ab2 clutter-gst-3.0: remove unused enable-tests.patch
064ebd5 cmake: remove unused dont-run-cross-binaries.patch
a71db4c tcl: remove unused fix-configure.patch
476eeea rpm: remove two unused patch
3d56864 ffmpeg, gstreamer1.0-libav: add textrel INSANE_SKIPs
8cc10a9 ffmpeg: Make configure options explicit
45c1944 bzip2: set correct soname
cbe33ec useradd.bbclass: remove user/group created by the package in clean* task
c115740 bitbake: fetch2/git.py: remove .indirectiondir workaround
4f07c22 bitbake: persist_data: Return str instead of unicode for sqlite3 text queries
d8f1f42 scripts/oe-selftest: avoid the creation of coverage file when coverage not installed
6e5e225 scripts/oe-selftest: remove coverage file if any coverage option is given
5edfec4 scripts/oe-selftest: remove unneeded coverage warning
8109e93 patch.bbclass: remove useless path assignment
7963613 gstreamer: remove now-redundant expansion in do_split_packages
37f4f5b package: do_split_packages: expand variables in extra_depends
2ed2089 xf86-video-intel: Add patch to fix some poor image quality
c1436b3 sanity: Increase minimum git version to
672545b scripts/oe-buildenv-internal: Fix regression in BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE setting
f7fed7c license.bbclass: fix warnings when run in unprivileged "container" env
43071a0 externalsrc: avoid race in temporary git index file
f4f1d20 scripts/lib/bsp/help.py: Typo in help for yocto-bsp create
1bd2c8e bdwgc: use github repo for source location
0e6743b xf86-video-intel: Add patch to allow UXA to build
21e31c2 package_manager.py: better error handling in opkg's package listing
f2d5e20 systemd: make systemd-serialgetty optional
e699404 ncurses: reorder PACKAGES
f94ad4d bluez5.inc: remove obsolete workaround
a0cd8c0 buildtools-tarball: Add texinfo (for makeinfo)
9877795 cogl: fix G-I .typelib installation
b13184c classes/buildhistory: fix grammar in comments
e5c0a9f classes/buildhistory: fix filtering of depends-nokernel.dot
4d364f2 classes/buildhistory: optimise getting package size list
af5f423 bitbake: siggen: Ensure tainted stamps are accounted for with writing custom stamps
47e9e12 bitbake: siggen: Fix nostamp taint handling
8033627 bitbake: siggen: Add checksum recalculation/checking code
3e1b5e0 bitbake: siggen: Fix check calculation problem with file_checksums
39b637c bitbake: siggen: Drop misleading duplicate method
2c722e2 bitbake: tests/fetch.py: Improve unit tests for trusted network check
cf6d12d bitbake: fetch2: BB_ALLOWED_NETWORKS should not care about port numbers
158575c bitbake: toaster: orm better detect requires during CustomImageRecipe generation
c634473 bitbake: toaster: Correct typo on build form help text
c9ad1e6 bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Add additional metadata to the built layer
072a0b3 poky: Exclude DATE from DISTRO/SDK_VERSION checksums
f3c029f build-appliance-image: Exclude DDATETIME from task signature
7833eb4 image-vm: Exclude DISK_SIGNATURE_GENERATED from task signature
85ff4ff populate_sdk_ext: Exclude BBTASKDEPDATA from task signature
66412ab opkg-utils: opkg-build exit when fail to list files.
6b8f8a4 kernel-yocto: enforce SRC_URI specified branch
6ebd43c linux-yocto/4.4: UVC: Add support for R200 depth camera
6d2299f linux-yocto/4.4: fix PAT for 32bit x86
5559301 Revert "linux-yocto: Work around PAT issue on qemux86"
686c74f linux-yocto-dev: bump to v4.6-rcX
b3ba813 linux-yocto/4.1: ahci: backport AHCI runtime PM
8f7bbea linux-yocto/4.4: gpio-pca953x: add PCAL9535 interrupt support
4a50c05 linux-yocto/4.1: telemetry and dmaengine backports
31a10cb wic/isoimage-isohybrid.py: change cpio generated uid&gid to root
5cabf3b wic/isoimage-isohybrid.py: use glob to find initramfs location
5c60c36 bluez5: add ptest support
fc8b24d oe/patch: print cleaner error message when patch fails to apply
bf14014 oe/patch: more detailed error reporting
a2bf9e3 insane.bbclass: avoid false positives on library location
1f2f43c grub-efi.bbclass: use GRUB_ROOT rather than APPEND for root device
1c1e851 gdb-cross-canadian: use PACKAGECONFIG for python and readline
370a50a base: Fixup PACKAGECONFIG incorrect mappings
dea3423 classes/packagegroup: Refactor code to be simpler
5defbcd default-distrovars.inc: remove libassuan from LGPLv2_WHITELIST_GPL-3.0
58d8123 libassuan: use package specific licensing
1f2a01b init-install-efi.sh: remove all root=foo from grub.cfg
3ce7d8c init-install.sh: fix disk_size
46eed0a ltp: fix test_proc_kill hanging
207ee90 ltp: add periodic output for memcg stress test
feafad1 epiphany: Depend on intltool-native for configure
2510239 image: Fix debugfs image type recursion loop
7dcb4c4 bitbake: toaster: tests Migrate landing page tests to Selenium
5b848fa bitbake: toaster: tests Migrate all projects page tests to Selenium
f2a38ea bitbake: toaster: tests Migrate project builds page tests to Selenium
961cd90 bitbake: toaster: tests Migrate all builds page and project page tests to Selenium
f859a3d bitbake: toaster: tests Migrate to Selenium for UI tests
965c72c yocto-bsp: Set correct default branches and branches base for i386, qemu and x86_64 archs
d110eba selftest/signing: Use packagedata to obtain PR value for signing test
34f11b5 lib/oe/packagedata: Add import os
0012b90 base.bbclass: avoid duplicate call to d.getVar('LICENSE', True)
efe73cb base.bbclass: drop obsolete HOSTTOOLS_WHITELIST_GPL-3.0
5293b83 man: use BUILD_CC and target include files for configure
5121705 scripts, lib: Don't limit traceback lengths to arbitrary values
3168134 bitbake: bitbake: Don't limit traceback lengths to arbitrary values
88ea0b9 image-vm.bbclass: remove invalid code
4d1df2c image-live.bbclass/image-vm.bbclass: remove duplicated code
d6d7526 bootimg.bbclass: merge it into image-live.bbclass
723fa56 boot-directdisk.bbclass: merge it into image-vm.bbclass
9e588481 man: fix several annoying compile/build warnings
aa13b97 image.bbclass: Make unneeded packages for a read-only rootfs configurable
4dde12f relocate_sdk: additional error checks
22bd875 systemd: fix build with gcrypt PACKAGECONFIG disabled
4b77909 devtool: modify: call shutdown on tinfoil when done
43da712 toolchain-shar-extract.sh: ensure all_proxy is allowed through
2aec71e oe-publish-sdk: exclude sstate-cache if publishing minimal SDK
8ef7016 oe-publish-sdk: prevent specifying a directory for the SDK argument
591b97c classes/populate_sdk_ext: support setting vars from environment at build time
c37d542 scripts, lib: Don't limit traceback lengths to arbitrary values
8049f25 pyton-numpy: Add definition of off_t size
b75505e image-live.bbclass: DEPENDS on syslinux
3ece012 ldconfig-native: Fix ELF flags on 64-bit binaries
d492aec recipes-support/rng-tools: Change runlevel start from S to 2, 3, 4, 5.
ab5c62e oeqa/runtime/parselogs.py: Add systemd unit circular dependencies errors.
9be3fb2 systemd-serialgetty: allow baud rate overriding
cf6788c psmisc: Remove including sys/user.h and __WORDSIZE
ede11b6 selftest: Added testcase decorator to tests
ccfe48c linux-yocto: add overlayfs feature
6ae0224 linux-yocto/4.4: broxton and usb type-c backports
e1ae3ee linux-yocto/4.4: drm/i915/skl: Fix DMC load on Skylake J0 and K0
0a1d621 linux-yocto/4.1: Intel Broxton: pwm backports
6ce8802 linux-yocto/4.1: Apollo Lake/Broxton mmc backports
a256628 linux-yocto/4.1: i2c: designware: Backport i2c patches
fbd209d linux-yocto/4.1: device property backports
ccf1b33 linux-yocto/qemuarm64: enable 32 bit compatibility
dacf9f2 linux-yocto/4.1: SMBus/iTCO backports
ab6fd48 default-distrovars.inc: remove gnutls + libtasn1 from LGPLv2_WHITELIST_GPL-3.0
2123a7e sanity.bbclass: Use pythonexception to raise real exceptions without backtraces
6af88d8 sanity: Require bitbake 1.29.1
1b2df6e uninative: Switch md5sum -> sha256
f719386 bitbake: cookerdata.py: remove slash in the end
e26087f bitbake: Bump version to 1.29.1
d73da22 bitbake: build/utils: Allow python functions to execute with real exception handling
672c07d bitbake: fetch2: Ensure that incorrect checksumed files are always renamed
2554be4 bitbake: cooker: fix CookerParser.shutdown()
53b5dc0 gcc: Fix musl ldso name for mips64
dd31bca selftest/buildoptions.py: use INHERIT +=
71db079 archiver.bbclass: addtask do_deploy_archives_setscene
1ca71e5 bitbake: cooker: Ensure bbappend order is deterministic
292c3e8 bitbake: checksum: In FileChecksumCache don't follow directory symlinks
326fc29 gcc-5.3/gcc-4.9: -fdebug-prefix-map support to remap relative path
9e20f94 ptest-runner_2.0.bb: Update recipe to point git.yoctoproject.org repo.
437841c man: fix src/Makefile to work with parallel make
abb5b46 oeqa/selftest/bbtests: Test bbappend order
ddbeb56 bitbake: cookerdata: Improve handling of ParseError
6dff639 gcc: Backport fixes for musl ssp configuration
ab20659 siteinfo: Fix musl 64bit targets
cd16b65 musl: Update to tip
0883aff buildhistory.bbclass: create image directory when needed
c093f7c runqemu: fix for iso
f1f9f89 init-live.sh: fix overlay fs
4e7eaed init-live.sh: fix ROOT_MOUNT
1622077 no-static-libs.inc: build static libusb1-native
b3e4a31 sstatesig: Ensure we keep native depends for allarch recipes
528a890 oe-selftest: generate .env only in test_image_env
21823cb build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
7d251f7 build-appliance-image: Fix permissions
60656d0 bitbake: fetch2/wget.py: _check_latest_version_by_dir fix prefix detection
45ee2b1 bitbake: fetch2/wget.py: _check_latest_version_by_dir use group names
55cd35b conf/bitbake.conf package.bbclass: fix dbg package not contain sources while -fdebug-prefix-map used
e2b919c externalsrc: remove nostamp from do_configure
bbfc210 externalsrc: do not use do_configure[nostamp] for git srctrees
9ee403b archiver.bbclass: Just archive gcc-source for all gcc recipes
37683ef oeqa/utils/ftools: improve remove_from_file algorithm
3a934a8 scripts:/oe-selftest: Use timestamp instead of test names in coverage data file
71304d8 xcursor-transparent-theme: upgrade to latest git revision
7c5343a gdb: Fix build on mips64/musl
856be1f libunwind: Fix build on mips/mips64 for musl targets
dd61341 toolchain-shar-extract.sh: check the length for target_sdk_dir
c3c793b relocate_sdk: fixed .gccrelocprefix section handling
cc97d57 glib-2.0: Fix packaging
cef8bc9 gio-module-cache: Add class for Gio modules
0cda9d8 glib-2.0: Install gio-querymodules in main package
9ac1b6f oe-git-proxy: support username / password in http proxy
a15541d oe-git-proxy: also check all_proxy and http_proxy env variables
92b2bc5 wic: Update after task ordering changes
d6cb46c image.bbclass: run wicenv task only for wic images
5cb7705 wic: fix type of no-table option
1209eb2 matchbox-desktop: Do not close desktop on alt-F4
0361676 rootfs-postcommands: don't write manifest when IMAGE_MANIFEST empty
abd5b24 bitbake.conf: rename 'gobject-introspection-data' machine feature to 'qemu-usermode'
f81065f selftest/devtool: Update after make PROVIDER changes
25a04ee make, remake: make them properly exclude each other
f3a92ff kernel.bbclass: consider .csp firmware files
0569b69 tzdata: update to 2016c
a7e726a tzcode: update to 2016c
201d9d3 icecc.bbclass: replace icc with icecc
da00f6c icecc.bbclass: expand package arch
3f1702c icecc.bbclass: add icc_is_allarch inherit check
39170fe classes/sanity: use proper multi-line string literals
33a6135 oe-buildenv-internal: simplify derivation of BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE
c6ab828 u-boot.inc: Add sub-dir support for SPL_BINARY
ddedab4 quilt: run ptest as normal user
afa4d5e site: Cache config vars for ccache
04344eb gdb-cross: use PACKAGECONFIG for python and readline
5005cab add !meta-poky to .gitignore file
1dd9348 scripts/lib/bsp/help.py: Add missing options to yocto-bsp help and usage
54eca75 poky-sanity.bbclass: update conf/templateconf.cfg for existing installations
2b992f3 site.conf.sample: fix reference to oe-git-proxy script
af63b49 conf-notes: remove reference to adt-installer
1d219ce linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.4
8d4f43e linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.1
84d5924 bitbake: fetch2: Handle lockfiles for file:// urls redirected to mirrors
b036afb bitbake: toaster: get all dependents for pkg for removal
9bf98a9 bitbake: toaster: new customise package-remove modal dlg
d5a419d bitbake: toaster: show full list of dependents to remove
fda94f4 bitbake: bitbake: fetch2/gitsm: Fix fetch when the repository contains nested submodules
1341c17 pseudo: backport a patch to fix xattr removal
07f0af3 uninative: don't try to relocate static binaries
c3c0d0a lib/oe/qa: add method to check if static or dynamic linked
10b6037 uninative: ensure patchelf errors are visible
86d7e44 libmad: remove use of obsolete _thumb over-ride
e7395c8 perf: package python modules into perf-python
b47225f perf: fix python scripts QA errors
ea8b914 linux-yocto/4.1: MFD backports
b6563a1 linux-yocto/4.1: device property : Backport device property patches
46baceb linux-yocto: ktypes/standard: Add tmpfs-posix-acl feature
bdf6b20 linux-firmware: Break out some additional firmware
6d8141f linux-firmware: Clean-up and sync license data
cea2a21 linux-firmware: Collapse iwlwifi firmware blobs for 7260 and 7265
3b3fe1d linux-firmware: Update to latest HEAD
d7cf2c3 archiver.bbclass: Fix tar name for git repositories
2cb4cb7 archiver.bbclass: Fix gcc-source corner case
c29eea0 archiver.bbclass: Fix use of ARCHIVER_WORKDIR and ARCHIVER_OUTDIR
8b7ee6e archiver.bbclass: Don't expand python functions in dumpdata
bc100b3 bind: /var/cache/bind
04d883c sysvinit: downgrade ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY[mountpoint]
688d9a6 util-linux: split out util-linux-mountpoint
85ff75d gconf: fix buildpaths QA issue
7f7c9ab python-pygobject: use Python 2 instead of Python 3
e33124f sanity.bbclass: check host tool dependencies on change in NATIVELSBSTRING
4fe64d7 libunwind: Fix build with fstack-protector on musl
4aa08b8 ltp: Fix build on x86/musl
959b7f2 package.bbclass: Treat .node files same as .so when checking what to strip
e0bc781 bootimg.bbclass: only inherit syslinux when pcbios
1b1de89 grub-efi.bbclass: make it can build vm and live together
4ebaeb2 bootimg.bbclass: fix settings for grub-efi.bbclass
af1f77a pixz: Fix build on big-endian/musl systems
421289c sanity.bbclass cleanup
93e411e matchbox-wm: Update to fix XChangeProperty datatype issue
c843022 matchbox-panel-2: Fix Home-button icon load issue
01f6818 gstreamer1.0: fix introspection support also for git recipes
171adb1 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: fix incorrect handling of Cflags in gstreamer-gl.pc file
6462d08 x86-base.inc: suggest the latest kernel
c5c9ed6 at: fix configure option with/without-selinux
9b2b1f0 no-static-libs: just like target and native, nativesk-libcap doesn't like unrecognised options
bf90d0c linux-firmware: package firmware for Marvell 88W8688
cd17ab0 tune-arm926ejs: Handle missing thumb suffix
5b70c7e nativesdk-coreutils: a lot of warnings fixed
b47c53b runqemu-internal: split the code into functions
fae732f runqemu-internal: cleanup unsed code
e469bb7 runqemu: simplify checking for iso and ramfs
3610329 runqemu: add support for qcow2 and vdi
d85ca4a runqemu: remove ISO and RAMFS from help text
58bc854 runqemu: simplify the checking for vm images
6716eb2 runqemu: fix ROOTFS for vmdk
258cfa8 python(3): Disable tkinter
5988b5c selftest/signing.py: RPM_GPG_PASSPHRASE_FILE -> RPM_GPG_PASSPHRASE
3e5c5fe gpg_sign.py: get rid of pexpect
05d7e0d rpm: check _gpg_passphrase before ask for input
13a31b1 oe-publish-sdk: fix remote publishing
9926425 oe-publish-sdk: improve help output slightly
905286c oe-publish-sdk: drop SDK installer file from published output
0523378 devtool: add: create git repository if URL specified as positional argument
11c1d30 devtool: add: delete externalsrc files on npm recipe do_install
552a68a devtool: configure-help: fix error if do_configure not already run
eab3f06 bitbake.conf: whitelist proxy variables in config hash
58d2e56 classes/populate_sdk_ext: parse metadata on minimal SDK install
0684572 devtool: sdk-install: add option to allow building from source
50addfb classes/distutils*: don't hide logs when setup script fails
0ec30c7 classes/packagegroup: drop complementary -ptest if ptest not in DISTRO_FEATURES
d96ea29 classes/packagegroup: fix dbg/dev/ptest complementary packages
b58e5b1 bitbake: bitbake: xmlrpc: set single use mode differently
2df514b sdk-manual: Added note for running remote apps with SSH port forw enabled.
12f5c25 poky.ent: Added code name for 2.1 release to the variable
64241e0 sdk-manual: Applied more review edits to the manual per Eggleton.
b44d9e5 ref-manual: Created distrodata and checkpkg tasks, updated distrodata class
54050ff sdk-manual: Applied 2nd round of review edits.
6db8cbc sdk-manual: Applied review edits to the manual.
922eaeb sdk-manual: Updated the SDK devtool modify flow diagram.
2bbf77a dev-manual: Fixed a grammar error
286b76f sdk-manual, mega-manual: Updated the SDK devtool modify diagram
c3946bc dev-manual, profile-manual, ref-manual: Updates to remove meta-toolchain
7233e35 sdk-manual: Edits to add extensible SDK configuration sections.
b31bf7c ref-manual, sdk-manual: Changed section heading.
670735e ref-manual: Added some SDK manual support to introduction
266742b profile-manual: Updated screen output for oe-init-build-env
0654224 kernel-dev: Changed a link from an example to in-text.
19e3648 dev-manual: Edits from a 2.1 read-through.
a389684 poky.ent: Fixed a typo in one of the variables "ftar" to "tar"
b5d3065 poky.ent, bsp-guide: Removed eMenlow example and updated 2.1 variables
884b528 yocto-project-qs: Performed a read-through edit.
4b42385 poky.ent: Updated copyright year and version variables.
ae48b1f mega-manual: Added two new sections for the sdk manual
815d686 sdk-manual: Added some intro stuff about the SDK
4c5157f ref-manual: Resolving a conflict
4306f7f sdk-manual, mega-manual: Added new figure for Eclipse flow.
0bb6e48 sdk-manual: WIP on the book.
5a64701 sdk-manual, mega-manual, Makefile: Added new figures
32629e0 Makefile: Resolving a conflict
af40e9a sdk-manual: Added a new figure for installed extensible sdk directory.
62477889 sdk-manual: Applied some "red" text formatting to indicate notes
7ab8afa Makefile: Added the ".png" part to a figure I forgot.
fc43555 sdk-manual: Added a red-text "role" to the style sheet.
d07100d sdk-manual: Added new section detailing installed SDK directory.
b750729 sdk-manual-customization: Fixed XSL Appendix numbering parameter
ad7a994 Makefile: Updated the figure list for the mega-manual.
890f721 sdk-manual: WIP - Various small edits as WIP
f15f96c sdk-manual: New content for outline purposes.
4643b04 sdk-manual: Updated with two new appendices for new files.
d05566b sdk-manual: Added sdk-environment.png diagram.
0936eed sdk-manual: Added two appendix files to SDK Manual.
6996a1c Makefile: Added sdk-environment.png to figure list for SDK Manual
6cdb356 toaster-manual: Edits to a previous patch.
77594c0 mega-manual, Makefile: Added support for three new toaster figures.
00fe95d toaster-manual: Explain the local release
d06c7b8 documentation: remove all references to Hob
be8af37 ref-manual: Updated COREBASE_FILES variable.
5c7e5aa bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: include/require checks current directory
7ec8f28 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated the "inherit Directive" section.
75cba54 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated the copyright year to 2016
2918b50 bitbake: toasterui: remove ParseStarted from the event list
ab2abd4 bitbake: toasterui: Remove the excessive exception logging
d8137be bitbake: cache: Make BB_DONT_CACHE variable external
1d1aaa2 bitbake: toaster: orm generate CustomImageRecipe contents try secondary path
5c49230 bitbake: toaster: localhostbecontroller put generated layer in the builddir
b60c994 bitbake: toaster: localhostbecontroller Allow file:/// uri type for git repo
3025092 bitbake: toaster: orm Add a constant for the CustomImageRecipe's layer name
3df6551 bitbake: toaster: localhostbecontroller Don't clear out toaster custom layer dir
2f2f784 parselogs: add new whitelist entries to address 4.4.3 issues
8037ba4 bitbake: bb/tests/fetch: Update cups url
dab6d59 oe-buildenv-internal: Correct the sed expression which updates $PATH
068afc5 tzdata: update to 2016b
e140272 tzcode: update to 2016b
c0b3667 ffmpeg: Remove RSUGGEST=mplayer
e528a0a lttng-tools: Remove lttng-ust from PACKAGECONFIG for musl
42b9bdf packagegroup: Disable packages not available on musl
f148a2e world-broken: Add packages broken on musl
624ca6a siteinfo: Move apr configure cache to common-linux
90234f1 parselogs: add new whitelist entries to address 4.4.3 issues
13a2a3f u-boot: Upgrade to 2016.03 release
ecf3396 grub: add -Wno-error=trampolines to native CFLAGS
07515b0 dhcpd: create dhcpd user for dhcp dameon
b9ad80d valgrind: fix buildpath QA issue
7985006 gcc-5.3/gcc-4.9:Reuse -fdebug-prefix-map to replace -ffile-prefix-map
2faa718 gcc-5.3/gcc-4.9:replace build path with target path in __FILE__
76f10fd oe-buildenv-internal: Some clean up
4d1efc3 oe-buildenv-internal: Add variables individually to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE
39ac332 oe-buildenv-internal: Add paths to $PATH individually
dd5f2f7 oe-init-build-env*: Make them actually return failures
ea28de6 oe-init-build-env*: Remove unnecessary differences between the scripts
51aa00f oe-init-build-env*: Update/correct comment about specifying arguments
16fb9b8 oe-init-build-env*: Allow $OEROOT to be predefined
3173979 bluez5: allow D-Bus to spawn obexd in systems without systemd
10ef68f oeqa: remove RPM 4 self test
d915965 lib/package_manager: remove RPM4 support code
03fce73 smartpm: remove rpm4 patch
1e9de52 rpm: remove RPM 4
a7dd04d grub: fix documentation rebuilds
ee4f61b oe-selftest: Fixed --list-tests-by tag option
068e898 gcc-runtime.inc: set LICENSE for all gcc-runtime packages
788dfdd ParaTypeFFL-1.3: Add license file
62ddde6 externalsrc: use shared stamp directory if B=S
1969332 rpm: fix error when 'lua' is enabled
a31301e matchbox-keyboard: Update to latest HEAD to fix 64bit issue
40a55f1 oeqa/selftest/buildoptions: test read-only-rootfs
f64fdd2 oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: verify more variables don't impact the hash
ac347da gobject-introspection.bbclass: wrap comments at 80 columns
ae63b88 qemuarm64.conf: don't clear MACHINE_FEATURES
cad415d sanity.bbclass: allow customizing config file update error messages
96a5cb4 sanity.bbclass: fix success message when config file was updated
805aca8 sanity.bbclass: expand error messages for version checks
7d6801c lighttpd: fix /usr/lib/mod_cgi.so: undefined symbol: chunkqueue_written
5f7b9f0 valgrind: Disable nios2 support
aaaccc4 systemtap: Disable nios2 support
5857b20 lttng-modules: Add nios2 support
26248cd kexec: Disable on nios2
3e4d99b packagegroup-core-sdk: Disable sanitizers for nios2
797ffc8 bdgwc: Backport nios2 support
238e2c1 libatomic-ops: Backport nios2 support
7e83af3 selftest/buildoptions: Renamed one test case
0d9f515 python-numpy: Fix build on musl
e1f3f4c socat: Access c_ispeed and c_ospeed via APIs
bb4e6e0 watchdog: Disable nfs on musl targets
f00cca8 bdwgc: Check for getcontext() API during configure
51464e7 devtool: change config symlink name to .config.new
8c0148f systemd: Fix and expand ptests
427e369 oeqa/utils/testexport.py: add functionality for exporting binaries
2191623 init-live : make it easier to add custom boot targets
57a525c useradd_base.bbclass: replace retry logic with flock
5d06f00 image.bbclass: track ROOTFS_POSTUNINSTALL_COMMAND in do_rootfs vardeps
6129d86 eudev: split eudev-hwdb from eudev
9aa27fe openssl: don't move libcrypto to base_libdir
370419e xcb-util-image: Fix build with clang
8727975 musl: Update to get mips64 port
4653fdd dhcp: enable gentle shutdown
e382d96 coreutils: fix reporting 'unknown' by `uname -p' and `uname -i'
3b8cd1d ncurses_6: Improve installation
9cc65ed Revert "selftest: Added MACHINE = "qemux86" to tests that use runqemu"
3c5ee61 busybox: Drop -r passthrough patch
2c666af linux-yocto/4.1: usb: add usb_otg_caps to usb_gadget structure.
8dc9162 linux-yocto/4.1: Intel Broxton and Sunrisepoint-H: pinctrl and drm
99ad4c9 linux-yocto/4.1: powercap/RAPL: Backport powercap/RAPL
c4f544e linux-yocto/4.1: Thermal: Enable Broxton SoC thermal reporting device
123c2c6 linux-yocto/4.1: usb backports for Apollo Lake/Broxton
600b700 recipetool: create: don't create extra files directory unconditionally
8debfea local.conf.sample: Disable prelink by default
efa0881 oeqa/selftest/recipetool: Fix test_recipetool_create_simple
c9d269c Revert "packagegroup-core-x11-sato: add python-pygobject and gtk+3"
d24a39a oeqa/recipetool: Fix syntax error
55a1e52 oeqa/recipetool: Improve debugging output by adding dirlist
637b3c8 uninative: Add a fix for icu-native to use the correct ABI
9dbfbe9 scripts/oe-selftest: Add short names to most common options
681a452 gcc: Fix the license on GNU OpenMP
15c5b2a Revert "gcc: Fix the license on GNU OpenMP"
d5cdb48 perl: fix missing dependency for perl-misc
0eb52b9 classes/buildhistory: record a few more variables for extensible SDK
cbb4c5b package-deb: Ignore circular dependencies
fcc7ff0 package_deb: Fix python runtime error
9155b24 python-numpy: fix buildpaths QA issue
9e69963 python: move ast module into python-core
1a35166 xserver: require sufficiently new libdrm
36bf666 package_manager.py: Fix race condition in OpkgIndexer.write_index()
35be679 scripts/oe-selftest: Add search expression matching to run/list options
4489ef1 glib-2.0: relocate the GIO module directory for native builds
cf3402e image-buildinfo.bbclass: fix performance problems
e2fe28c linux-yocto/4.4: gpio-pca953x: add "drive" property
3d45853 python3: fix do_configure check platform triplet error
03b167d ncurses_6: Fix an install race condition
09eab6b build-appliance: make the inclusion of downloaded sources optional
8ea5cdc builder: remove hob from autostart
ff5d9f7 Revert "gstreamer1.0-plugins-XXX: move inherit gettext into common .inc file"
c99da8d musl: disable building of gobject introspection data
0dea50e machine/include/arch-x86: Make x32 ABI not supporting gobject-introspection-data
8c14c74 bitbake.conf: add 'gobject-introspection-data' to DISTRO/MACHINE_FEATURES_BACKFILL
2e27994 packagegroup-core-x11-sato: add python-pygobject and gtk+3
8b1fa2a webkitgtk: enable gobject introspection
7bd32b9 recipes-gnome: fix introspection support
efd37c5 python-pygobject: update to 3.18.2
ff3500b gnomebase.bbclass: do not disable gobject introspection
ac5cc0c gstreamer: enable gobject introspection
03cd714 libsoup-2.4: enable gobject introspection
c1d67e4 clutter: enable gobject introspection
0ec412b gtk+3: enable gobject-introspection
d6f8028 gtk+: enable gobject introspection
0d1e4b2 avahi: enable gobject-introspection
d2e0dc1 python-pygtk: remove the recipe
0c6d7cb avahi-ui: remove the dependency on python-pygtk by disabling avahi-discover
4fbf761 vala.bbclass: remove pre-packaged vapigen.m4 from tarballs
235455d vala: enable the use of vapigen by packages with vala support
d1b96f1 gobject-introspection.bbclass: add a class that enables gobject introspection
96b5847 gtk-doc-stub: remove introspection stubs
3a1d9fb gobject-introspection: Override GIO_MODULE_DIR when scanning
10e9977 gobject-introspection: add the recipe
3c66619 bitbake: fetch2/npm: fix ud.registry so that alternative registries can be handled
0155472 ref-manual: Updated "Application Development SDK" section.
4438460 ref-manual: Applied review edits to several SDK variables.
3c727ff ref-manual: Updated "Cross-Development Toolchain Development" section.
af1517c ref-manual: Updated "Build History SDK Information" section.
d9fc04b dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated "Application Development SDK" section.
357aa33 ref-manual, mega-manual: Updated "SDK Generation" section.
54490c0 ref-manual: Added several extensible SDK variables to glossary.
6dfd441 ref-manual: Updated IMAGE_PKGTYPE variable.
77f002c ref-manual: Updated "Cross-Development Toolchain Generation"
ee90cc6 ref-manual: Updated the "Build History SDK Information" section.
53dd8a0 dev-manual: Moved "Optionally Using an External Toolchain" to Tasks chapter.
9d76cfe meta: toolchain-shar-relocate.sh: Fix for extracting SDK in the same directory as SDK script.
054abad nettle: The variable named p in the patch file was incorrectly named.
93a5417 valgrind: Make dep on glibc-utils conditional on TCLIBC = glibc
40c9774 make 4.1: fix segfault when ttyname fails
7f27713 gcc: Disable libitm for MicroBlaze
81d58d6 sign_package_feed: add feed signature type
42f612c package_manager: sign IPK package feeds
c637783 signing-keys: create ipk package
14e809e gpg_sign: export_pubkey: add signature type support
0b088e0 gpg_sign: detach_sign: fix gpg > 2.1 STDIN file descriptor
2fccd8a gpg_sign: add local ipk package signing functionality
6bd6a2b systemd: add comment stating that resolved needs gcrypt
a5fd57d selftest/bblayers.py: Remove harcoded recipe files
dce7290 selftest/prservice.py: Sanitize package version when looking for stamp
cbd87f3 lsof: update UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI
57fb05a eudev: provide UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI
3f8d5bf toaster.bbclass: show packages that were setscened into existence too
39e1351 gcc: Fix the license on GNU OpenMP
c6aeef3 linux-yocto/4.4: Galileo updates
37b61b0 siteinfo: Add ppc64le support.
0265fcc nettle: disable static for 2.7.1
8660cd1 nettle: Security fix CVE-2015-8804
dae5715 nettle: Security fix CVE-2015-8803 and CVE-2015-8805
24aea3a glib-2.0: silence warnings when parsing headers for introspection
3331992 qemu: Limit paths searched during user mode emulation
b578a06 image-mklibs: handle position independent binaries
c706b5e libpam: define limits.conf as CONFFILES of package libpam-runtime
82dec46 perl-rdepends: Remove circular dependencies
815c36f rpm: Sync CVS to regular version
775f22e rpm: Fix musl integration with RPM5
001bdef gcc: Disable libitm for nios2
d53413d bitbake: server/process: Try connecting 4 times before giving up
0f01059 bitbake: toaster: models List only have the specified project's imported layers
0dcab02 bitbake: toaster: rework task buildstats storage and display
cc74a8a bitbake: toaster: use force_bytes to display non-ascii project names
aebc22d bitbake: fetch2: Make SRC_URI[md5sum] and SRC_URI[sha256sum] expand their values
d405f97 bitbake: xmlrpc: fix bug in setting XMLRPCServer.single_use
c50bdb3 bitbake: fetch2/npm: add missing URL argument to ParameterError
fbf27c4 bitbake: fetch2/npm: properly handle npm dependencies
ef6a451 bitbake: fetch2/npm: fix errors with some version specifications
ad50ce9 populate_sdk_ext: Correct commit 8b81bb56c69aabdea984352f8e267a9783c0bdbc
bc0e99d recipetool: create: shrinkwrap and lockdown npm modules
309b2e6 recipetool: create: support creation of additional files by plugins
2279eb2 recipetool: create: check if npm available if npm:// URL specified
9145500 recipetool: create: split npm module dependencies into packages
d46827c recipetool: create: add license file crunching
3fd244b recipetool: create: match *LICENSE* as a license file
2b6a352 recipetool: create: improve mapping for autotools program macros
1607fac recipetool: create: be more tolerant of spacing in configure.ac
9dca5c8 lib/sstatesig: skip shared_workdir when checking locked sigs
142bad3 python3: fix patching get_python_lib() in distutils/sysconfig.py
50d07e9 python3-native: use the previous version of python-config script
5dce2e3 qemu.bbclass: add qemu_wrapper_cmdline()
8b5afcd db: remove the NO_UPDATE_REASON and replace it a comment about RPM
5699c67 rpmresolve: It is not necessary to manually specify -lpopt
8ea55ba rpm: A number of the patches have been submitted upstream
6833c5d rpm: Enable specific crypto and digest settings via variables
59a4d99 security_flags.inc: Special flags are needed for RPM
007c284 rpm: Uprev to rpm-5.4.16 (pre) and rpm-5.4+cvs to current CVS head
a27ca6d yocto-bsp: Update templates to 4.4 kernel
2d0933c conf/distro/include: drop old recipes
1fd183e bblayers.conf.sample: remove BBLAYERS_NON_REMOVABLE
477b8fb poky: Enable uninative
1b7cc9c linux-yocto/4.4: explicitly enable ftrace in tracing fragment
aee7482 linux-yocto/4.4: iwlwifi: mvm: don't allow sched scans without matches to be started
2408f49 linux-yocto/kernel-meta: ktype refactoring: move DEBUG_KERNEL, EXPERT and EMBEDDED
9ac029b xmlto: tell xmlto where cp is
6d89b52 toaster.bbclass: improve how we gather buildstats for Toaster
4dd3e40 image-prelink: use STAGING_*_NATIVE variables
2193e9d strace: Backport fixes for compiling with clang
ee8ff42 ghostscript: 9.16 -> 9.18
3f5725c fontconfig: Revert changes made to FcConfigAppFontAddDir() recently
433d866 populate_sdk_ext: Make populate_sdk_ext nostamp
e186d6d systemd: binfmt should be added to SYSTEMD_PACKAGES only if binfmt is enabled
b051a95 license.bbclass: fix host contamination warnings for license files
f8a9774 oeqa/selftest/buildoptions: Test build does not fail without git rev
656aeff busybox.inc: add tail symlink so busybox can commit suicide cleanly
a321f4e avahi-ui: add dbus to PACKAGECONFIG
1bd4b72 avahi: add missing intltool-native build dependency
72f9e39 avahi: make dbus optional but default
424466b oe-setup-builddir: tidy up local.conf and bblayers.conf commentary
07919e9 net-tools: Add SCTP option support
e8254bc tune-corei7.inc: Fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS for corei7-32
5346675 eudev: remove redundant udev_run assignment
adad264 xcursor-transparent-theme: use a version glob in the selftest bbappend
946d00c populate_sdk_ext: Update after uninative changes
ba57ba1 image.bbclass: support chaining compression (aka conversion) commands
5ac3dc7 image.bbclass: fix incomplete .rootfs customization
3322fa7 bitbake: toasterui: fix warning 'Unknown event'
621cbc8 bitbake: toasterui: exit on final events
8e138b7 bitbake: toasterui: make toasterui to work in build mode
0a61306 bitbake: toasterui: check if setEventMask succeeded
ac941ac bitbake: command: make setEventMask readonly
dd3da9a bitbake: toasterui: update list of events
f56fa5d bitbake: toasterui: reformat list of events
a71d32a bitbake: toaster: remove sshbecontroller module
3db71b4 bitbake: toaster: don't use sshbecontroller
790b2d1 bitbake: toaster: raise NotImplementedError
96535ba bitbake: toaster: bring back the strict directive
5b8b399 bitbake: toaster: change 'revision' to 'Git revision'
07ead98 bitbake: toaster: views api Package info return both kinds of RDEPENDS
9cda2ab bitbake: toaster: fixup dependency excludes for customimage
a54cebe bitbake: fetch2/npm: ignore unknown headers in tarballs
0cd1be1 bitbake: fetch2/npm: handle alternative dependency syntax
d999927 bitbake: fetch2/npm: fix indentation
26ee4dd image creation: allow overriding .rootfs suffix
e43fcdf scripts/hob: drop
59b4cef classes/packageinfo: remove
bbf2a5d conf/documentation.conf: remove BBLAYERS_NON_REMOVABLE
7054882 yocto-uninative: Add common include for uninative
d2c96ca mtools: Drop GCONV_PATH manipulation
d27644e uninative: Handle relocate of GCONV_PATH in libc
0523499 uninative: Add checksum support
73265d1 uninative: Refactor common code
4feb00d uninative: Use CXX11 ABI for interoperation between gcc4 and gcc5
013dd24 uninative: correctly enable uninative
034618d glibc: Add relocation of GCONV_PATH
8dca343 uninative-tarball: Add glibc-gconv-iso8859-1 for guile
1f50f29 dkpg: Use tar everywhere (not gtar)
b158d6c gtk3+: Add missing DEPENDS on wayland-native
e395e81 tune-cortexa17.inc: apply changes similar to a15
ea53d1e sstate: Allow late expansion of NATIVELSBSTRING
bd3a1d5 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.4
70c6df2 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.1
ae85c4b linuxloader/image-prelink/image-mklibs: Fix non-standard path prelinking
0b84897 insane/prelink: Handle nonstandard library paths
6b564ae ext-sdk-prepare: Catch setscene tasks which should have run but didn't
d8efd2e createrepo: Fix stat floating timestamps
ce5a9df xmlto: ensure /bin/bash is used as bash
70b4f36 openssl: add a patch to fix parallel builds
1632742 xdg-utils: remove trailing whitespace in multiline string
816391a btrfs-tools: Add libgcc to RDEPENDS
e467156 bitbake.conf: Add libgcc-native to ASSUME_PROVIDED
a91713f net-tools: Override CFLAGS/LDFLAGS in do_install too
fb0c3c5 nspr: Fix build regression on musl from last upgrade
37f5fb9 gdb: fix builds with internal readline and no static libraries
6518db4 feature-arm-thumb.inc: Fix thumb tune override warning
afb1d09 recipetool: create: fix support for AX_CHECK_LIBRARY
463fd5e formfactor: assume a keyboard is plugged in
e2107f5 acl: Fix re pattern in test cases
82a8064 gcc-runtime.inc: disable libitm for little endian MIPS too
25d9c4e devtool: add build-sdk subcommand
41eb36d devtool: build-image: rename module
82d0c8a oeqa/buildoptions: Improve unsafe references tests
4284fdf insane.bbclass: make the checking stricter for unsafe references in scripts
5cd71fe yocto-project-qs: Updated flow to mention Toaster
cd041b7 dev-manual: Applied review comments to the devshell section.
f54fe56 ref-manual: Updates for nativesdk clarifications.
a882267 dev-manual: Fixed typo in the devshell section.
70c7e36 dev-manual: Created devtool upgrade section.
b2b22d5 dev-manual, mega-manual, Makefile: Added support for new upgrade flow
0b7d8a4 dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated the workspace directory structure image
050e021 dev-manual: Applied review changes to the devtool section.
09ecf38 dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated three figures for devtool
f33ffaa dev-manual: Applied more review comments to the section.
fe70eb2 dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated the devtool modify flow diagram.
eb3b414 dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated the devtool add flow diagram.
4c5bd3f dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated the devtool workspace figure.
9cee16b dev-manual: Applied review comments to the devtool section
c678d1a dev-manual: Updated the devtool add section.
a09238a dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated devtool add flow diagram
7699f0a dev-manual: Added section for devtool modify flow
1eecaea dev-manual, mega-manual: Added new figure for devtool modify flow
9582da6 dev-manual: Edits to the devtool-add section.
740369f dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated the devtool add flow figure
a848e9f dev-manual, mega-manual: Updated the workflow layer content figure.
34e08b3 dev-manual: Added new "writernotes" style.
17a21e6 Makefile, dev-manual, mega-manual: Added new figure support
d346c35 dev-manual: Applied review comments to devshell section.
3b41049 ref-manual, dev-manual: Clarifying "native" and "sdknative"
a1970eb dev-manual: Updated devshell section.
a58cde0 toaster-manual: Updated how manage.py createsuperuser command is run
c5b4f69 ref-manual, dev-manual: Clarification of "native" and "sdknative"
952bcc7 toaster-manual: Removed prompts for json file.
34c75fa ref-manual: Updated the S variable description with feedback
2b2ced0 ref-manual: Updated the staging.bbclass description
b9dddd5 ref-manual: Updated the S variable description.
41e9f7c dev-manual, ref-manual: Updated licensing text information.
5066fbc ref-manual: Added order information for conf file parsing.
ad6b2f2 toaster-manual: Removed typo - double "allow" words.
c8c533e ref-manual: Updated the do_populate_sysroot task.
2a3942b dev-manual: Updated section on adding license text.
77b3d06 ref-manual: Updated the S variable entry in the glossary.
a1a4808 toaster-manual: Applied a patch to weed out build mode (modes).
353b755 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added expand() function to list.
638ad17 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Added note for Python variable ref expansion.
da22add bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Enhance environment variable discussion.
f11de9d e2fsprogs: do not enable non-stable features by default
b04280a sdk_update.py: Enable local sdk-update tests
14dd07c sdk.py: Fix undefined variable
c12e919 eudev: recipe formatting improvements
73a43fc openssl: Security fix Drown via 1.0.2g update
ed14aef layer.conf: Update after replacement of udev with eudev
e72233a bootimg: set default value for LABELS variable
4eaef67 sanity: Do not mistake meta-yocto-bsp for meta-yocto
86759de sanity.bbclass: remove conflict checking for image vm and live
bb1c719 syslinux.bbclass: make vm and live can be built together
5c5c13d recipetool: create: add basic support for new npm fetcher/class
2be37a9 recipetool: create: add basic support for generating linux kernel recipes
5cf15ff recipetool: create: add support for out-of-tree kernel modules
937ecd0 bitbake: toaster: cleanup of bin/toaster startup code
a7d1b95 bitbake: ui: remove the puccho ui
a9dc72f bitbake: hob: removal of hob ui and associated ui files
27468db bitbake: fetch2/npm: Add missing ParameterError import
44e3461 bitbake: npm: in cases where shrinkwrap resolved a git URL, ignore it and grab dist.tarball
2a73181 bitbake: fetch2: Fix unpack for absolute file urls
865d2fe bitbake: fetch2: fixes copying of file://dir; subdir=foo, bug 6128 and bug 6129
fb437d3 meta-yocto-bsp: bump to linux-yocto 4.4 for the non-x86 BSPs
fbedac4 maintainers.inc: Add new eudev package and change maintainership for udev
0138874 gcc: Add support for atomic opertions (libitm) where available
70153b4 classes/externalsrc: fix symlinking if symlink exists pointing to another path
eac4061 populate_sdk_ext: Only write LCONF_VERSION to bblayers if it is set
c366343 automake: don't delete .pyc files
d6e63be cracklib: fix Python packaging
a005d25 populate_sdk_base: handle empty SDK_PACKAGING_FUNC
ec3be9f linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.3
6ed16ff linux-yocto/4.1: iwlwifi: mvm: don't allow sched scans without matches to be started
2497e80 linux-yocto/4.4: update to -stable 4.4.2
aa2c1f7 linux-yocto: braswell: Remove feature and move DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT option
702701d linux-yocto/4.4: yaffs2 build fixes
c2152b8 linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.18
45d4cd7 linux-yocto/4.1: clkdev updates
79ecef6 linux-yocto/4.1: Galileo updates
5f61693 usbutils: Fix for new eudev implementation
c89b777 libgudev: Fix for new eudev implementation
3e5e540 eudev: Replaces udev with eudev for compatibility when using sysvinit on newer kernels
674e55f populate_sdk_ext: Delete the buildtools tar file after installation
d8acef2 libarchive: Set xattrs after setting times
431c1e1 combo-layer: handle empty commits during "init --history"
695cc45 classes/populate_sdk_ext: prepend to PATH rather than appending
b145480 classes/module: allow substitution of the modules_install target name
b03936c grub2.inc: drop bogus dependency on xz
7328765 grub2.inc: avoid passing -isystem to native builds
576587d grub2.inc: dont export TARGET_CFLAGS etc to grub2 configure
97a3322 harfbuzz: update 1.2.1 -> 1.2.3
edf93a0 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.inc: limit ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET over-rides to armv4/armv5
89140b0 dhcp: CVE-2015-8605
6ccd8cd sato/images: Add ptest image
f38debb layer.conf: Whitelist cantarell-fonts fontconfig dependency
b307937 pango: make ${PN}-ptest RDEPENDS on cantarell-fonts
0c80f29 cantarell-fonts: Add recipe
4006a7f sanity: Fix int verses string reference
2e27c4b bitbake: fetch2/npm: Enable fetcher
1c060d7 pseudo: Increase number of retries
030d920 bitbake: providers: Fix PREFERRED_VERSION lookup for '_' in PN
c679a3d bitbake: fetch2: Skip lockfiles and donestamps for local files
d01042e bitbake: fetch2/__init__.py: Error if lockfile path invalid
ab7b7bf bitbake: fetch2/__init__: Fix decodeurl to better handle urls without paths
06b4d8f bitbake: fetch2/wget: Set localfile for directories
8d7e799 genericx86-common: Update PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto to 4.4
65d6a62 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.inc: enable webp PACKAGECONFIG by default
cd00748 gettext: Delete libintl.la file from install
b33efa9 systemctl: handle RequiredBy dependencies
8caa592 ffmpeg: add bzlib, lzma and xv PACKAGECONFIGs
0011760 rootfs-postcommands: fix ssh_allow_empty_password checking
96f5f89 musl: Add linux-libc-headers to deps
3354878 mesa: Fix build on musl
7651342 dosfstools_2.11: fix build following removal of -e from EXTRA_OEMAKE
6c8abea uclibc support for rng-tools
c7e5a38 oeqa/sdkext: Add sdk_update.SDKUpdateTest class.
738bd1a classes/testsdk: Pass tcname to SDK and SDKExt contexts
2a410b2 classes/testsdk: Move the removal of bitbake PATH to eSDK context only
eb1f8b9 classes/testsdk: Move code for avoid PATHs to oeqa.utils
55d4849 gstreamer1.0-plugins-XXX: control orc PACKAGECONFIG via GSTREAMER_ORC
083c63d boost.inc: fix BJAM_OPTS --build-dir option
f4e17c6 shared-mime-info: update to 1.6
4ffdfdf vala: update to 0.30.1
f53f374 python-git: update to 1.0.2
ec73437 pax-utils: update to 1.1.5
447ddb9 nettle: update to 3.2
26a3d25 ncurses: update to revision 20160213
dc42d30 libdrm: update to 2.4.67
0296e0a gtk+3: update to 3.18.8
e08ad62 gtk-icon-utils-native: update to 3.18.8
9daf153 git: update to 2.7.2
927dfaf gnupg: update to 2.1.11
2c39358 clutter-gst-3.0: update to 3.0.16
b8a1e59 ccache: update to 3.2.4
4d4aa1f libsolv: update to 0.6.19
8c2e420 ffmpeg: update to 3.0
afce247 nspr: update to 4.12
b19dbe5 pcmanfm: update to 1.2.4
6b41608 libfm: update to 1.2.4
325a9d3 epiphany: update to 3.18.4
d4da534 wic: don't throw away our created swap partition
5f82d17 automake: set test-driver path relative to top_builddir
b41862d uninative-tarball: respect SDKMACHINE when building
4d1c14f boost.inc: enable more verbose build logs
7f84ad0 gstreamer1.0-plugins-XXX: move inherit gettext into common .inc file
2ce48e6 gstreamer1.0.inc: add explicit PACKAGECONFIG init
935d88a gstreamer1.0-libav: move LIBAV_EXTRA_CONFIGURE_COMMON_ARG into .inc
3a8ff19 gstreamer1.0-libav_git: add --ranlib option to LIBAV_EXTRA_CONFIGURE_COMMON_ARG
b8bdb99 boost.inc: limit ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET over-rides to armv4/armv5
9ca8f30 populate_sdk_ext: Add images to SDK_INSTALL_TARGETS
07dc765 boot-directdisk.bbclass: drop IS_VM chechking
a87574c image-live/boot-directdisk.bbclass: remove AUTO_SYSLINUXCFG
76eb815 testimage.bbclass: reuse generic test suites
6571a84 testimage.bbclass: add generic, image test suites
8c45747 gconf: remove redundant dependencies
a74c389 gtk-doc-stub: don't inherit autotools
2269f90 os-release: sanitise VERSION_ID field
9d86b26 apr-util: add ldap crypto and sqlite3 to PACKAGECONFIG
d8d2f57 apr-util: fix loadable module packaging
77cfa2b glibc.inc: improve optimisation level sanity checking
04c4719 rsync: add native variant
2c20fe4 core-tools-profile: add lttng tools for aarch64
8a0b997 lttng-ust: add support for aarch64_be
6081c35 liburcu: add support for aarch64_be
07a3c71 harfbuzz: add explicit dependency on fontconfig
73cc8b8 harfbuzz: update 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1
bb151b8 fontconfig: Don't add font directories from host
e9f5134 musl: Upgrade to 1.1.14
bf4d380 oe-selftest: devtool: add an additional test for devtool upgrade
4bae2f2 oe-selftest: devtool: rework devtool upgrade test
10290f2 devtool: upgrade: print new recipe name
5cd3be3 devtool: upgrade: drop PR on upgrade
e6f684b devtool: upgrade: eliminate unnecessary datastore copy
860574e devtool: upgrade: fix several issues with extraction of new source
66a781c devtool: upgrade: fix constructing new branch from tarball releases
d30cc76 devtool: upgrade: fix renaming of recipe if PV is not in name
75eeeab devtool: upgrade: fix moving version-specific files directory
81ebb0b devtool: upgrade: fix version argument checking
e953b57 devtool: upgrade: drop superfluous call to validate_pn
492b1eb devtool: upgrade: make source tree path optional
942ae25 devtool: modify: fix source tree default name when mapping virtuals
e2334e1 devtool: add: tweak auto-determining name failure message
55ae566 uninative.bbclass: if the loader can't be found disable instead of failing
50b8740 uninative: use check_output instead of Popen directly
4495e8b lib/oe/qa: add explicit exception for 'file isn't an ELF'
4553bb1 libdrm: fix build with uclibc
4e5a871 strace: fix ptest execution
e8e0489 clutter-1.0: Fix confgure test errors found by clang
b748f40 oeqa/parselogs: Updated whitelist
4b32351 buildstats.bbclass: Don't assume /proc/<pid>/io present
07e1f10 sysvinit-inittab: Move start_getty scrip to base_bindir.
8d07e14 oeqa/selftest/prservice: Added new TC: check pr-server starts and stop correctly on localhost.
d2a563c oe-selftest: Add support for lib/oeqa/selftest subdirectories
7f58b92 musl: Upgrade to 1.1.14
73bf792 devtool: update-recipe: create config fragment
2fbd1d7 devtool: sync: update kernel config
26f951b git: fix installed-vs-shipped QA Issue
033db24 btrfs-tools: fix symlink creation multiple times
9af773f bison/gettext: add --with-bisonlocaledir to assign BISON_LOCALEDIR
b14e2ae gcc: use relative path for configure script
1f00fb2 depmodwrapper-cross: nopackages to avoid QA [buildpaths] issue
00a6f5a oeqa/utils: added new network module
3f7aa6f scripts/oe-selftest: Use site.USER_SITE to run coverage configuration code for sub-process
1c6c76e scripts/oe-selftest: Add filtering to the coverage data gathered by oe-selftest
4a21827 oeqa/selftest/signing: Added test for locked signatures
604dc1c package: check inherit instead of PN to decide if a recipe is a packagegroup
b4df005 tune-cortexa9.inc: add vfpv3 tunes
889a5cc mirrors/own-mirrors/sanity: Updates after npm fetcher addition
28d17cf npm.bbclass: Add npm class to match fetcher
bc5a1d1 base: Add nodejs-native dependency for npm:// urls
9d5483c meta-yocto: Rename to meta-poky to better match its purpose
ab3a718 adt-installer: Drop since its replaced by the extensible SDK
c1c6a9d sanity: Improve configuration upgrade capabilities (support meta-yocto -> poky transition)
2587101 image: Run do_rootfs_wicenv after do_image
e0fd964 bitbake: toaster: change 'delete layer' to 'remove layer'
6e82820 bitbake: toaster: rename 'run again' button
c8dd72c bitbake: toaster: fix banner after customimage package add
149f574 bitbake: toaster: custom breadcrumb for the default project
4a12865 bitbake: prserv: Add dump_db()
bdb51ab bitbake: toaster: remove custom images from Image Recipes
98d462c bitbake: toaster: show suffix for image files and basename for artifact files
88b5660 bitbake: toaster: add missing link to image recipe details
25b179d bitbake: toaster: adjust the search field width
a97081b bitbake: toaster: make 'configuration' the first tab
e1fc319 bitbake: toaster: link to configuration in all breadcrumbs
df2808f bitbake: toaster: reduce max height of modal dialogs
6c51f08 bitbake: toaster: disable add layer button on click
d4a663a bitbake: toaster: apply error class to name field
48f0ae2 bitbake: toaster: fix custom image name form
07eb4f2 bitbake: toaster: comment out project release change
12ade9b bitbake: fetch2/npm: Add mirroring support for npm fetcher
ca5b6d6 bitbake: fetch2/npm: Add npm fetcher
813bd1f bitbake: utils.py: Add sha1_file call
7bb9e8d signing-keys: Make signing keys the only publisher of keys
64ab17b systemd: Upgrade to 229
44248af harfbuzz: update to version 1.2.0
f4f5573 perf: add sysroot handling to subcmd
7a95c2c oeqa/selftest/buildoptions: build -minimal instead of -sato images
2980ac0 bitbake.conf: add findutils-native to ASSUME_PROVIDED
2e152ff findutils: upgrade to 4.6.0
951ce18 mesa: add missing space to RRECOMMENDS append
2305610 uclibc: Do not use immediate expansion operator
aab3900 security_flags: Disable ssp when compiling uclibc
afb954e rpm: fix building rpm 5 with internal beecrypt
069cdbe alsa-lib: topology: Add missing include sys/stat.h
b879aed libsdl2: Fix patch after upgrade
3d4f71d gstreamer1.0-libav_git: update 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
9d83a3e gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly_git: update 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
6456a6f gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad_git: update 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
821498f gstreamer1.0-plugins-good_git: update 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
04e77c1 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base_git: update 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
e67c91d gstreamer1.0_git: update 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
ea8c34e libnewt: Fix build with PIE flags
66a833a pseudo: Fix build when security flags are enabled
91a1baa glibc: Upgrade to 2.23
c1f9507 no-static-libs: remove eglinfo
0ab67d6 freetype: use autotools instead of a manual do_configure
4883ccc classes/populate_sdk_ext: add a better config extension mechanism
524ee08 recipetool: create: improve CMake package mapping
7b6e5b0 recipetool: create: add additional extension mechanisms
b2d4472 devtool: modify: tweak help description for behaviour change
a8e0e5e devtool: deploy-target: preserve existing files
2059a34 devtool: undeploy-target: support undeploying all recipes
b95c72c devtool: deploy-target: write deployed files list to target
62989ef devtool: sdk-update: tweak command-line handling of updateserver
cada5a8 devtool: (un)deploy-target: add help descriptions
6bd88e6 scripts/lib/argparse_oe: tweak title above options
32ef523 devtool: categorise and order subcommands in help output
9f7df76 devtool: update-recipe: don't show workspace recipe warning if no update
51972ed devtool: reset: fix preserving patches/other files next to recipes
e54f9c1 devtool / recipetool: use common code for launching editor
dd35f69 devtool: minor fix for error message
41242a2 staging.bbclass: remove trail slash from SYSROOT_DESTDIR
aeb8964 terminal.bbclass: import oe.terminal for oe.terminal.prioritized()
bee556a recipe_sanity.bbclass: skip DataSmart in recipe_sanity_eh()
2d293bd image.bbclass: fix circular dependency when IMAGE_FSTYPES append hddimg
a332360 toolchain-scripts.bbclass: add three other path to PATH in env.sh
4d2910f libsoup-2.4: disable libsoup-gnome by default
619f6c6 libsoup-2.4: prevent PACKAGECONFIG dependant package renaming
13e726f libsoup-2.4: minor formatting improvements
dd0ef3c populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: Add SDK_RECRDEP_TASKS variable
4c5c40d devtool: Don't recursively look for .devtoolbase in --basepath
0220180 populate_sdk_ext: Don't ignore SDK_TARGETS value
8c0ba8d bitbake: toaster: toastergui Fix invalid char test and implementation
913e9b1 bitbake: toaster: PackagesTable show only installed packages
94bca58 bitbake: toaster: toastergui unit tests convert to use fixtures
8796ac8 bitbake: toaster: SoftwareRecipesTable apply default order_by
8469e58 bitbake: toaster: orm migrations Sort out migrations mess
78b6109 cml1/sstate: Fix missing getVar parameter
7e19f88 linux-yocto/4.1: capabilities backports
54bfbcc waf.bbclass: Remove --disable-static from EXTRA_OECONF
51fc304 gcc-5.3: backport fix for PR-target-65358
ed20c6c epiphany: Add libxml2-native to DEPENDS
2021f63 libsdl2: update to 2.0.4
947b3bf cmake: Update to 3.4.3.
4699483 sstate.bbclass: use oe.gpg_sign for gpg signing
db7c7c2 oe/gpg_sign: add 'passphrase' argument to detach_sign method
e845b75 sign_rpm.bbclass: do not store key details in signer instance
d5be866 oe/gpg_sign: add 'armor' argument to detach_sign()
03554b7 oe/gpg_sign: add verify() method
af7e516 ruby: break out ri-docs and rdoc into separate packages
8bcf139 insane.bbclass: print more info for build-deps and file-rdeps
5f3dfea curl: re-enable proxy support by default
1f61888 libtool: Don't hardcode grep paths
a3b996a cml1.bbclass: fix do_menuconfig
91bfe50 cups: upgrade to 2.1.3
eeac0a9 coreutils: upgrade to 8.25
01dc859 findutils: upgrade to 4.5.19
bf7d5f6 diffstat: upgrade to 1.61
247f3b4 grep: upgrade to 2.23
4e5e501 bitbake: data_smart: Drop default expand=False to getVarFlag [API change]
c7610aa bitbake: data_smart: Drop default expand=False to getVar [API change]
4f0ab27 bitbake: SignatureGeneratorBasic: make checksum cache file configurable
0cdf193 bitbake: MultiProcessCache: make cache filename configurable
ca552bb bitbake: FileChecksumCache: add get_checksums() method
8f61f2d bitbake: bb/runqueue: save task file dependency cache onto disk
5177b1e bitbake: SignatureGenerator: add method for saving the file checksum cache
97617fd bitbake: bb/cache: drop some unused arguments
5a87d8c bitbake: Allow Hob to run images on a custom simulator, other than qemu
7fc38ea gma500-gfx-check: Fixes infinite calling to modprobe gma500_gfx
be7b52a pulseaudio: 6.0 -> 8.0
c52b8f6 alsa-plugins: 1.0.29 -> 1.1.0
a231a4e alsa-utils: 1.0.29 -> 1.1.0
1adbb73 alsa-tools: 1.0.29 -> 1.1.0
3a82e2e avahi: update to version 0.6.32
14daeb5 no-static-libs.inc: Add libcap-native
c001863 libsdl2: Fix build with static libraries disabled
a46dc87 uboot-inc: Backport patch to fix Beaglebone Black bootloader
c7355b9 busybox: drop patches that are not valid anymore
47d0119 pcmciautils: Update SRC_URI
f37ac5b debianutils: Upgrade 4.5.1 -> 4.7
adfcaf2 busybox: Add musl config for _git recipe
46824dc debianutils: Fix SRC_URI to use debian snapshot
3df8701 nfs-utils: bugfix: adjust name of statd service unit
c15bf55 musl: Upgrade to 1.1.13+
07e7879 dpkg: Update to 1.18.4
5794b56 glew: upgrade to 1.13.0.
aea0746 glew: rewrite to use upstream build system
0b1c324 socat: Fix build with musl
04c6a48 binutils: Fix useless rpaths QA warning
eb6d14e image/populate_sdk: seprate variables to fix dependency
c9e5e34 gcc: Backport nios2 r31 fix
012460d sqlite3: update 3.10.2 -> 3.11.0
f770a6e insane: wrap autotools checks in inherits_class(autotools) checks
35011d9 cmake: don't inherit autotools
9cd64ed oeqa/selftest/bbtests: Test bitbake --setscene-only option
7e5b451 glew: don't put our CFLAGS into the pkgconfig file
b1145cc dbus: update large file patch
fad63e3 coreutils: fix problem with acl for 6.9 version
351039f gcc-4.9/5.3: Ignore -fdebug-prefix-map in producer string
7a11650 bitbake.conf: use target path as compile dir in debugging info
ef30119 glibc: Security fix CVE-2015-7547
c834ebc glibc: CVE-2015-8776
842177a glibc: CVE-2015-9761
efa1ae5 glibc: CVE-2015-8779
aefe1fa glibc: CVE-2015-8777.patch
152914f oeqa/parselogs: Whitelist dmi firmware failure message in 4.4 kernels
683ea31 rng-tools: Fix underquoted m4 and libgcrypt floating dependency
7a700f5 lib/qa.py: raise ValueError if file isn't an ELF
334e1b5 lib/oe/qa: ELFFile: check that a path is a file before opening it
11359e9 rng-tools: fix the build with musl
a258589 bitbake: bb.ui.knotty: prefix task messages with recipe/task
4bf8b21 bitbake: Move bb.{debug,note,..} into their own logging domain
3b35de3 layer.conf: Add gstreamer1.0-meta-base to SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE
14e9385 sstate: Add ca-certificates-native to postinst recipes list
73e53e4 nss: define RPATH variable for nss-native
6e4e9f7 Revert "lsbinitscripts: fix the path for mountpoint"
6db39e1 libunwind: Fix build on ppc
47896a7 dbus-glib: 0.104 -> 0.106
93d8fc1 conf/no-static-libs: add explicit rule for libical
637b44c runtime/systemd: Fix for boot time string parse error
ef5b8b4 security_flags: Add SECURITY_CFLAGS to TARGET_CC_ARCH for binutils
1387785 binutils: Use tip of 2.26 branch
da13f0b buildhistory.bbclass: remove out-dated information on request
a56da4a Remove obsolete references to exmap
8b21720 bitbake: knotty: Set exit failure code on runQueueTaskFailed events
a9223e2 bitbake: taskdata: Fix traceback issue with missing provider
7593756 bitbake: cooker: Improve cache handling
9cb38c1 poky: Disable static libs by default
f852014 bitbake.conf: Remove unhelpful default value for EXTRA_OEMAKE
b050c50 apmd: fix build with static libraries disabled
d585a71 oeqa: Update to handle domain specific references in build logs
9300749 libpng12: Handle no static libs
67ea65e ed_0.5: Handle --disable-static option
438d6d6 conf/distro/include: Add no-static-libs.inc
2eb19cc classes/buildhistory: fix for python function parsing change
1a3204c valgrind: Fix build with musl
e8b0da1 rpm: Fix build with musl
48144e0 gstreamer1.0-meta-base: Mark as machine specific due to COMBINED_FEATURES
ff8ca89 gdb-cross-canadian: Add missing virtual/* DEPENDS
120a160 e2fsprogs: Update to upstream version of a patch
5394ada gdb: Rationalise PACKAGECONFIG
ce0f8ab insane: Add --disable-static to UNKNOWN_CONFIGURE_WHITELIST
94abdb2 linux-yocto: Work around PAT issue on qemux86
6fb493a libgcrypt: update 1.6.4 -> 1.6.5
bf9ad22 musl: Upgrade to tip of tree
5d156bc oe-selftest: don't use specific tasks
80e8928 oe-selftest: pylinted wic tests
9b6dc9b wic-image-minimal: use uuid for root partition
ab7cb65 wic: fix processing of --use-uuid
51e0a8a oe-selftest: add new wic testcase
2100f82 wic-image-minimal: update .wks to boot by qemu
4b26601 wic-image-minimal: change IMAGE_FSTYPES
f799e21 oeqa/targetcontrol: support wic image type
7066f16 oeqa/targetcontrol: make ssh control optional
0ade658 qemurunner: add parameter to method 'start'
d083fec oe-selftest: remove unused parameter
c26a9c3 runqemu: support path/to/<image>-<machine>.wic
c7f0578 runqemu: don't set KERNEL for wic images
2c3a009 runqemu: add support for wic images
64d2f13 scripts/sstate-cache-management.sh: Change wording
6740dd5 qemu.inc: Add rng-tools to qemu images
ce3df21 rng-tools: Import recipe from meta-openembedded
36b43b2 lib/oe/terminal: set workdir for konsole terminal
03e1950 mmc-utils: upgrade to latest git version
b5b8003 ltp: Upgrade to 20160126 and fix build on musl
f6b3957 initscripts: start urandom after populate-volatiles
85ac8eb initscripts: populate-volatiles.sh: add mount-bind feature
be5b72c libdrm: don't detect components that have been disabled
5fc5996 buildhistory: Fix regex to handle versions without spaces
7c3d4c0 debian: Fix superfluous setting for RPROVIDES
2eba066 autotools: Fix interaction with bitbake -b
9c8fee9 autotools: Correct dependency search logic error
971fafb maintainers.inc: include libjpeg-turbo and mmc-utils
4e0b334 scripts/runqemu-internal: Work around qemux86 PAT bugs in linux 4.4.1
283a302 sanity: Bump minimum version to 1.29.0
1c2d632 bitbake: Bump version post release to 1.29.0
a12dcc4 base.bbclass: fix support for gitsm://
bc72f64 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.4
be89a1d linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.1
4a8d20a poky: update qemu* to prefer 4.4 kernel
d255f4f linux-yocto/4.1: galileo backports and support
fdcb373 linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.17
5688cab linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.1
f9f93ae bitbake: cooker: gracefully shutdown parsers
1f7f077 bitbake: buildinfohelper: unset brbe variable when build finishes
9a6cb10 nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy.bb: Fix variable expansion in python code
5e978d7 classes/testsdk: do_testsdkext avoid STAGING_DIR/BASE_WORKDIR in PATH
f56e9aa freetype: update 2.6.2 -> 2.6.3
1ba1aa3 freetype: minor formatting improvements
0d5e611 piglit: upgrade SRCREV
72c6b62 libbsd: Security fix and update 0.8.2
78be954 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad_git: fix gst_structure_get() etc compiler warnings
fdd8979 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good_git: fix gst_structure_get() compiler warning
a23a50e python-setuptools: Add python-compile on RDEPENDS
914ff14 qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-2198
0938353 qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-2197
1f3e1d1 curl: add PACKAGECONFIG options for less common / legacy protocols
19045ba toaster: tests Remove symlinks from toasteruitest folder
738a9b7 classes/sanity: check_perl_modules provide output when fail
e64ce73 oe-selftest: devtool: add another devtool add test
a5095d1 recipetool: create: set S when we set SRC_URI from local git repo
ca5a36c recipetool: create: convert http git URLs that don't end in .git but contain /git/
4c71afb recipetool: create: ensure URL parameters don't make it into the name
86f3464 devtool: add: fix adding from a local source directory
fa50153 devtool: modify: make -x the default behaviour
f767757 recipetool: create: determine name/version from github/bitbucket URLs
d94c7e3 recipetool: create: support cmake find_library directive
ddfe744 devtool: commit for extra tasks that modify source when extracting
e36cb6c classes/externalsrc: create symlinks for workdir and logs
20034c3 classes/externalsrc: disable rm_work when active
c38f253 uninative.bbclass: capture stdout/err from patchelf-uninative
9065222 db: update HOMEPAGE
f0d5478 mdadm: update to version 3.4
79d5041 iproute2: update to version 4.4.0
21e3b2a image_types_uboot: add cpio.gz.uboot to supported IMAGE_TYPES
6fab5fc recipetool.newappend: add -e/--edit argument
252f97e liburcu: Add nios2 support
e72ab70 strace: Fix build for arc, metag, nios2, or1k, tile
691277f udhcpc: specify full path for ip command calls
f141f0b alsa-lib: avoid including <sys/poll.h> directly
a1ad3d0 oprofile: Add nios2 support
fd7dd07 nspr: Add nios2 support
954dc45 guile: Fix nios2 support
611e3d8 binutils: Repair nios2 PLT and GP handling
027eac5 gstreamer1.0-meta-base: make gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-alsa conditional
056d82c curl: drop obsolete pkgconfig_fix.patch
0e62f01 iproute2: update to version 4.4.0
216e618 quota: update to version 4.03
25d2956 oeqa/selftest/sstatetests.py: check that PARALLEL_MAKE doesn't change signatures
2966016 bitbake.conf: remove unused ALLOWED_FLAGS
3bdeda5 libproxy: remove GPLv3 logic and spurious exports
86994fd libproxy: add PACKAGECONFIG control for gnome3
033d754 libproxy: replace PACKAGECONFIG equivalent with the real thing
e65a29e openssh: Properly skip ptrace test if tools are missing
e1a1e0b openssh: Fix regex that sets sftp-server path for tests
d7faf67 insane.bbclass: Support MicroBlaze with musl
9937c93 hdparm: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
7475c4c qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-1568
4857511 xserver-xorg: Add PACKAGECONFIG for crypto libraries
34798fa mesa: upgrade 10.6.3 -> 11.1.1
7edea7c initrdscripts: fix mmc device as install target
c3ef2bb libsoup-2.4: Remove unnecessary gnutls dependency
04454b2 wpa-supplicant: Only depend on libgcrypt when needed
4de0ee6 systemd: Don't depend on gcrypt unnecessarily
0da96bf buildstats.bbclass: remove dead URL from comment
326592d Remove obsolete references to exmap
a0cc1c3 curl: update 7.47.0 -> 7.47.1
a0d3eb9 sign_package_feed.bbclass: fix task dependencies
8cb1e83 oe/gpg_sign: fix incorrect variable name
902a68f meta/conf/layer.conf: adapt to more flexible initramfs-framework RDEPENDS
5b2b343 tune-corei7.inc: tell qemu to emulate a matching processor
5b70ee4 pixz: fix upstream version check
62a6f97 webkitgtk: update to 2.10.7
1cd6912 libwnck3: update to 3.14.1
e53eef9 iso-codes: update to 3.65
30cf8aa bash-completion: fix upstream version check
8098256 gstreamer1.0: fix upstream check for unstable versions from git
c24b0ab ffmpeg: update to 2.8.6
9237097 python: merge python-elementtree into python-xml
5ac4172 piglit: add missing dependency on python-xml
4d3ca42 systemd: tighten timesyncd and journal-gateway user accounts
6be3031 systemd: extend PACKAGECONFIG flags
85728ec systemd: rename systemd-zsh to systemd-zsh-completion
22a2866 systemd: move some tools into systemd-extra-utils package
9909104 classes/useradd: handle whitespace only USERADD/GROUPADD/GROUPMEMS
e485686 systemd: realign packages list
41d0f83 systemd: move bash completion into separate package
9a80afd nettle.inc: drop duplicate LIC_FILES_CHKSUM and SRC_URI hashes
72ec267 gdb: drop unnecessary CC_FOR_BUILD etc exports
00d6b67 gdb: build fix for MIPS + musl libc
40e4e8c strace: build fix for MIPS + musl libc
299b426 uclibc: fetch from master branch not 1.0
4ac4d28 uclibc-ng: Bump up to 1.0.12 release
70bfd4c musl: Upgrade to tip of tree
d1496b4 e2fsprogs: Fix multiple xattr handling
9d4b526 cdrtools-native: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
864797a oeqa/prservice: Fix whitespace problem
7cd8351 pseudo: uprev to 1.7.5
246b02e ptest-runner: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
7932525 unzip: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
4ef055c sysklogd: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
625066b stat: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
07e81c8 pigz: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
936223b iputils: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
1e3fdbb ed: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
ef36b6f gptfdisk: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
59ee206 dmidecode: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
d17758a libacpi: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
44e8d0f apmd: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
961d898 perl: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
ecb9c34 oeqa: Improve test failure messages
ae2f3a3 sstate: Ensure populate_lic sstate objects are cleaned
26f26e5 package_deb: Ensure allarch deb packages aren't target specific
b3a2065 base: Make do_cleansstate nostamp
37357ab classes/testimage: Fix exportTests function.
f895a61 classes/testsdk: Add help information on how to run tests.
e22fbce oeqa/sdkext/devtool.py: Add location test to ensure that devtool is the eSDK one.
92d0cc5 oeqa/sdkext: Add devtool basic tests for eSDK.
a619ea2 oeqa/oetest: Fix compatibility SDK tests using eSDK.
062dbd6 classes/populate_sdk_ext: Add SDK_EXT_TARGET_MANIFEST and SDK_EXT_HOST_MANIFEST
4cfdf17 testsdkext: Add skeleton for support Extensible SDK tests.
5580d7b classes/testsdk: Add compatibility SDK testsuite to eSDK
7181da7 oeqa/oetest: oeSDKTest when run a command redirect env output to null
f3c2ce2 classes/testsdk: Add function run_test_context
3577c35 oetest.py/TestContext: Move loadTests and runTests inside it.
8009418 testimage/testsdk: Move get test suites routine inside TestContext.
b588b80 testimage/testsdk: Modularize TestContext.
59791d1 toolchain-shar-extract.sh: Add proxy variable to new env.
abd8158 classes/testsdk: Add call to export_proxies on testsdkext.
42f2ac4 classes/testsdk: Add testsdkext task only install.
90590ab get_test_suites: Add sdkext type for load test suites.
2ecc319 populate_sdk_ext: Set TOOLCHAINEXT_OUTPUTNAME.
7b459be classes/testimage: Add defeault inherit for testsdk.
24326a9 classes/testsdk: Add new class testsdk.
3d1d30b testimage: Modularize helper functions for get test lists.
8b5ee36 bitbake.conf/base: Improve handling of SRCPV
947e526 oeqa: setup bitbake logger after tinfoil.shutdown
400f530 bitbake: build: Improve python execution tracebacks
aece748 bitbake: build/data: Don't expand python functions before execution [API change]
e39cfb1 bitbake: cooker: Don't expand python functions in variable dumps
f652b6b bitbake: data: Don't expand python functions for variable dependencies
d3e0c44 bitbake: data_smart: Avoid expanding anonymous python functions
e0eb2ea bitbake: toaster: models Remove manual transaction control from lsupdates
48622e1 bitbake: toaster: build section Improve display of builds when > 1 targets
4d0ba0f bitbake: toaster: templates make build data breadcrumb consistent
99184d7 bitbake: BBHandler/ast: Merge handMethod and handleMethodFlags
6ba69b4 bitbake: utils: Drop datastore function inspection during exception
f8a44b1 bitbake: cooker: extended dot styling
30c132b bitbake: toaster: Enable Image Customisation feature
5e14a8f bitbake: toaster: xhr_customrecipe_packages Add dependencies to included packages
749f5a6 bitbake: toaster: orm generate_recipe_content only exclude locale packages
6269411 bitbake: toaster: customrecipe page Add last successful build link and conditionals
8d5b61e bitbake: toaster: models Add update_package_list for CustomImageRecipe
86db0bd bitbake: toaster: orm Add last_updated field to CustomImageRecipe
18d8b17 bitbake: toaster: models add get_last_successful_built_target method
8885b7b bitbake: toaster: pkg_dependencies_popover just show direct dependencies
40f6eff bitbake: toaster: models add all_depends method for Package_DependencyManager
a8ab1c6 bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper CustomImagePackage update dependency info
0fee829 bitbake: toaster: newcustomimage_modal add frontend name validation
cb6d290 bitbake: toaster: API CustomImageRecipe check the recipe name supplied is valid
5634a25 bitbake: toaster: views CustomRecipe API add size information to the package lists
6fbceb0 bitbake: toaster: models Invalidate ToasterTables cache when a m2m field changes
998f9af bitbake: toaster: customrecipe Add dependency tracking to package selection
9976e4f bitbake: toaster: tables move template logic into the pkg_add_rm_btn
d77c247 bitbake: toaster: CustomImageRecipe generate overwrite IMAGE_FEATURES
481dc11 bitbake: toaster: make locale packages uneditable in custom image page
a757d39 bitbake: toaster: include locale and packagegroup packages in custom image
baac458 bitbake: toaster: update custom image package table filters
efbffe3 bitbake: toaster: move recent builds query to model
b514785 bitbake: toaster: update customimagerecipe migration
df58f5b bitbake: toaster: add merge migration to resolve conflict
38f4913 bitbake: toaster: orm generate_recipe_file_contents Handler for require recipe
769017e bitbake: toaster: project builds Poll the server to get latest progress for build
971d65c bitbake: toaster: localhostbectrl Update the dirpath of customrecipe's base layer
6d9f342 bitbake: toaster: tables Check layer presence in project for customise_btn
76c0008 bitbake: toaster: toastergui tests Add addtional data to the setUp for new tables
70a078e bitbake: toaster: tables SelectPackagesTable rename recipe_id to custrecipeid
7e4c231 bitbake: toaster: toastergui tests Update package test to use CustomImagePackage
4b3c9d6 bitbake: toaster: customrecipe Add further front end features using new API
b213907 bitbake: toaster: xhr_customrecipe_packages add GET info for package response
a9668ee bitbake: toaster: xhr_customrecipe_id change to use CustomImagePackage
439314c bitbake: toaster: API allow CustomImageRecipe to be updated after creation
9ea4de6 bitbake: toaster: tables Change SelectPackagesTable to use ProjectPackage
20f400b bitbake: toaster: tables add recipe download link to CustomImagesTable
1c9ce1c bitbake: toaster: newcustomimage_modal use libtoaster method for new CustomRecipe
8b1d043 bitbake: toaster: libtoaster Add createCustomRecipe method
32048fa bitbake: toaster: orm Add convenience method to get all pkgs in a CustomImageRecipe
c80b7df bitbake: toaster: orm get_project_layer_versions to return layer_version objects
796e348 bitbake: toaster: toastergui tests Add unit test for download custom recipe
04d8c94 bitbake: toaster: toastergui tests Update to reflect changes to CustomImageRecipe
4e8a0aa bitbake: toaster: views xhr_customrecipe_packages clean up API
66b5608 bitbake: toaster: toastertable remove title from Show all in table
ce72896 bitbake: toaster: Add recipe details page
5f52614 bitbake: toaster: newcustomimage Move modal dialog out of newcustomimage template
2a3dd32 bitbake: toaster: Continue front end features to custom image recipe page.
d6e7e4a bitbake: toaster: tables Add table for Packages and update SelectPackagesTable
43f0a05 bitbake: toaster: views Add view to download custom recipe
2cf55af bitbake: toaster: move CustomImageRecipe generation to API entry point
c402ac2 bitbake: toaster: orm add CustomImageRecipe generate contents function
a6e4f94 bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Add the concept of CustomImagePackage
e1bfe1c bitbake: toaster: orm: Add db migration for new CustomImagePackage table
f760a78 bitbake: toaster: orm Add CustomImagePackage table
4117af2 bitbake: toaster: orm: Add db migration for new CustomImageRecipe inheritance change
1f10289 bitbake: toaster: orm make CustomImageRecipe inherit from Recipe
648753b bitbake: toaster: orm Add sum of dependencies size function to PackageDependencyManager
a92fc30 bitbake: toaster: tablejs Add an event handler to manually trigger a data reload
4c82878 bitbake: toaster: ToasterTables simplify filter function move common part to widget
3e1e8e6 bitbake: toaster: models fall back to a sensible string for no vcs reference
14d09c8 bitbake: toaster: localhostbecontroller CustomRecipe now base_recipe is Recipe
7d5d8d0 scripts/lib/bsp/engine: trailing whitespace cleanup
dfeda17 scripts/lib/bsp/engine: fix path separator
d482d84 maintainers: remove gtk-theme-torturer and gnome-mime-data
d0d85a4 bitbake: bb/fetch2: Move export_proxies function from wget to utils.
7226ce2 glibc-locale: fix QA warning
4a2f42f formfactor: add machconfig for Beaglebone
eb53c54 sstatetests: Fix after change to sstate populate_lic SWSPEC
a43b9ef gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: move freetype dependency into 1.6.3 recipe
fb4f05b gstreamer1.0-plugins-base_git: update to git master 1.7.1-79-g6414289
fc81c80 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad_git: avoid including <sys/poll.h> directly
3f02474 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good_git: avoid including <sys/poll.h> directly
9b0a74a gstreamer1.0: avoid including <sys/poll.h> directly
f9e565e gmp_4.2.1: fix build for MIPS
6d570c8 gmp.inc: limit ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET over-rides to armv4/armv5
3aecdd9 gmp: move BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk" from gmp.inc into 6.1.0 recipe
263a65d gmp: move SRC_URI out of gmp.inc + minor reformatting
aacae25 image_types.bbclass: Embed IMAGE_NAME in ubinize config file
9c0d4ec toolchain-scripts: drop PYTHONHOME
6560f80 python: set PYTHONHOME for nativesdk
92ae4e2 gcc: musl related fixes for ppc/secure-plt and gthr
9e5222c gcc: Assume libssp and dl_iterate_phdr on musl
281bd41 security_flags: wipe security flags for gcc/glibc and related libraries
61a5875 security_flags: use -fstack-protector-strong
a07f2fd security_flags: ensure security flags only apply to target builds
8d57d1d gcc: Fix build on musl with -fstack-protector
eb134c6 isoimage-isohybrid.py: fix cpio working directory
8bedf76 glib-2.0: use the system libpcre
1ae132e libpcre: enable unicode properties by default
3adb8d5 python3: remove optimize by default patch
1df1ac9 security_flags.inc: don't do -pie for syslinux
562c75c neon: convert to PACKAGECONFIG
6228cf8 bitbake: toaster: reinstate ID on edit columns button
916c73d bitbake: cooker: shutdown cooker parser on shutdown
8857498 bitbake: fetch2/osc: Clean up old variable syntax
54da829 bitbake: fetch2/osc: Remove hardcoded url
c57ba52 cross-localedef-native: add ABI breaking glibc patch
0cc825f uninative: Improve error handling
576a248 patchelf: Add patch to handle large files
bbdbe00 package_manager.py: fix python indentation bug (opkg)
ea40a0b populate_sdk_ext: Make populate_sdk_ext depend on sdk_extra_conf
4f7656a populate_sdk_ext: Add support for a "minimal" type
71bb332 populate_sdk_ext: Don't set sdk_update_targets in the config
5b7a43e toolchain-scripts.bbclass: Use PYTHONPATH instead of PYTHONHOME
f1f8447 copy_buildsystem.py: Pass the nativelsb argument to gen-lockedsig-cache
b130805 gnome-mime-data: remove
12d5fa8 gtk-theme-torturer: remove from oe-core
659d755 openssl.inc: drop obsolete mtx-1 and mtx-2 over-rides
32b498c scripts/devtool: Add getVarFlag expand argument
ed5daa1 bitbake.conf/native/nativesdk: Set PKG_CONFIG_SYSTEM_ at top level
8fa2d52 pango: unset LDFLAGS when building gen_all_unicode
edfaa04 pango: merge bb and inc
00ccf51 e2fsprogs: Ensure we use the right mke2fs.conf when restoring from sstate
66a6ec2 nativesdk: Set PKG_CONFIG_SYSTEM_ variables
34e95b0 local.conf.sample.extended: Document HOW-TO enable systemd or busbox for init system
077d32e local.conf.sample: Remove trailing whitespaces
6ae662a bitbake: parse/ast: Mark anonymous functions as python functions
9913fd8 bitbake: codeparser: Improve handling of data.expand() dependencies
4628fe1 bitbake: lib/bb: Add expansion parameter to getVarFlag
b98866d bitbake: fetch2/gitsm: Fix when repository change submodules
390c2c1 bitbake: data_smart: Add missing expand parameter to getVar call
56454f6 bitbake: bitbake: prserv: do not clear umask when daemonizing
abf8a8f bitbake: bitbake: prserv: SIGTERM handling hung process
be032fc bitbake: bitbake: prserv: -wal and -shm sqlite lost when daemonizing
1e95ebd poky-tiny: Use musl for default system C library
6594bd5 maintainers.inc: Set me as Maintainer of QEMU.
86851d5 insane: Fix populate_sysroot sanity test path
d09a25e socat: upgrade to
fad264b libffi: move from recipes-gnome to recipes-support
d3753dd libffi: ensure sysroot paths are not in libffi.pc
c72614b syslinux: remove LDFLAGS manipulation
8ad11fc lttng-tools: Fix ptest installed la files
66ed16b gnutls: update 3.4.8 -> 3.4.9
149cb17 python-distutils: add missing dependency on python-email
3473962 nss-myhostname: Fix build on musl
42e37d7 linux-firmware: update to latest revision 52442afee
ce1bed7 license.bbclass: add LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE to perform_packagecopy vardeps
e43504b i2c-tools: point SRC_URI at Yocto source mirrors
2d7622c gnutls.inc: allow libidn support to be controlled via PACKAGECONFIG
60ebe1c gnutls.inc: add gmp to DEPENDS
935aa96 gnutls.inc: minor formatting improvements
3fa1c54 Revert "kernel/kernel-arch: Explicitly mapping between i386/x86_64 and x86 for kernel ARCH"
0b82af2 wic: isoimage-isohybrid: check for syslinux-native
9699441 formfactor: add machconfig for qemumips64
4701dc9 ncurses: use closing curly brackets in FILES_${PN}-tools variable
9d9f233 util-linux: Change ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY above busybox
8f2306c mktemp: lower the priority of standalone mktemp package
6251846 libxsettings-client: drop obsolete disable_Os_option.patch
7894633 wic: default to empty bootloader config
090fb51 copy_buildsystem: add ability to exclude layers
8dc600f toaster.bbclass: reinstate scan for artifacts in the sdk directory
eee675b toaster.bbclass: attach image file scan postfunc to do_image_complete
0c0b072 meta: add ASSUME_PROVIDED dependency on wget-native for http fetches
f926610 gtk+3: Tweak getVar to use True, not 1
7fa6eeb classes/lib: Add expand parameter to getVarFlag
252e645 python-pycurl: remove unnecessary exports
9fd214d sstate: Fix SSTATE_SWSPEC only used by populate_lic tasks
4ea6a64 package.bbclass: Add data expansion to do_split_packages()
6ab5001 busybox/gtk/perl/base-passwd: Ensure data is correctly expanded
e8860f7 ref-manual: Fixed typo in FAQ 14.15 section.
9d2925e ref-manual: Updated FAQ entry regarding Proxy for SOCKS
29a44da ref-manual: Fixed type in LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE variable description
4181e58 ref-manual: Updated warning regarding libexecdir
0d8bd7d ref-manual: Added description for LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE variable.
6aca5b8 ref-manual: Added remove-libtool class
5e2201e toaster-manual: Updated the "Installation" to have TOASTER_DIR information
3aa162a p11-kit: fix packaging warnings
60c9759 piglit: don't use /tmp to write generated sources to
b33e440 libical: Work around hardcoded paths in pkgconfig file
a131b6e documentation.conf: align the documentation for DEBUG_OPTIMIZATION and FULL_OPTIMIZATION with bitbake.conf
974a8c0 pciutils: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
2d3e6f3 openssl: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
b07e161 dbus: add user sessions support
877eae1 dbus: use ${systemd_system_unitdir}
6010088 populate_sdk_ext: Add SSTATE_MIRRORS to config blacklist
70ec867 insane: add test for -dev packaging containing real libraries
38d6f1f python3: set INSANE_SKIP as libpython3.so is a trampoline library
4ac4023 p11-kit: fix module packaging
9a27010 libnl: package the libnl-cli modules in libnl-cli
111af1d remove-libtool: add new class
333dce4 gtk-immodules-cache.bbclass: fix immodules-cache path
b1e41f4 Revert "matchbox-keyboard: export GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE location"
ac1f311 directfb: use Yocto source mirrors for SRC_URI
4d80f7a gcc-configure-common.inc: drop --enable-target-optspace from configure
654eddc machine/include: drop tune-cortexm*.inc and tune-cortexr4.inc
322015a liboil: drop recipe from oe-core
41d50f9 boost: Fix build on soft-float ABI arm systems
07a91a6 libnss-mdns: Check for nss.h before using
1b34f55 db: Use cross libtool
64089c6 libtool-cross: Unset pre|post dep objects
457f417 docbook-xsl-stylesheets: create a link for easy refer
1ba62f9 pth: Remove dead code
a4a5d1f3 bitbake: cooker, bitbake-worker: Fix spelling of "received"
8f6b9c7 bitbake: cooker: Only start as many parse threads as we need
602da7c bitbake: knotty: Don't show errors for universe provider issues
1dd2d76 linux-yocto: Adds new genericx86 and genericx86-64 SRCREVs for kernel 4.4
b8fa9d3 poky: Add poky-world-exclude.inc and add qwt-as
5503a22 sstate: Revert using -m option to tar in sstate
6023798 libarchive-native: Disable libxml2 support
b09b054 pcmciautils: Fix makefile race
89df5f1 binutils: Use target provided zlib
c85c54f binutils: Upgrade to 2.26
ba2fdcd native.bbclass: Set CXXFLAGS from BUILD_CXXFLAGS not BUILD_CFLAGS
2394b15 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: Add video crop supporting when convert frame
2724908 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Fix memory leak of navigation thread
db81fc9 lib/oe/package_manager: remove package feed lists
c43da12 externalsrc: use shared CONFIGURESTAMPFILE if B=S
c6b8227 Make sure that the directory for CONFIGURESTAMPFILE exists
ca06179 autotools.bbclass: use oe_runmake instead of ${MAKE}
f4f9f2f gcc, qemuppc: Explicitly disable forcing SPE flags
691f7e4 pango.inc: misc dependency fixes
70efb8d pango.inc: limit ptest specific do_compile_prepend to target builds
c1273d4 systemtap_git.inc: do not immediate expand SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION
e631be2 glibc.inc: do not immediate expand SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION
770d9ff mkelfimage: fix target cflags leaks to host
c936bf0 base: Move COMPATIBLE_MACHINE out the scope of SOURCE_MIRROR_FETCH
3072361 bitbake: bitbake: BBUIHelper: Remove function findServerDetails
28c041c bitbake: fetch2: Simplify logic in verify_checksum()
5375e64 bitbake: bitbake: Set process names to be meaninful
5b234d1 bitbake: utils: Add ability to change the process name
0b06924 bitbake: data.py: avoid double newlines at the end of functions in emit_var()
68600ae bitbake: build.py: minor shell_trap_code() formatting tweaks
423a264 conf/distro/poky.conf: use example.com for connectivity check
6c058ce curl: update 7.46.0 -> 7.47.0 ( CVE-2016-0754 CVE-2016-0755 )
adbe63d openssl: update 1.0.2e -> 1.0.2f ( CVE-2016-0701 CVE-2015-3197 )
85b6679 autotools.bbclass: don't create subshell to delete configure scripts
2f1bcc1 sstate: Add back packagedata on packagedata dependencies
346b225 libical: update to 2.0.0
b696bb3 kexec: package kdump init script/configuration file correctly
51cebbf connman: fix crash with iptables 1.6
7f54fab autotools_stage.bbclass: remove it
07c4bc1 gdb-common.inc: add PACKAGECONFIG for readline
5869e35 tzdata: update to 2016a
c9cc707 tzcode: update to 2016a
aff2f58 glibc-testing.inc: drop pruning of PATCH_GET from the testglibc script
dfb9d41 gcc-cross.inc: drop pruning of PATCH_GET from the testgcc script
9e7d929 bitbake.conf: stop exporting PATCH_GET = "0"
5410aff sstate: Improve handling of useradd dependencies
9823802 gtk-icon-utils-native: Drop problematic dependency
6c04e0d glib.inc: limit ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET over-rides to armv4/armv5
83476b5 glib-2.0: drop add-march-i486-into-CFLAGS-automatically.patch
fab76ae glib-2.0: refresh configure-libtool.patch
593dcd4 systemd: fix systemctl enable script for template units
3c90507 glib: use bash-completion.bbclass
d88ed5d kmod: use bash-completion.bbclass
0f3780c git: use bash-completion.bbclass
9d20661 util-linux: use bash-completion.bbclass
0e5b0bf dbus-glib: use bash-completion.bbclass
9cddc0a bash-completion.bbclass: add class
ddb786c bash-completion: move in recipe from meta-oe
74e2f68 ffmpeg: add a recipe, and remove the libav recipe
eb7e554 lib/oe/patch: Make GitApplyTree._applypatch() support read-only .git/hooks
3ed566e gcc: fix hidden weak symbols by removing buggy gcc patch
51d9ba6 dpkg: fix CVE-2015-0860
f80d16e qemu.bbclass: clarify QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS
3dca294 pango.inc: drop obsolete dependency on qemu-native
a16e9a2f dbus: upgrade to 1.10.6
7081458 buildhistory: fix the check for existence of a git repo
d74325e connman: tidy up connman-conf usage
79f4495 connman-conf: convert to systemd oneshot
5c35883 bitbake-whatchanged: avoid double do_ task name prefix
7881c02 netbase: add ipv6 host to /etc/hosts
93fcee6 linux-yocto/4.4: CVEs and preempt-rt update
07c182f linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.16
7003698 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: fix compiler warnings with -Os in 1.7.1
6e90145 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: fix compiler warnings with -Os in 1.7.1
3cd70c8 libsoup-2.4: add glib-2.0-native dependency
d5b3b97 libtirpc: remove stray .orig file from Use-netbsd-queue.h.patch
209066c ptest-runner: Add ptest-runner_2.0 recipe.
4953e26 musl: Upgrade to tip of tree
52413d0 libdrm: Refresh patch to match upstream submission
66e215f fts: Correct LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
be4c446 pth: Delete
df95988 elfutils: Fix build with uclibc/musl
047ad2c grub: Backport fix for largefile detection/use
956be0c oeqa/runtime/rpm: be more verbose if test_rpm_query_nonroot fails
3b5288f libc-package.bbclass: add LOCALE_UTF8_IS_DEFAULT
4f3ef90 ref-manual: Updated the BBMASK variable description.
b2b7214 dev-manual: Restored ptest-runner2 to ptest-runner
d484e58 ref-manual: Removed obsolete do_deploy statement from "Shared State"
7705b87 toaster-manual: Updated instructions for production setup.
4b4a8a6 ref-manual: Updated the SDK figure.
d7481ce ref-manual: Added do_image and do_image_complete tasks
d39e9d1 ref-manual: Rewrite of "Image Generation" and devtool text.
1e7735e ref-manual, mega-manual: Updated the Image Creation figure
fded4fa ref-manual: Updated configuration of auto.conf in closer look
9f192c8 dev-manual: Updated the devtool help examples.
4bbd39d dev-manual: Grammar fix to kickstart section.
75078dd dev-manual: Updated wic reference section
9ed7881 poky-ent: Grouped Fedora perl packages for niceness
3ac0416 local.conf.sample.extended: Update the info about BBMASK
d61d290 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual-ref-variables: Update the help for BBMASK
a948f52 bitbake: cooker: Allow BBMASK to contain multiple regular expressions
e82101a bitbake: bitbake-user-manual-metadata: Updated 'dir' flag
100d6c2 bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Updated the example BitBake directory
11be341 documentation.conf: Update the help for BBMASK
3d2c0f5 cmake: update to 3.4.2
4364850 at-spi2-core: update to 2.18.3
c763940 webkitgtk: update to 2.10.5
1e95815 libsecret: update to 0.18.4
9259a43 freetype: update to 2.6.2
5ec6dbb gdk-pixbuf: update to 2.32.3
9c84fbc glib-2.0: update to 2.46.2
bd7278c gtk+3: update to 3.18.6
d609cd5 gtk+: update to 2.24.29
6197313 gtk-icon-utils-native: update to 3.18.6
1556f0e libsoup-2.4: update to 2.52.2
dff038a waffle: update to 1.5.2
89bd19f vala: update to 0.30.0
6c02099 rxvt-unicode: update to 9.22
245af2b btrfs-tools: Disable backtrace on musl
fa01d37 bsd-headers: Fix LICENCE and dev package RDEPENDS
05e11a5 gdb: Fix build failures on musl
72c1aa2 ltp: Add rdep on ldd
1d0332d argp-standalone: Fix build when S != B
9f22898 bitbake: fetch2/wget: fallback to GET if HEAD is rejected in checkstatus()
d11cc29 busybox: fix stop -vs- start typo in rcS script
9f4b088 mtools: keep v3.9.9 recipe in sync with the v4.0.18 version
2c14be3 gen-lockedsig-cache: fix bad destination path joining
9dea876 distutils-common-base: do not set PACKAGES - use defaults from bitbake.conf
4ead707 insane: remove unused variable assignment
44e9c3b meta: fix capitalisation in Upstream-Status
06b4572 pixman: only check even upstream versions
0f74387 gcr: check only even upstream versions
a2848ee avahi: Add patch to fix Win10 mDNS issues
04ef34f xf86-input-libinput: initial add 0.16.0
8a2dfa1 image.bbclass: check INITRAMFS_MAXSIZE
962cc37 systemd: make TEST_DIR configurable
9967746 bind: update to 9.10.3-P3
cac47db uninative: handle UNINATIVE_URL being file:///
9995814 uninative: fix path to patchelf-uninative
2495dfa scripts/wipe-sysroot: also delete uninative sysroot
bb97157 meta/lib: new module for handling GPG signing
aadb879 devtool: extract: use the correct datastore for builddir
fa801e7 busybox: backport upstream truncate open mode fix
6996b26 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base.inc: drop obsolete dependency on liboil
1c4a8cc e2fsprogs: disable blkid
0de8766 pango.inc: drop obsolete FULL_OPTIMIZATION over-ride
89a7ed5 devtool: add configure-help subcommand
84720c8 devtool: properly handle bb.build.FuncFailed when extracting source
c3f0f7b devtool: add: warn if modified recipe found in attic directory
e559b66 devtool: build-image: allow specifying packages to add to image
e00eac8 devtool: move edit-recipe to a separate module
6720bda image: Don't create tasks with '.' in the name
88ca227 rootfs-postcommands: fix allow-empty-password on read-only rootfs
fdac363 kernel: Clean DEPLOYDIR before do_deploy runs
c2231de gcc-cross-canadian: Add missing DEPENDS on virtual/${HOST_PREFIX}gcc-crosssdk
5fdedb6 libtirpc: Drop unneeded xz-native dependency
7a98fb7 libuser: Drop unneeded xz-native dependency
72f98ba bitbake: toaster: Update UI test runner
c192bd6 Revert "xz: Allow to work with ASSUME_PROVIDED xz-native"
6df607b acpid: upgrade to 2.0.26
7a52f67 build-perf-test.sh: add eSDK testing
5c367ec build-perf-test.sh: more generic timing function
44fee2b python3-pip: Upgrade to 8.0.0
9d95a9d orc: update HOMEPAGE
0c1c93e gstreamer1.0-plugins.inc: drop obsolete ${S}/po/Makefile.in.in workaround
be145ad busybox: Add support for busybox-init
716fa93 pulseaudio.inc: drop obsolete dependency on liboil
55bfaa2 sqlite3: update 3.10.0 -> 3.10.2
6bb1dd1 sqlite3.inc: add PACKAGECONFIG to support building against libedit
39f6a9e sqlite3.inc: dynamically link the sqlite3 command-line utility
9b2835e sqlite: formatting improvements, move more stuff into sqlite3.inc
89ed462 sqlite3.inc: drop obsolete config_BUILD_CC, etc exports
6188419 sqlite3.inc: fix readline PACKAGECONFIG
939de8d sqlite3: fix the parallel build fix patch
a304b82 weston: Add missing DEPENDS on wayland-native
4a5458f bitbake: fetch2: Don't show checksum warnings if a single checksum was supplied
e66599f uninative: Fix conflicts with normal sysroot
4833bee insane: Drop do_stage test
861c916 populate_sdk: Use pixz instead of xz
a1c35f3 lib/oe/sdk: Partially revert "sdk.py: fix conflicts of packages"
29c5eda uninative: Add fetch capability
b54fa25 pixz: Add 1.0.6
d47572d xz: Allow to work with ASSUME_PROVIDED xz-native
0aeb33f lib/oe/package_manager: prevent testing an undefined variable
c1f4e92 recipetool: create: better fix for fetch error handling
10c8d14 recipetool: create: fix extraction of name from URLs ending in /
b307e0a recipetool: create: extract SRC_URI from local git repositories
50e40fc devtool / recipetool: support specifying a subdirectory within the fetched source
7e1691d recipetool: create: strip quotes from values extracted from CMakeLists.txt
477fa84 gen-lockedsig-cache: copy correct native sstate into ext SDK
204e4ab toolchain-shar-extract.sh: improve behaviour when xz is not installed
979c8fb classes/populate_sdk*: add dependencies on script files
f220abc classes/populate_sdk_ext: drop ext-sdk-prepare.py when installing
b435225 devtool: add sdk-install subcommand
44d1a2a devtool: sdk-update: improve SDK update process robustness
3360baa devtool: sdk-update: improve temp directory handling
d193531 devtool: build: ensure pkgdata is written out
d3a4f72 classes/populate_sdk_ext: add option to bring in pkgdata for world
a9dfced linux-libc-headers: Port patches for linux-headers for musl
3cffa6d libsolv: Update to 0.6.17+
d9134cf glib-2.0: Fix locale location on musl
527cd95 syslinux: Set LD to avoid using build host ld
136db70 binutils: Fix gold linking errors due to unresolved R_ARM_MOVW_ABS_NC
704e342 puzzles: Silence warning on arm with clang
bee65f9 eglinfo: Fix build on raspberrypi
6296c0f mdadm: Fix build with musl
67eef11 gpgme: Define __error_t_defined on musl
368e838 console-tools: Fix header inclusion when not using glibc
5a8c935 uclibc: Update to 1.0.11
1113d58 unfs3: Depend on libtirpc when building on musl
2ecfc02 guile: Fix build with musl
2df08b8 bsd-headers: Package cdefs.h
29deaf0 musl: Create ld.so as a relative symlink
2d028b3 fts: Fix linker hash-style option
8dd1aa8 dosfstools: Correct cross-compile CFLAGS and fix build with musl
21550d1 nss: Undefine HAVE_SYS_CDEFS_H
92e6a7a apmd: Fix build with musl
5d661c5 pcmciautils: Fix parallel build and include sys/types.h
86795ff kexec-tools: Define _GNU_SOURCE for getting loff_t definition
ff8006f systemd: Skip parsing on musl based targets
f2856a1 oprofile: fix build with musl
226c450 portmap: Point to tirpc headers and libraries on musl
5512c2f nfs-utils: Disable tcp-wrappers for musl
06d0204 bsd-headers,musl: Add recipe for bsd missing features
c2c9202 tcf-agent: Implement canonicalize_file_name() for musl as well
f294813 chkconfig: Avoid using caddr_t
b2aca09 nspr: Drop older glibc code
c0976fc irda-utils: Fix header inclusions
a3f9721 iproute2: Fix build with musl
22333f0 libuser: Fix build when secure getenv is not there
ea9dc99 iputils: Use member based initialization for mrghdr struct
b207868 pax: Fix build with musl
1076499 tar: Fix build for musl based targets
e451023 rt-tests: Fix build with non-gcc compilers
68da390 webkitgtk: Fix build with clang/musl
da81635 console-tools: Include sys/types.h for u_char and u_short defs
205a07a sysklogd: untangle header inclusion maze
9f40dba babeltrace: Add missing header for MAXNAMLEN define
2458850 libunwind: backtrace APIs are glibc specific
abdfacb apt: Add support for building for musl targets
ec187d3 puzzles: Zero'ise structs before use
3cd0a8c dpkg: Add musleabi to known architectures
aaa8516 xinetd: Fix build with musl
93fb408 watchdog: Fix build with musl
7509ffd gzip: Fix build with musl
1d28cbc directfb: Fix build with musl
7b6b312 net-tools: Link with libintl on uclibc
ee1bfdb parted: Fix build with uclibc
ed5da2a mtools: Fix build with uclibc
5384f08 gnutls: Link with libuargp on uclibc
493e557 guile: Fix build with uclibc
1636f6f packagegroup-self-hosted.bb: Move glibc-gconv-ibm850 to glibc only case
3e7d7ab util-linux: Fix ptest builds on musl
77825f8 gnutls: Link with libargp on musl and depend on argp-standalone
1a6fe71 argp-standalone: Add recipe
a7d780c gdk-pixbuf: Fix latent build issue exposed by musl
f2cf5d3 xserver-xorg: Fix build with musl
b8de631 libcgroup: Add dependency on fts when building on musl
87c3e98 connman: include config.h for HAVE_STRUCT_IN6_PKTINFO_IPI6_ADDR
cc55fc7 fts: Add recipe
6e3950b tcp-wrappers: Fix build with musl
68f88a5 ppp: Fix build with musl
4972edd blktrace: Include <sys/types.h for dev_t
d629fa1 powertop: Include right headers for timval struct
063dc38 update-alternatives: when warning about alt_link==alt_target, say what PN
6baafa1 python-setuptools: Unify and upgrade python-setuptools and python3-setuptools to 19.4
f0e500e gstreamer1.0-libav: update git recipe to 1.7.1
90cbdfb gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: update git recipe to 1.7.1
6752484 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: update git recipe to 1.7.1
ad8f201 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: update git recipe to 1.7.1
2ca9f20 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: update git recipe to 1.7.1
3c7f2b8 gstreamer1.0: update git recipe to 1.7.1
7c810d0 gstreamer1.0-libav: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
a4b8e9a gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
8170e06 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
497ebc9 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
3d87902 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
1e256ee gstreamer1.0: update 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
dacf2aa gst-plugins-package.inc: drop perl RDEPEND for XXX-apps packages
676275f gstreamer1.0-plugins.inc: don't set base SRC_URI via python
852f098 gstreamer1.0-plugins.inc: drop obsolete lib-link.m4 workaround
a32ac26 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.inc: update hls dependency gnutls -> nettle
97e0752 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.inc: don't set ${S} or apply version specific patch
78e9361 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good.inc: remove duplicate --disable-examples
0edabfd gstreamer1.0-plugins.inc: convert GSTREAMER_1_0_DEBUG to a PACKAGECONFIG
81cd227 gstreamer1.0-plugins.inc: add missing glib-2.0-native dependency
a0b1e66 gstreamer1.0.inc: add missing glib-2.0-native dependency
e5fb79d gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server.inc: minor formatting improvements
434aa8e gstreamer1.0-omx: minor formatting improvements + update HOMEPAGE
69bcd33 gstreamer1.0-libav: minor formatting improvements + update HOMEPAGE
1d6e61a gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: minor formatting improvements
c45ce26 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: minor formatting improvements
c1ea981 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: minor formatting improvements
beb8091 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: minor formatting improvements
61f30b4 gstreamer1.0-plugins.inc: minor formatting improvements
981145a gstreamer1.0: minor formatting improvements
9f1a943 gst-plugins-package.inc: minor formatting improvements
9e08b69 gst-player: minor formatting improvements
a8ed2c8 valgrind: remove unused valgrind-remove-rpath.patch
e24123d emptytest: exclude from world builds
6808035 build-appliance-image: bump version to 14.0.0
eb418c3 insane.bbclass: fix package_qa_walk()
e185004 insane.bbclass: print all the QA messages
95fa36e weston: upgrade 1.8.0 -> 1.9.0
1bc0c89 wayland: upgrade 1.8.1 -> 1.9.0
03dae8e glib-2.0: fix the ptest
68c5e6d insane.bbclass:buildpaths: ignore ipkg/dpkg's CONTROL dir
258676b sstate: display the sysroot name when cleaning for clarity
f35b2e2 bitbake: set default libexecdir to $prefix/libexec
40f0c2d gawk: fix libexecdir/libdir/BPN confusion
2458f41 mesa: update SRC_URI
fdb12f9 e2fsprogs: set PV to 1.42.99+1.43+git${SRCPV}
9cf1ec0 valgrind: avoid neon for targets which don't support it
b191f58 valgrind: re-enable ARM intdiv and vcvt_fixed_float_VFP tests
b0b3412 valgrind: let valgrind determine its own optimisation flags
92abb5f meta/files/toolchain-shar-relocate.sh: Detect different python binaries and select one that exists.
924e2c3 python-nose: upgrade to 1.3.7
02440b5 python-native: Make python-native also RPROVIDE python-unittest-native
b7ca05d linux-libc-headers: update to 4.4
f73ee59 libpng12: upgrade to 1.2.56
3a59486 libpng: upgrade to 1.6.21
63a49f8 libtirpc: remove redundant va_list patch
55a8df2 perl: Upgrade to 5.22.1
a840588 oeqa/selftest/signing: use temporary rpmdb
65c1de9 kexec-tools: inherit update-rc.d
ba837f1 autotools: don't output the full config.log on configure failure
3e3cb62 bitbake.conf: Remove horrible variable expansion hacks
b963efb mesa: add missing wayland-native build dependency
9dd6c81 maintainers.inc: Correct maintainership for several packages
bd1a534 bitbake: toaster: run bitbake server with --read option
76a281c bitbake: taskdata: add the ability to access world targets list
11a1f49 bitbake: cache.py: check existence before add to cachedata.rproviders
05c1775 bitbake: taskdata.py: add RuntimeProviders to close matches
cf9cb65 bitbake: data_smart: Don't show exceptions for EOL literals
b80219e udev: Add 2 patches to support 4.4 kernel
1013385 gcc-runtime.inc: provide libquadmath
60b237f kexec: update supported architecture list
92a0032 strace: update 4.10 -> 4.11
0aa8169 strace: fix ARCH definition in tests/Makefile
2408149 strace: remove need for git-version-gen script
9ca6a5f strace: fix --disable-aio configure option
dd90f32 strace: drop unnecessary dependency on acl
aadae7b libnewt: Fix linking error due missing symbols
571289d lib/oe/package_manager.py: Remove list() from PkgsList class
6ebda8e lib/oe/rootfs: Use list_pkgs() instead of list()
03075f6 lib/oe/utils: Add function format_pkg_list()
c708411 lib/oe/package_manager: Add list_pkgs() to PkgsList class
113e136 python3: Minor upgrade 3.5.0 -> 3.5.1
918149d python-numpy: upgrade to 1.10.4
eae7584 swig: upgrade to 3.0.8
21f7677 python-scons: upgrade to 2.4.1
7721652 python-pycurl: upgrade to 7.21.5
2ef401f python-mako: upgrade to 1.0.3
2a608cc python-setuptools: Upgrade to 19.2
6395bc8 python3-setuptools: upgrade to 19.2
40738af python: Upgrade 2.7.9 > 2.7.11
35855a0 wic: pylinted ksparser module
e3b3bcf wic: add help for 'include' command
bfaabe5 wic: move parts of canned .wks into common.wks.inc
50a3dc5 wic: implement search of includes
15ea180 wic: refactor get_boot_config
d304162 wic: ksparser: add support for include
3fc6aaa wic: do not remove build dir in source plugins
8d34eea wic: use unique partition number
43b4058 wic: move wks parsing code to KickStart._parse
3860640 nss: update to 3.21
ea39ad0 libjpeg-turbo: fix upstream version check (sort of)
48a8a89 libical: fix upstream version check
c6f71c5 gnutls: update to 3.4.8
7a80f84 sysstat: fix upstream version check
2aabf9a pbzip2: update to 1.1.13
77aee28 ncurses: fix upstream version check
56e4ff6 libsolv: fix upstream version check
d46bc77 e2fsprogs: fix upstream version check
0436e3f build-appliance-image: bump version to 14.0
a206a19 btrfs-tools: update to 4.4
a1790bc bootchart2: update to 0.14.8
68c7113 poky.conf: Delete BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER settings
0916235 rpm: remove bashisms: [ x == x ] -> [ x = x ]
2dbd61f uclibc: remove a use of immediate expansion and oe_filter_out ()
32eeb00 gcc-runtime: switch to removal override syntax to modify CXXFLAGS
c886a78 bitbake: tests/codeparser.py: Add filename/lineno flags to test variable
f130033 bitbake: toaster: write variables to toaster.conf
1835768 sstate: replace verbose manifest removal with a single count
d4c721a libdrm: Upgrade 2.4.65 -> 2.4.66
b5508a8 slang: Add dependency on ncurses
27b2df2 valgrind: make it explicit that valgrind supports armv7a and above
5dc38a3 sign_rpm.bbclass: fix task dependencies
27c39c4 opkg-utils: store alternatives in nonarch_libdir
77fde15 security_flags.inc: remove obsolete workarounds for curl
31ce027 cups: update systemd support
a4b48c2 coreutils: Add xattr PACKAGECONFIG
7a0b1c1 oeqa/runtime/parselogs: use -F to search fixed strings for grep
b8e11e2 libinput: Upgrade 0.21.0 -> 1.1.4
a9f2e87 postinst-intercepts: always use set -e
de0848f maintainers: mark Khem as nominal owner for uclibc
3235f5e formfactor: remove unused beagleboard configuration
6c64700 alsa-state: remove beagleboard configuration
f0d47a6 bitbake: Revert "runqueue.py: Ensure one setscene function doesn't mask out another which needs to run"
9e867ef sstate: Add packagedata to list of tasks not to recurse
5e881c1 classes/populate_sdk_ext: fix task dependency regression
2e9f092 image: Handle image types containing '-' correctly
0612ca4 oe-selftest: devtool: fix test_devtool_add_library if python was built first
c1492c4 recipetool: create: add a couple more license checksums
2c8c9fe recipetool: create: add basic support for extracting dependencies from cmake
3eb397f recipetool: create: force GL libraries to virtual/*
726dbda recipetool: create: move dependency mapping code to RecipeHandler
788e4bb recipetool: create: fix overzealous mapping of git URLs
ece0a2e recipetool: create: support additional autoconf macros from autoconf-archive
903d471 recipetool: create: detect flex/bison dependency
a66f4ac recipetool: create: pick up boost macros in configure.ac
dbe91a3 recipetool: create: improve extraction of pkg-config / lib deps
e7bedb9 wic: rename kickstarter.py -> ksparser.py
3bb6ea6 wic: override ArgumentParser.error
d652203 wic: removed unused imports
d2090a6 wic: improve processing of parseing errors
1ed97cc wic: catch KickStartError
bda77fd wic: add custom exception KickStartError
ef211a5 bootimg/image-vm/image-live: Improve image dependencies
0910bc6 image: Always run do_rootfs_wicenv
12e37e7 selftest/buildhistory: Improve test to remove sources of error
05716dd bootimg/image: Enhance bootimg to respect RM_OLD_IMAGE
1c869a9 rootfs-postcommands: Ensure license manifests respect RM_OLD_IMAGE
d27491b image: Ensure we don't expand TMPDIR in image commands
ce8a206 image: Fix instability of do_image_* checksums
fb1654f image: Fix wic environment issues
1da8f52 insane: Start to clean up do_configure_qa code
dd28695 insane: Clean up horrible return value processing code
839fb18 e2fsprogs: fix PV
b1236dc e2fsprogs: add PACKAGECONFIG for fuse
f98e11c bitbake: toastergui: make artifact download more robust
68f3e1e bitbake: toasterui: log OSErrorException metadata events
fb94754 bitbake: toasterui: listen for bb.event.MetadataEvent
a2f23fa openssh: CVE-2016-1907
320a319 license.bbclass: fix license manifest
4339a82 wic/help.py: document requirements for valid fstab generation
d688df8 glib-2.0: add dependency glib-2.0-native back
76e35f1 kernel-yocto.bbclass: move do_kernel_link_vmlinux() into kernel.bbclass
d453fa1 kernel-yocto.bbclass: remove do_kernel_link_vmlinux from SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS
2b92f88 libarchive: Add bsdtar and bsdcpio packages
e246905 toaster.bbclass: Separate artifact dump from image file dump
4f481bc pax-utils: 1.0.5 -> 1.1.4
f9974f2 sqlite3: upgrade to version 3.10.0
cd7910d connman: upgrade to 1.31
b9169b7 python3: add missing dependency on PN-misc to PN-modules
4b4dea7 useradd-staticids.bbclass: Remove unnecessary spaces
4f2c352 useradd-staticids.bbclass: Read passwd/group files before parsing
4cbdb15 useradd-staticids.bbclass: Simplify the logic for when to add groups
b18e40c useradd-staticids.bbclass: Simplify some logic
b689aa0 useradd-staticids.bbclass: Make --no-user-group have effect
c03ea8d useradd-staticids.bbclass: Treat mutually exclusive options as such
af8b005 wic: get rid of 2 getters
2573e28 wic: get rid of set_size and set_source_file setters
5cd222b wic: get rid of get_rootfs and set_rootfs
4d5d5dd wic: get rid of get_timeout getter
26fb2a1 wic: adjust code for new data structure
c827238 wic: remove pykickstart code
c15ea82 wic: use new kickstart parser
f572f44 wic: add kickstart parser module
e5e1905 wic: add partition module
180f170 alsa-lib: 1.0.29 -> 1.1.0
a8c25af matchbox-keyboard: export GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE location
d75cb1f xf86-input-evdev: upgrade to 2.10.1
2283732 menu-cache: upgrade to 1.0.1
ec7e406 libxi: upgrade to 1.7.6
86f3f25 librsvg: upgrade to 2.40.13
72dd806 libgpg-error: upgrade to 1.21
3c02fe0 libevdev: upgrade to 1.4.6
33e9930 libcroco: upgrade to 0.6.11
5b63c44 gsettings-desktop-schemas: upgrade to 3.19.3
dfff167 gpgme: upgrade to 1.6.0
5abb691 u-boot: Update to 2016.01 release
e9280d1 linux-yocto: introduce v4.4 standard/preempt-rt/standard kernel
8c3276e e2fsprogs: 1.42.9 -> 1.43 (master)
b248e55 bitbake.conf: rename python-native-runtime
65d0bfc net-tools_1.60-26.bb: Fix do_patch dependency error
99923fc ncurses: 5.9 0 -> 6.0
44d283a autotools.bbclass: use relative path to run configure script
b2f1de3 glibc-initial.inc: use relative path to run configure
0fe6e2d bitbake: toaster: increase timeout
a5f34bc poky.ent: Added "perl-bignum" package for Fedora
afc6cba dev-manual: Updated "Running ptset" section
ec047ad yocto-project-qs: Updated the "Next Steps" section
57ddbe8 ref-manual: Removed all variables related to "QMAKE"
7814b33 ref-manual: Updates to cull out qt4 stuff.
bf81969 toaster-manual: Updates on how to start Toaster.
798e8b8 bitbake: toastergui: code formatting and clean-up
c4b5011 bitbake: toaster tests: fix Django tests for new ToasterTable pages
88a262c bitbake: toastergui: remove unused views and template code
059a274 bitbake: toastergui: fix error and warning counts for builds
4103e0c bitbake: toastergui: make "Apply" button state depend on filter range
6c2d88f bitbake: toastergui: mute label for filter actions with no records
f08730a bitbake: toastergui: set default visible and hideable columns
112f374 bitbake: toastergui: serialise decimals correctly
e024aab bitbake: toastergui: streamline construction of filter objects
fcb20f9 bitbake: toastergui: ensure filter_value updates
f9c46f5 bitbake: toastergui: don't hide all elements with .col class
eaae82a bitbake: toastergui: convert project builds page to ToasterTable
33b011c bitbake: toastergui: implement "today" and "yesterday" filters
f8d383d bitbake: toastergui: implement date range filters for builds
b929889 bitbake: toastergui: show recent builds on all builds page
1a4b203 bitbake: toastergui: switch off filter highlights when inactive
809046c bitbake: toastergui: refactor ToasterTable filtering
294579b bitbake: toastergui: convert all builds page to ToasterTable
6c12ca7 bitbake: toastergui: use event delegates for hover help elements
ef93dce bitbake: toastergui: switch projects/ view to ToasterTable
417f1d3 bitbake: toaster: check inferred file suffixes against list of known types
c02ee05 bitbake: toaster: move image file suffix list to model
d29e4cd bitbake: toastergui: use ToasterTable for projects page
b1256db openssh: update to 7.1p2
c0e9f2d kernel/kernel-arch: Explicitly mapping between i386/x86_64 and x86 for kernel ARCH
f8508de bitbake: Revert "fetch/git: Change to use clearer ssh url syntax for broken servers"
b567235 image/image-live: Add back IMAGE_TYPES_MASKED support
e914e2a image.bbclass: Handle image base type dependency properly
ad32f65 autoconf: add missing perl-module-file-find to RDEPENDS
d83dfe6 ca-certificates: update to 20160104
4440560 epiphany: upgrade to 3.18.3
dcf54b4 iso-codes: upgrade to 3.64
d7bee35 lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.39
08c8923 libwebp: upgrade to 0.5.0
cf0aea7 classes/populate_sdk_ext: avoid unnecessary sstate being brought in
ea29bec insane/package: Fix cases where QA errors aren't fatal
2e620a4 classes/populate_sdk_ext: check that extensible SDK prepared correctly
4685c33 classes/buildhistory: save auto.conf and bblayers.conf for extensible SDK
39f6472 classes/populate_sdk_ext: support auto.conf
91877aa classes/populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: handle if local.conf doesn't end with a newline
764c927 util-linux: create util-linux-runuser iff pam in DISTRO_FEATURES
95dce70 rsync: 3.1.1 -> 3.1.2
38aa0fc less: 479 -> 481
4cb2269 iputils: s20121221 -> s20151218
fe47dd7 wget: 1.17 -> 1.17.1
79886e9 git: 2.5.0 -> 2.7.0
d3e16b8 file: 5.24 -> 5.25
3549abc autogen-native: 5.18.5 -> 5.18.6
fb14627 curl: upgrade to 7.46
eaf88d7 xz: upgrade to 5.2.2
8516ff7 sysstat: upgrade to 11.2.0
ae73be1 at: upgrade to 3.18
21efab7 kmod: upgrade to 22
c88efae resolvconf: upgrade to 1.78
6729889 pciutils: upgrade to 3.4.1
edd319c gnupg: 2.1.7 -> 2.1.10
78b58b8 help2man-native: 1.47.1 -> 1.47.3
ac0e0d5 man-pages: 4.02 -> 4.04
1e0cbb9 libgcrypt: 1.6.3 -> 1.6.4
372c23d xmlto: 0.0.26 -> 0.0.28
aaafe33 elfutils: 0.163 -> 0.164
38901a7 dhcp: 4.3.2 -> 4.3.3
ea05e05 image.bbclass: Unconditional includes of populate_sdk_ext fails
c08f272 tcmode-default.inc: Fix preferred provider nativesdk-sdk_prefix-libc-initial
5d2f783 dhcp: search libxml2 for bind
b69652d tzdata: remove bashism
7c7c249 harfbuzz: update 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3
84623dc libpostproc: duplicate armv7a over-rides for armv7ve
1744198 libav.inc: duplicate armv7a over-rides for armv7ve
102dfa1 gcc-configure-common.inc: duplicate armv7a over-ride for armv7ve
b08dfb5 subversion: Upgrade 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3
d6fae0c lttng-ust: Upgrade to 2.7.1
a9cc9b5 lttng-tools: Upgrade to 2.7.1
6b02575 lttng-modules: Upgrade to 2.7.1
a378430 gdb: upgrade to 7.10.1
92cc02f linux-yocto: Update Genericx86* BSPs to 4.1.15
da43a56 bitbake: Revert "fetch2/local.py: avoid using PREMIRROR"
96a34e7 conf/distro/poky-tiny: correctly disable python in opkg-utils
1724ffd bitbake: fetch2/git.py: Add missing "errno" module import.
74fa824 bitbake: bitbake: clean up stamp-base related codes
f3f769a local.conf.sample: add qemumips64
43328fe bitbake: runqueue: Fix setscene task dependencies
7b905ca bitbake: toaster: settings Add uid to the toaster cache dir
dff7a27 bitbake: toaster: show 'satisfied via' text for reverse deps
89f4932 bitbake: toaster: show 'satisfied via' text for build deps
febb898 bitbake: toaster: show list of provides for the recipe
2ff4ccb bitbake: buildinfohelper: add provides info to the db
16a81fb bitbake: toaster: add Provider model
6a28ed3 bitbake: buildinfohelper: use providermap
f2b7252 bitbake: cooker: add providermap to dep_tree
7e380d4 bitbake: taskdata: refactor get_providermap
46731da bitbake: main/runqueue: Add --setscene-only option to bitbake
34f8db9 update_font_cache: only scan system font directories
e5c011b Add "CVE:" tag to current patches in OE-core
f04fb88 scripts/create-pull-request: fix git request-pull syntax
928ceb6 qt4: fix-for-mips-n32.patch: remove it
c4a3258 util-linux: create util-linux-runuser package
554ca68 valgrind: include aarch64 in COMPATIBLE_HOST
0ce775a valgrind: update to 3.11.0
21a94f6 valgrind: don't restrict to armv7a
b8ebac9 DpkgRootfs: Fix logcheck_error false-positive when use multilib
e265fbb package_deb.bbclass: add 'Multi-Arch: foreign' tag to allarch packages
4aeb69d package_manager.py: fixes for multilib deb packaging builds
9ea7428 package_deb.bbclass, cross-canadian.bbclass: DPKG_ARCH mapping function
72e6932 connman.inc: add missing RDEPENDS
675ff42 meta: rename perl-native-runtime
3f4fb39 dbus: support large-file for stat64
0d5e41f freetype: enable out-of-tree builds, and use host zlib
8f2ab19 bluez5: upgrade to 5.37
11f5a42 cogl-1.0: fix may be used uninitialized error
235606f oeqa/runtime/logrotate: fix hardcoded root directory
cce6c3e oeqa/runtime/smart: fix hardcoded root directory
cd2cf1f boost: update to 1.60.0
afc0255 bitbake.conf: remove 'stamp-base'
c8fef7f gcc5: Fix build on NIOS2
eda3947 rpmresolve.c: Fix unfreed pointers that keep DB opened
3c8a451 tzdata: Make /etc/timezone optional
b80da02 systemd: arrange for volatile /etc/resolv.conf
5548a76 systemd: add myhostname to nsswitch.conf
d6bc841 opkg-utils: add update-alternatives PACKAGECONFIG
c3b96ff linux-dtb.inc: use absolute upd-alt paths
3ad08c0 uclibc: Upgrade to 1.0.10
74c3667 populate_sdk_ext: Pass excluded_targets as a list to prune_lockedsigs
e306d54 populate_sdk_ext: Change to include siginfo and non sstate task sigs
e1a558a populate_sdk: Switch from bzip2 to xz
3341f3f classes: Fix do_rootfs references
0a4e1f9 image: Create separate tasks for rootfs construction
fdced52 image: Move pre/post process commands to bbclass
cdc0aee image.bbclass: Separate out image generation into a new task, do_image
0269219 populate_sdk_ext: Use new --setscene-only option to bitbake instead of workarounds
1ee0842 sstatesig: Handle special case of gcc-source shared-workdir for printdiff
d93c212 bitbake.conf: add virtual/libiconv-native to ASSUME_PROVIDED
b2fe2a8 devtool: build: support using BBCLASSEXTENDed names
38ed039 devtool: reset: support recipes with BBCLASSEXTEND
532f429 devtool: refactor code for getting local recipe file
ec90168 devtool: add: support adding a native variant
99e3872 devtool: reset: do clean for multiple recipes at once with -a
5ef716c recipetool: create: support creating standalone native/nativesdk recipes
1e503c0 recipetool: create: lower case name when determining from filename
4deed25 devtool: sdk-update: add option to skip preparation step
d586a11 devtool: sdk-update: fix error checking
c1b7d83 devtool: sdk-update: fix metadata update step
efead10 devtool: sdk-update: fix not using updateserver config file option
9348c91 classes/populate_sdk_ext: disable signature warnings
d44dcd7 classes/populate_sdk_ext: fix cascading from preparation failure
d11051c scripts/oe-publish-sdk: add missing call to git update-server-info
fbc2147 libbsd: upgrade to 0.8.1
221d864 bitbake: fetch/git: Change to use clearer ssh url syntax for broken servers
46d62d0 bitbake: knotty: Use non-interactive mode as fallback for dumb terminals
bfa7859 bitbake: cooker: fix findFilesMatchingInDir documentation
3d42737 bitbake: cooker: use in instead of count
0e83229 maintainers.inc: remove x11vnc
d914c7f meta-yocto: drop qt4 references
0f3ad7c scripts/yocto-layer: Avoids duplication of "meta-" prefix
220ef32 poky-lsb/poky-tiny: update preferred kernel to 4.1
b82e228 yocto-bsp: remove 3.14 and 3.19 bbappends
685daeb conf/local.conf.sample: comment out ASSUME_PROVIDED=libsdl-native
2c5e7e0 image: Really remove lockfiles flag
a500e3a boost: ensure boost to remain an empty metapackage
b151506 image_types.bbclass: Rebuild when WICVARS change
eb4159c gccmakedep: fix buildpaths qa check
f54e53c bash: fix buildpaths qa check error
6d111c8 testimage: remove VNC test, x11vnc isn't in oe-core anymore
8bec5c5 x11vnc: remove all references to moved package
8f865e2 x11vnc: move recipe to meta-oe
ae1fc96 classes/buildhistory: actually use KiB in extensible SDK sizes files
84f66b5 x11vnc: move recipe to meta-oe
c44599d readline: move inputrc into readline
f29d642 tune-*: use mcpu instead of mtune for ARM tunes
c6a1991 arch-armv7ve: add tune include for armv7ve and use it from cortexa7 and cortexa15
21d61fa cortexa{7,15,17}: add VFPv4 tunes
7f2cb68 feature-arm-vfp.inc: Further simplify with TUNE_CCARGS_MFLOAT
e9b2ffc feature-arm-{neon,vfp}.inc: refactor and fix issues
45f726c arch-armv7a.inc: add vfpv4 support also to softfp and big endiand tunes
ebe8358 arch-armv7a.inc: Fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS for tune-armv7atb-vfpv3, tune-armv7atb-vfpv3d16, cortexa7thf-neon-vfpv4
9280a8e arch-armv5.inc: drop duplicate ARMPKGSFX_DSP and PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS_tune-armv5tehf-vfp
46d6b0e arch-armv[456]*.inc: improve indentation like armv7a
860663a arm/arch-arm*, tune-cortexa*, tune-thunderx.inc, powerpac/arch-powerpc64.inc: Use normal assignment
8c483a1 arch-armv7a, tune-cortexa*: improve indentation
7498b91 arch-armv7a, tune-cortexa*: improve comment VFP -> HF
bb9b581 arch-armv7a: add missing space before ?=
15f8344 tune-cortexr4.inc: fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS
e2736f7 sanity.bbclass: add more information to error message about TUNE_PKGARCH missing in PACKAGE_ARCHS
b68d947 mkefidisk.sh: add boot log on console
62d7c97 mkefidisk.sh: add startup script for automated boot
5aa3b93 oeqa/selftest/recipetool: update for libjpeg-turbo migration
ffa7469 libjpeg: Replace libjpeg with libjpeg-turbo
29d273f python3: fix installed-vs-shipped when 64bit + multilib
db7cee6 pulseaudio: add PACKAGECONFIG for lirc
b900ec8 sstate-sysroot-cruft.sh: Extend the whitelist
20843fa iptables: upgrade to 1.6.0
c2bda6c scripts/oe-selftest: Allow to run tests on random/all MACHINEs
8e1435e selftest: Added testcase decorators for 2 tests
32f332c oe-selftest: New option --list-tests
17d886b oe-selftest: Improved --list-classes when determining test names
4ec2da7 selftest: moved tc test_buildhistory_does_not_change_signatures
02d259c scripts/oe-selftest: Remove extra coverage data added to unittests
30c06a4 expat: CVE-2015-1283
315bdc8 packagegroup-core-x11-sato: enable pcmanfm on mips
a3e26f9 wic: rawcopy: Copy source file to build folder
d6e0da4 grub2: Fix CVE-2015-8370
bb663b0 systemd: enable compatibility libraries by default
3fea163 systemd: add more compression and importd PACKAGECONFIGs
d462b70 gcc-sanitizers: link directly against sysroot libstc++
3eb6135 openjade: Fix build if not installing libtool .la files
6308c47 valgrind: Define __UCLIBC__ for uclibc based systems
3d19a1e security_flags.inc: disable -fstack-protector-XXX for valgrind
807ed8a meta/conf/layer.conf: bump layer version due to Qt4 removal
4fb3e05 packagegroup-core-lsb: treat qt4 packages same as qt3 packages
8b11ed8 qt4: remove recipes and classes
0baadc8 toaster-manual: Updates to toaster use chapter.
908bbff ref-manual: Updated the list of supported image types.
5d27451 dev-manual: Added the --configfile bootloader option.
7b3b1f9 dev-manual: Added three new wic option descriptions.
eeffa64 dev-manual: Added the --overhead-factor wic option description.
2beb19b dev-manual: Added the --extra-space wic option description.
95851df dev-manual: Added wic --notable option description.
88a2794 dev-manual:
8bdc707 sdk-manual: Initial Manual framework
f1f7625 bsp-guide: Updated the license statement.
6686a31 dev-manual: Correction to the KVM stuff in the runqemu commands.
ccc830d documentation: Prepare for 2.1 builds
7af9314 mega-manual: Added four new figures for GUI example.
f8185ff bitbake: ast: Add filename/lineno to mapped functions
a178c5a bitbake: main: kill server without queue setup
773700d bitbake: xmplrpc: split connect method
05b4fbc bitbake: uievent: refactor retry loop
ebc169c bitbake: uievent: get rid of EventHandler attribute
4e0de6e bitbake: uievent: add error to registerEventHandler return
01419d5 bitbake: cooker: add state.get_name method
763506d bitbake: fetch2/__init__.py: Add support for 7-Zip
f5bfc1c bitbake: utils: Remove double compile from better_compile
b4141f6 bitbake: fetch2/local.py: avoid using PREMIRROR
1ad3595 bitbake: siggen: Change exception note into a warning
4ba49ac bitbake: data: Drop misleading ExpansionError exception
2c94311 bitbake: cooker: Drop useless parsing exception
a16b543 bitbake: data: Pass lineno/filename data from build_dependencies
958f0ff bitbake: codeparser: Add support for correct linenumbers
db4376e udev-extraconf: introduce multiple blacklist files for more complex setups
a8fb429 uclibc: disable parallel builds
401c632 image: Condense do_rootfs function/flags
0051510 image/rootfs-postcommands: Separate out post rootfs commands to separate class
3428edd image: Remove pointless rootfs lock
eb5bb0e packagegroup-core-boot:replace busybox to variable
cc7bb6c initramfs-framework_1.0:replace busybox for variable.
d9ffa59 core-image-minimal-initramfs: replace base-utils
9349f42 base-utils:flexible dependency for command utilities
c44b76a orc: Add missing PACKAGES_DYNAMIC
2cd061a bluez5: include the patch only for 5.36
4c35473 meta-yocto-bsp: remove 3.14 and 3.19 bbappends
6af8981 meta-yocto-bsp: Remove uvesafb (v86d) from generic x86 features
614e9ec qemu: add PACKAGECONFIG for Nettle crypto support
09705a4 oeqa/selftest: support sets in devtool comparisons
4b543f7 packagegroup-core-x11-sato: include pulseaudio-misc
23302ee devtool: use cp instead of shutil.copytree
d6e7b5b xorg-lib: allow native building without x11 DISTRO_FEATURES
4cba706 busybox: generalize recipe to work with arbitrary install directories
9d001ae cairo: update 1.14.4 -> 1.14.6
6d561fb libdrm: Upgrade to 2.4.65
0f516f0 image-vm.bbclass: uses IMAGE_LINK_NAME
c851096 image-live.bbclass: uses IMAGE_LINK_NAME
907b87d rpm: Generate per distribution and multilib macro files
c910789 package_manager.py: add debugging support for rpm scriptlet execution
8dd27ef xinput-calibrator: get screen geometry when calibrating
e8d36f4 scripts: hand the TEMPLATECONF local over to setup-builddir
0f4fb26 util-linux: Fix floating dependency upon 'readline'
2cb434a linux-firmware: package Broadcom BCM43340 firmware
f70d46f rpcbind: Fix build with libtirpc 1.0.1
866c693 libtirpc: upgrade to 1.0.1
5754b83 gstreamer1.0-libav: upgrade to version 1.6.2
6ac601f gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server: upgrade to version 1.6.2
3ac3d33 gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: upgrade to version 1.6.2
823b623 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: upgrade to version 1.6.2
6d13f30 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: upgrade to version 1.6.2
05896a5 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: upgrade to version 1.6.2
a8eb77b gstreamer1.0: upgrade to version 1.6.2
dd5756b mirrors: add archive.apache.org to Apache mirrors
cfbd804 guile: remove redundant replacement of .pc file
c2e8079 bind: 9.10.2-P4 -> 9.10.3-P2
7204a0f libsndfile1: enable FLAC/Ogg/Vorbis support
35bd254 buildhistory: improve support for extensible SDK
ea0abcd buildhistory: fix not recording SDK information
b6d191d scripts/oe-selftest: Add support for selftest log with timestamp
ab79287 selftest: Added MACHINE = "qemux86" to tests that use runqemu
b09080d ncurses: fixes wrong paths in BINCONFIG
8df88fb xcb: don't build-depend on python-native
d7759a5 tcmode-default: Use glibc for nativesdk version even on uclibc and musl
a7eadc3 qemu: upgrade to 2.5.0
9988ab3 webkitgtk: update to 2.10.4
cedb027 epiphany: update to 3.18.2
6e27dd8 libwebp: update to 0.4.4
efcf4b4 libsecret: update to 0.18.3
0112274 gnome-desktop3: update to 3.18.2
88a656e gcr: update to 3.18.0
883193a linux-yocto: remove 3.14 and 3.19 recipes
4487e3a kernel-yocto: fix checkout bare-cloned kernel repositories
5161944 linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.15
a462d16 linux-yocto-dev: bump to 4.4-rcX
862b3b3 lttng-modules: fix build issue against kernel 4.4
9563aa8 yaffs2: fix checkpoint functionality
cefc24d mobile-broadband-provider-info: update to tagged release 20151214
04aa27c icu: fix upstream version check
2865e5f btrfs-tools: update to 4.3.1
5beb3bc iso-codes: update to 3.63
503c08d kexec-tools: update to 2.0.11
4fa2e4b lighttpd: update to 1.4.38
f7a7796 tiff: update to 4.0.6
2498065 libassuan: update to 2.4.2
f2192fa msmtp: update to 1.6.3
7fc3066 liburcu: update to 0.9.1
10d14bc trace-cmd: update to 2.6
fc774e9 python3-pip: update to 7.1.2
c3330aa pytnon-pexpect: update to 4.0.1
aa90b5d ifupdown: update to 0.8.2
4c98105 gptfdisk: update to 1.0.1
edde9af cryptodev: update to 1.8
9da9308 oe-selftest: devtool: add more explicit check for ls output
c2435b1 oe-selftest: add tests for simple devtool add / recipetool create URL case
8916731 recipetool: create: fix error when extracting source to a specified directory
fe28c25 recipetool: create: improve autotools support
498e483 devtool: sync: tweak help / messages
b272c51 devtool: reset: print message about leaving source tree behind
95a234e devtool: status: list recipe file within workspace if one exists
e116739 devtool: modify: default source tree path
110f433 devtool: add: allow specifying URL as positional argument
ceaa4bf devtool: add: figure out recipe name from recipetool
ee0d5a1 devtool: add: allow source tree to be omitted
0d8751f scripts/lib/argparse_oe: handle intermixing of optional positional arguments
1bd7793 devtool: update-recipe: use correct method to get bbappend filename
2074654 devtool: split out function for naming bbappend
6acbdc9 devtool: add: tweak help text
316b57b devtool: edit-recipe: add new subcommand
ebe5f0b recipetool: create: basic extraction of name/version from filename
db5f964 recipetool: create: support extracting name and version from build scripts
6a7661b recipetool: create: set up priority system for recipe handlers
38803e3 recipetool: create: detect when specified URL returns a web page
e78a039 recipetool: create: prevent attempting to unpack entire DL_DIR
e61645b recipetool: create: minor fix for potential issue in python handling
ae2141b recipetool: create: fix do_install handling for makefile-only software
c2f1742 recipetool: create: avoid traceback on fetch error
470f20b recipetool: create: handle https://....git URLs
8e0a84c scripts: print usage in argparse-using scripts when a command-line error occurs
548d433 directfb.inc: enable bfd linker workaround for all arm targets
2381f4a devtool: sdk-update: fix traceback without update server set
7540550 classes/populate_sdk_ext: error out of install if buildtools install fails
ecce3d3 classes/populate_sdk_ext: hide build configuration in devtool build* output
fd84d0f classes/base: don't print header if BUILDCFG_HEADER not set
a4f496a classes/populate_sdk_ext: use uninative to set NATIVELSBSTRING
a6f8a3f toaster.bbclass: fix TypeError when parsing build stats
937b7fd libxcb: Add a workaround for gcc5 bug on mips
86c8b8b flex: update to 2.6.0
dad130b opkg: upgrade to v0.3.1
d2b770c systemd: remove merge conflicts accidently left in
ca69643 wic/help.py: document that mountpoint is optional for part command
5628dde pixman: check neon support via TUNE_FEATURES, not the _armv7a over-ride
9a74388 xdg-utils: Do not build the in-script documentation
520b37d gettext: Upgrade 0.19.4 -> 0.19.6
cae0e0f gcc-configure-common.inc: add gcc-runtime ABI fixes for armv7m and armv7r
cba8fb3 tune-cortexr4.inc: provide an _armv7r over-ride via MACHINEOVERRIDES
fd10723 tune-cortexm3.inc: provide an _armv7m over-ride via MACHINEOVERRIDES
b6fe440 feature-arm-thumb.inc: drop 'no-thumb-interwork' tuning feature
1d5a4cf feature-arm-thumb.inc: drop legacy _thumb and _thumb-interwork over-rides
ca64c16 feature-arm-thumb.inc: drop ARM -vs- thumb comments
95a79a5 rpm: Fix support for db5 and db6
75cec07 oe-buildenv-internal: fix return code
606c9e7 staging.bbclass: make already-stripped can be skipped
647e0e4 buildhistory-collect-srcrevs: hide empty sections
d4b5a1f selftest/buildhistory.py: Test buildhistory does not change sigs
4b83f1f gcc5: Upgrade gcc-5.2 -> gcc-5.3
0381b78 bitbake: event/utils/methodpool: Add a cache of compiled code objects
c61c1eb bitbake: BBHandler: Improve IN_PYTHON_EOF handling
2a94194 bitbake.conf: Add filename and lineno to BB_SIGNATURE_EXCLUDE_FLAGS
5f40691 bitbake: toaster: remove 2 confusing parameters
3960b6e bitbake: toaster: move setting of default values
b194c0c bitbake: toaster: move startup checks to a better place
064d2c7 bitbake: toaster: remove 2 unused functions
c505f24 bitbake: toaster: remove addtoConfiguration function
c7e4404 bitbake: toaster: updated header of the toaster script
af34920 bitbake: toaster: add MANAGE variable
563b786 bitbake: toaster: remove unused variable
aa3cc12 bitbake: toaster: split long lines, add/remove whitespace
8e4acac bitbake: toaster: check if address:port is in use
847b935 bitbake: toaster: implement checksocket command
9f3681d buildstats-summary/toaster: Cope with removal of get_bn()
522dcaa bitbake: knotty: Improve exception error message
01d67bf bitbake: knotty: Fix row/column function return value issue
6c12efa bitbake: buildinfohelper: Update for buildstats layout change
28ea1a1 bitbake: fetch: use orig localpath when calling orig method
5cb6d83 bitbake: utils: Improve traceback from better_exec internal errors
0019edc bitbake: ast/event/utils: Improve tracebacks to include file and line numbers more correctly
b14ccb2 bitbake: runqueue: Add support for <task>- syntax
5069ab6 m4: Drop unused/unreferenced patch
d7e766b toaster: Update for buildstats changes
adfdca4 buildstats: Improve to add getrusage data and corrected IO stats
3187647 buildstats: Separate out the build and task data to allow improvements
38a2553 buildstats: Clean up e.data and bb.data references
7b1e48f buildstats: Drop get_bn/set_pn and just use BUILDNAME
7837162 buildstats: Drop disk data from buildstats
030c033 nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: Bump PR
e6f2761 combo-layer: Stop using filterdiff
f1f3716 meta: more removals of redunant FILES_${PN}-dbg
5fb8fea clutter-gst-3.0: add dependency on libgudev
54f01ca systemd: Upgrade to 228
63bdadc uclibc: Switch to using uclibc-ng
0b5cddd cdrtools-native: update to 3.01 final
c4dfb92 grep: update to 2.22
d8608bc procps: update to 3.3.11
52f6a01 babeltrace: update to 1.3.1
0c705d6 powertop: update to 2.8
516d8c9 nfs-utils: update to 1.3.3
9c39a4f systemtap: update to 2.9
fef0ec6 kbd: update to 2.0.3
8668e17 gmp: update to 6.1.0
86e02d0 docbook-xsl-stylesheets: fix UPSTREAM_CHECK_REGEX
f065766 mtd-utils: update to 1.5.2
5d32aeb unfs3: update to r497
4e653b5 python-numpy: update to 1.10.1
90b7212 libxml-simple-perl: update to 2.22
689db13 dmidecode: update to 3.0
d301451 cpio: update to 2.12
2bea006 puzzles: update to current commit
2d04c83 gnutls: update to 3.4.7
cf1eb2b libidn: add native and nativesdk support
dd58b3b libpng: Update SRC_URI to use GENTOO_MIRROR
b763668 libpng12: Upgrade 1.2.54 -> 1.2.55
91c92fc libical: Upgrade 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1
5c6ff26 libxslt: use proper SRC_URI
a444eb5 kexec-tools: added the script kdump
be9f7f9 ltp: Upgrade 20150420 -> 20150903
81f1e41 musl: Update to latest 1.1.12 release
c529e66 util-linux: Upgrade to 2.27.1
bdbc5ee packagegroup-core-sdk: Disable sanitizers for uclibc
692853d libsolv: add new recipe
8bba7de curl: upgrade to 7.45
2e3a172 libsndfile1: 1.0.25 -> 1.0.26
df18352 wget: Upgrade 1.16.3 -> 1.17
81eb101 unifdef: upgrade to 2.11
19c76ad sstate-sysroot-cruft: Add php, python, lua, fontcache generated files to whitelist
f80f8ba oeqa/selftest: Added testcase decorators for 2 testcases
a5dd1dd uninative.bbclass: Choose the correct loader based on BUILD_ARCH
388e580 license: Fix BB_TASKDEPDATA references
f19e8de coreutils/procps: Revert priority change since coreutils > busybox
455ff32 meta: more removals of redunant FILES_${PN}-dbg
e0890b6 meta: Drop now pointless manual -dbg packaging
b7766e4 package: Add auto package splitting of .debug files
89f13c7 meta/conf/toasterconf.json: remove SDKMACHINE variable as it no longer used
03d715e bitbake: toaster: tables Set a default order for the software recipes table
4ff0d60 bitbake: toaster: rework checking of Django version
4a78416 bitbake: toaster: monkey patch Queryset
c1c8eff bitbake: toaster: removed extra calls of migrate
507aafb bitbake: toaster: work around 'database is locked' error
322b470 bitbake: toaster: fixed format strings
84daa40 bitbake: toaster: use OneToOneField instead of ForeignKey
c464f34 bitbake: toaster: Amend regex for MySQL database URLs
f001a4a bitbake: toaster: Remove compatible_layerversions() method
0adffdf bitbake: toaster: Check Django version against toaster-requirements.txt
8d058cf bitbake: toaster: Update deprecated manage.py command
717c636 bitbake: toaster: Prevent deprecation warnings for RedirectView
0f602c1 bitbake: toaster: Update API used to make runbuilds methods run in transactions
93f5738 bitbake: toaster: rename get_query_set -> get_queryset
23c4806 bitbake: toaster: Start Django machinery for database access
7a0c45e bitbake: toaster: Create default project with get_or_create* method
9de8dfa bitbake: toaster: Fix references to app paths
535fc9b bitbake: toaster: Remove South migrations
8ca4664 bitbake: toaster: Upgrade to Django 1.8.6 and remove South
b322dec bitbake: toasterui: process SetBRBE event
0274b68 bitbake: toaster: trigger SetBRBE event
fdb8e74 bitbake: toaster: implement BitbakeController.triggerEvent
5de3800 bitbake: event: Fix subprocess event error traceback failures
0da1d71 nopackages: Add class for recipes which don't generate packages
5003d14 sstate: Ensure populate_lic dependencies are not followed
48aad51 populate_sdk_ext/sign_rpm/sign_package_feed: Add missing getVar parameter
98dcdcb autoconf: Disable macro which causes excessive delays when using dash as sh
28fa304 automake: Remove delays in configure scripts using automake
f5e681d site/common-linux: Add some macros to avoid sleeps during configure
93adf46 meta-yocto/conf/toasterconf.json: remove SDKMACHINE variable as it no longer used
b3d6872 lttng-tools: Revert wrong enforcement of Python 3.0 use
2c11bdd attr: Add patch to account for use of internal glibc header
f1c034b libpam: Fix build with musl
33bab59 openssl: Add musl configuration support
c4207ee busybox: Add config for musl
083d9d1 gettext: Delete libintl.h and charset.alias
3a0797f sysvinit: Fix build with musl
fd21402 musl: Add recipe
781d34f mtools: Use proper glibc override to add glibc packages to recommendations
1b90d67 squashfs-tools: Define FNM_EXTMATCH if not defined
36a709a mtd-utils: Backport and create patches to support musl
41fd73f gdb: Fix build with musl
1ee97d8 autoconf: Add musl support
a2ea58b gcc: Add support for building musl configuration
37c74e2 gstreamer1.0: Split bash completion information into separate package
fc32a3b attr: add attr dependency to attr-ptest
9205f0a valgrind: import Debian link_tool patch for MIPS
c27bbb4 slang: update upstream URI to (official) jedsoft.org
21e35df subversion: update to 1.9.2
39260c3 json-c: add manual upstream version check
4ff0017 mirrors: replace references to archive.apache.org
1672a18 mobile-broadband-provider-info: update to current commit
b699b15 nspr: update to 4.11
dec8d20 python-setuptools: update to 18.7.1
b3535e2 openssl: update to 1.0.2e
fce2ee7 dropbear.inc: drop legacy CFLAGS and LD tweaks
f87063b dropbear: update 2015.70 -> 2015.71
a520495 texinfo: don't create dependency on INHERIT variable
2b2774b sudo: upgrade to 1.8.15
5eb0e90 linux-firmware: update to latest revision bbe4917
c147782 bluez5: upgrade to 5.36
64c3a09 sudo: remove libdir INSANE_SKIP
b407a80 libsdl: expand PACKAGECONFIG and enable native builds
39facf9 buildtools-tarball.bb: 32bit tools need pseudo 32bit library
bc26a7d rpm: fix file conflicts for MIPS64 N32
01c0285 rpm: Enable MIPS64 N32 transactions
a742586 bash: fix testcase run-coproc/run-execscript/run-test/run-heredoc failed
a6bb872 cpio: fix test case of symlink-bad-length
787d82b linux-libc-headers: update default KORG_ARCHIVE_COMPRESSION bz2 -> xz
94c0332 linux-libc-headers.inc: remove '-e MAKEFLAGS=' from EXTRA_OEMAKE
c7ad779 gcc-4.9: import patch fixing compilation in thumb mode
1260ded gcc-5.2: import patch fixing compilation in thumb mode
b4db53a dropbear: Upgrade 2015.68 -> 2015.70
e0162c1 gcc-cross-initial: make dependency on gnu-config-native and autoconf-native explicit
fccb128 weston-init: add a native systemd unit file
a1fa8d9 python: Fix cross compiling issue
c9fdc1b icu: Upgrade 55.1 -> 56.1
95909bc kernel.bbclass: drop unnecessary 'eval' from kernel_do_configure()
ec79a19 insane: in libdir test allow libraries in libexecdir
9c0186f rootfs.py: Change logic to unistall packages
23083e7 oeqa/systemd: get runtest target boot time and log
c6330a2 oeqa/systemd: journalctl helper function
220a78b scripts: oe-selftest Added new features.
98d2485 oe-buildenv-internal: preserve existing BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE
9cab798 toolchain-shar-extract.sh: fix ~ not working in path
f27401d nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: properly set PACKAGE_ARCH
5e3e2e0 poky.conf: Bump for 2.1 development
7e8ff7b bitbake: toaster: toasterui Add ParseStarted/ParseProgress events to mask
f823601 build-appliance-image: Update to master head revision
992e577 linux-yocto: Update genericx86* BSPs to v4.1.13
b4f6950 cmake: Add nios2 support
27b9f04 boost: adjust hard-coded path after python3 upgrade
639cadd sdk.py / OpkgSdk: remove_packaging_data() after install
fd4894f devtool: extract: update SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS for kernel
34f1d81 devtool: extract: copy kernel config to srctree
6650357 lib/oe/package_manager: Introducing PACKAGE_FEED_BASE_PATHS/PACKAGE_FEED_ARCHS
d7baeb5 selftest/wic.py: Add test for custom bootloader config
8612f26 directdisk-bootloader-config.wks: Add example for custom bootloader config
c59dc3b wic/help.py: Document the new option "configfile"
7033873 wic: Allow to use a custom config for bootloaders
f95f729 wic/utils/misc.py: Added function to search for files in canned-wks
9773faa wic: Prepare wicboot to allow custom bootloader config
4515186 package_ipk: allow to specify OPKG_ARGS in local.conf
7cf7156 systemd.bbclass: Allow enabling of parameterised services
551cda0 base: check for existing prefix when expanding names in PACKAGECONFIG
c093fd8 linux-yocto/4.1: Fix kernel oops on qemuarm boot
cda3905 toolchain-shar-extract.sh: ensure cleaned environment will work for ext SDK
f9384b0 bitbake: knotty: Enforce terminal line limit to stop crazy scrolling
7a775a1 initramfs-framework: create directory /var/run
2861399 libpcre: drop UPSTREAM_CHECK_ variables
35c28e3 libpcre: upgrade to 8.38
d50ef65 libpng: update 1.6.19 -> 1.6.20 (CVE-2015-8126)
2b736f2 ghostscript: add dependency for pnglibconf.h
976f0e3 package_regex.inc: split the rest of the entries to their recipes
74bfa62 package_regex.inc: split entries which blacklist specific versions to their recipes
75c6929 package_regex.inc: split sourceforge related entries to their own recipes
cefeac2 package_regex.inc: split PyPi related entries to their own recipes
aa5df2a package_regex.inc: split Debian-related entries into their own recipes
12ba5cc package_regex.inc: split GITTAGREGEX entries into recipe files
642e92f package_regex.inc: split entries with odd-even versioning into their own recipes
96eac69 package_regex.inc: deprecate the file
b0bbea5 gstreamer: really fix the helper install race
b822216 neard: fix libdir/libexecdir confusion
cbfccc6 glibc: fix libdir/libexecdir path confusion
d0577f9 sudo: handle libexecdir != libdir/PN.
6f837cc util-linux: Add ptest
dbd02bd libav: Correctly handle prefix=""
fda9859 libav: Add PACKAGECONFIG options: avdevice, avfilter, avplay, gpl
7ba85f1 libav: Remove deprecated --disable-avserver
2739ed0 busybox: backport upstream fixes for unzip
6decbbb qt4-4.8.7: fix build for mips n32
f1e8938 gstreamer1.0: Convert tests and valgrind config opts to PACKAGECONFIGs
11b9524 cracklib: fix for base_libdir == libdir
d9f73ca libbsd: Upgrade to 0.8.0
10d6dc4 libcroco: Upgrade 0.6.8 -> 0.6.9
79b823a shared-mime-info: Upgrade 1.4 -> 1.5
f6ec8a4 xdg-utils: Upgrade to 1.1.1
a3f63f9 gsettings-desktop-schemas: Upgrade 2.16.1 -> 3.18.1
754f6b6 gnome-common: Upgrade 3.14.0 -> 3.18.0
75aba18 clutter-gtk-1.0: Upgrade 1.6.2 -> 1.6.6
c6a6212 clutter-gst-3.0: Upgrade 3.0.8 -> 3.0.14
2da6cd5 clutter-1.0: Upgrade 1.24.2
148c953 cogl-1.0: Upgrade 1.20.0 -> 1.22.0
f54d4e4 ghostscript: Add NIOS2 support
21ba42b harfbuzz: update 1.1.0 -> 1.1.2
058b91e xvideo-tests: move to the latest release
70d459c scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: sort the packages in list-pkg-files
80e3919 wic: insert local Python paths at front
9d788d7 toolchain-scripts.bbclass: unset command_not_found_handle
82ab99f waf.bbclass: remove unused parameter from get_waf_parallel_make()
68d3dfe toolchain-shar-extract.sh: proper fix for additional env setup scripts
0c5d239 base: Improve handling of switching virtual/x providers
3745479 bitbake: bitbake: rename REGEX, REGEX_URI, and GITTAGREGEX.
dd282d4 bitbake: toaster: return back 'New project' button
2a8e970 bitbake: toaster: tests Update UI tests to work with 2.0 changes
fe8a0a3 bitbake: toaster: tests Automated build-mode backend tests
0497b57 bitbake: toaster: unset environment variables
8b7a548 bitbake: toaster: get rid of complicated heuristics
556b8b6 bitbake: toaster: remove SDKMACHINE from project variables
4186f5b bitbake: toaster: stop using toaster-pre.conf
361faa3 bitbake: toaster: remove writeConfFile API
fcbba5a bitbake: toaster: set varibales on bitbake server
993bc7e bitbake: toaster: implement BitbakeController.getVariable
53e981e bitbake: toaster: buildinfohelper Broaden the toaster created recipe data case
57e5f24 bitbake: toaster: do not create duplicate HelpText objects
4c1e5ec bitbake: toaster: remove usage of BUILD_MODE variable
9902895 bitbake: toaster: do not terminate bb server
58765a8 bitbake: toaster: remove stopBBServer API
95a3cf7 bitbake: toaster: reimplemented startBBServer method
76d53b5 bitbake: toaster: remove _setupBE function
87b2f95 bitbake: toaster: implement 'toaster restart-bitbake'
891484a bitbake: toaster: implement start_bitbake function
bf25471 bitbake: toaster: implement stop_bitbake function
7c2b225 bitbake: toaster: update brbe and project attributes
de812d0 bitbake: toaster: start 'manage.py runbuilds' in the script
28e8ccf bitbake: toaster: make runbuilds to loop
a3871a3 bitbake: toaster: use parent of the build dir
2a96d35 bitbake: toaster: check for toaster configuration later
d87a534 bitbake: toaster: remove unused variable
dc6a489 bitbake: toaster: change toasterconf.json logic to use TEMPLATECONF, like oe-setup-builddir
5a42c2d bitbake: toaster: run bitbake the same way
cac91db bitbake: toaster: set DATABASE_URL in toaster script
a464bf2 bitbake: toaster: implement get-dburl command
e473151 bitbake: toaster: don't allow to run toaster as a script
4de214f bitbake: lib/bb/utils: improve edit_bblayers_conf() handling of bblayers.conf formatting
0debb11 bitbake: lib/bb/utils: fix error in edit_metadata() when deleting first line
9d19dd9 bitbake: wget.py: parse only <a> tags
71ede7b bitbake: toaster: toastergui tests Add generic test for ToasterTables widget
34b22cf bitbake: toaster: tables Fix invalid field name on NewCustomImagesTable
1c59846 bitbake: toaster: tables Add default_orderby field where it was missing or unset
d82c541 bitbake: toaster: CustomImageRecipe add search_allowed_fields to this model
bdf6241 bitbake: toaster: machines table Fix missing layers information needed for filter
b90a8dc bitbake: toaster: tablejs Make sure click handlers consume click event
c075bcf bitbake: toaster: projectpage Make sure build targets are space separated
698c74c libsdl: remove redundant configure_tweak patch
35945fd iw: upgrade to version 4.3
15969ae gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: fix PACKAGECONFIG for gudev and add one for v4l2 and libv4l2
e601b38 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: fix dependencies for uvch264 PACKAGECONFIG
ddf2501 gudev: Add from meta-oe
e406fa8 lsb: fix installed-vs-shipped for mips
39ecdce rpm: fix for N32 MIPS64
09b4da6 glibc/0029-fix-getmnt-empty-lines.patch: fix getmntent()
1781a9a init-install-efi: fix script for eMMC installation
f808747 init-install-efi: fix script for gummiboot loader
2a55036 linux-firmware: rtl8192cx: Add latest available firmware
b60af3b libsdl2: add missing dependency on libxkbcommon for PACKAGECONFIG[wayland]
ed31874 libxml2: upgrade to 2.9.3
ecb1c71 libxml2: merge pointless bb/inc split
19a626d openssh: redesign ssh-agent.sh regression test case
81b59e7 gcr: Require x11 DISTRO_FEATURE
934e486 psplash: update to latest git version
ccb2a57 sysvinit-inittab: Add wrapper script to verify console exists
b7f610d linux-yocto/4.1: Bluetooth:Fix the connection fail of 6lowpan over BT LE
d08e761 linux-yocto-rt/4.1: update to -rt15
6aa464c linux-yocto/4.1: fsl-mpc8315e-rdb: Enable EEPROM
bd29006 linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.13
5561407 uClibc: enable utmp for shadow compatibility
533fc01 glibc: Backported a patch to fix glibc's bug(18589)
598e372 ncurses: update SRC_URI
51b64ee openssl: enable parallel make
88e45cd busybox: enable resize applet
87de4a1 busybox: disable support for mounting NFS file systems on Linux < 2.6.23
73cc839 busybox: update 1.23.2 -> 1.24.1
f8ac408 busybox: re-order defconfig to align with busybox 1.24.1
3648a37 busybox.inc: remove '-e MAKEFLAGS=' from EXTRA_OEMAKE
bf28ea9 busybox.inc: set CC=${CC} via make command line
f21dce1 busybox.inc: fix CONFIG_EXTRA_CFLAGS configmangle
6167669 busybox.inc: don't set .config CROSS_COMPILER_PREFIX
e1ecccd busybox: move EXTRA_OEMAKE etc into busybox.inc
0e63300 busybox.inc: don't export EXTRA_OEMAKE
3735776 busybox_git: Enable getopt applet
b1774f4 harfbuzz: update 1.0.6 -> 1.1.0
31f803a sqlite3: update 3.9.0 -> 3.9.2
7e3474c readline: apply missing upstream patches
99b9d52 readline: prepare for readline6.3 upstream patches
e0b6d0c dbus: merge .bb and .inc
d99958a pulseaudio: Fix HDMI profile selection
2ba954f initscripts: hide the error in case system is not writeable
4ed84ff nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: fix rebuilding when SDKMACHINE changes
b8fdd09 xf86-video-vmware: Add vmwgfx PACKAGECONFIG option
dfd5c4d pkgconfig: merge .bb and .inc
61c6887 pkgconfig: upgrade to version 0.29
744e89f ofono: upgrade to version 1.17
996f843 libxml2: remove legacy LDFLAGS += "-ldl" workaround
dedabc1 apr: fix LTFLAGS to make it work with ccache
9470956 iproute2: install bridge tool by default
1b8f6a2 lttng-tools: add libgcc to RDEPENDS
22dd6e7 lttng-tools: Upgrade to 2.7 release
ef73f21 lttng-tools: Drop unused patch
c375976 lttng-ust: Upgrade to 2.7 release
f5c1b57 lttng-modules: Upgrade to 2.7 release
8d708a5 libunistring: upgrade to version 0.9.6
f840e59 libtasn1: upgrade to 4.7
012ca02 wpa-supplicant: upgrade to 2.5
872e153 mesa: Make gl libraries RRECOMMEND mesa-megadriver
a62fa23 directfb.inc: force bfd linker for armv7a
9b075ca libpng12: update to 1.2.54
6d1eb34 libpng: update to 1.6.19
92a881f orc: update to 0.4.24
2f479b1 libpcap: update to 1.7.4
bd4058f apr-util: add missing RDEPENDS for ptest
1408642 iproute2: update to 4.3.0
e677c25 ruby-native: Depend on openssl-native
9e37812 db: fix race issue for libdb-6.0.la
c19036a pango: use ptest-gnome
43b29d9 gst-plugins-bad: improve FILES variables
9fc877f gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: add PACKAGECONFIG for libvisual
7a2bb0d python3: fix building nativesdk-python3
2268a70 python3: Upgrade from 3.4.3 to 3.5
ed8d1be python-git: Add missing dependency
dee2a8c guile, mailx, gcc, opensp, gstreamer1.0-libav, libunwind: disable thumb where it fails for qemuarm
c0b822f icu: force arm mode
f42ef3f rpcbind: Security Advisory - rpcbind - CVE-2015-7236
04034e7 subversion: fix CVE-2015-3187
f91aedf subversion: fix CVE-2015-3184
40cd228 oeqa/sshcontrol: don't source profile
d39192a oeqa/runtime/multilib: refactor ELF class extraction
cc34104 oe-selftest: Enable code coverage on unit tests
06859de meta/conf/machine: use ' inside quoted values
6be94ec runqemu-internal: Replace wacom-tablet with tablet for usbdevice
0cc3810 recipetool: make plugin registration function name consistent with devtool
b381f80 recipetool: add setvar subcommand
1fbd760 lib/oe/recipeutils: refactor patch_recipe_file() to use edit_metadata()
0b850cb devtool: clarify help text
5001f23 devtool: build: enable showing default task in help
f79022d devtool: build: use bbappend to set PARALLEL_MAKE
21481bc lib/oe/recipeutils: check in validate_pn() for names instead of filenames
671f41e devtool: ensure we change back to the original dir on error
74505b4 devtool: search: print SUMMARY value
3f46af2 devtool: drop unused plugin_init() functions
176211a devtool: package: use DEPLOY_DIR_<pkgtype> to get deploy directory
0fe7426 devtool: disable creating workspace for extract and search subcommands
a360fa7 lib/oe/patch: improve extraction of patch header
f79cc4d devtool: upgrade: provide a means to update the source branch
b4d4d21 devtool: upgrade: fetch remote repository before checking out new revision
9b7d45c devtool: upgrade: remove erroneous error when not renaming recipe
9a70444 devtool: upgrade: fix updating PV and SRCREV
6a52c73 devtool: upgrade: fix removing other recipes from workspace on reset
44ef78a devtool: include do_patch in SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS
804f5b8 image.py: avoid mkdir race when building multiple images
312862f package_manager.py: define info_dir and status_file when OPKGLIBDIR isn't the default
b00f734 image.py: Avoid creating empty .env file in _write_wic_env
a88505b lib/oe/terminal: use C locale when determining version
8d784ba toolchain-shar-extract.sh: Ensure it's ran in clean environment
7f3c20f toolchain-shar-extract.sh: do not allow $ in paths for ext SDK
2d21e5d create-pull-request: handle empty ODIR
c63b36f scripts/gen-lockedsig-cache: improve output
67af6d6 wic: exec_native_cmd: implement support for pseudo
8ffba25 toolchain-shar-relocate: don't assume last state of env_setup_script is good
b8ee7ae sanity: don't enforce DISPLAY for testimage
b364183 oeqa/qemurunner: pass nographic to runqemu if DISPLAY isn't set
46755cc base: add automatic dependency on lzip-native for .lz SRC_URI
6ea39c2 base: decode SRC_URI before adding implicit fetch dependencies
eded9c2 buildhistory.bbclass: support extending the content of the build history
d95df11 license.bbclass: Create image license manifest
efdab52 license.bbclass: Add function get_deployed_files
cc0d044 license.bbclass: Added function get_deployed_dependencies
d45e10e license.bbclass: Added get_boot_dependencies function
8b1e7bc license.bbclass: Split license create manifest
1a210e6 license.bbclass: Write recipeinfo file in license folder
74c7cd5 populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: Be more permissive on the name of the buildtools
5ba6382 populate_sdk_base: Add sysroot symlink check
7fed655 classes/populate_sdk_ext: fail if SDK_ARCH != BUILD_ARCH
2948169 classes/populate_sdk_ext: tweak reporting of workspace exclusion
28a2ea7 classes/populate_sdk_ext: make it clear when SDK installation has failed
124c6aa classes/populate_sdk_ext: tidy up preparation log file writing
d348624 boot-directdisk.bbclass: remove HDDIMG before create
03f15e5 sstate: Ensure siginfo and sig files are also touched
615ccae weston: Add PACKAGECONFIG option for colord CMS
cdad67c opkg: add cache filename length fixes
2ec77de openjade-native: statically link local libs
29747d4 sysklogd: inhibit updatercd for non-sysvinit
add3451 connman: depend on readline
7a557a2 latencytop: obey LDFLAGS
8aeec87 tcf-agent: obey LDFLAGS
9025d2e blkspace: fix ldflags for iowatcher
1732a8a bluez5: enable sysvinit support
160fdd8 sysprof: use packageconfig for the gui
425d020 mc: upgrade to 4.8.15
7386647 packagegroup-core-directfb: Don't depend on pango-modules
ac5ed8e xkeyboard-config: Upgrade 2.15 -> 2.16
3a71fab xkbcomp: Upgrade 1.3.0 -> 1.3.1
b7cb308 xinput: Upgrade 1.6.1 -> 1.6.2
05eca73 xf86-video-omap: Upgrade 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4
cfcc5e5 xf86-input-synaptics: Upgrade 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3
4c9256f xf86-input-evdev: Upgrade 2.9.2 -> 2.10.0
96ddcc5 xorg-driver-input: add xorg configuration to FILES
a1003f5 xserver-xorg: Upgrade 1.17.2 -> 1.18.0
a336b8a libxcb: Remove unused git-version of the recipe
05ba0db libxcb: Upgrade 1.11 -> 1.11.1
44233d3 pixman: Upgrade 0.32.6 -> 0.32.8
7ab0466 libxi: Upgrade 1.7.4 -> 1.7.5
63feef0 gtk-icon-utils-native: Upgrade 3.16.6 -> 3.18.2
38924d9 package_regex.inc: Add gtk-icon-utils-native
060b482 gtk+3: Upgrade 3.16.6 -> 3.18.2
4f3d2b3 adwaita-icon-theme: Upgrade -> 3.18.0
c8849ac librsvg: Upgrade 2.40.10 -> 2.40.11
81769ca pango: add RPROVIDES for removed packages
c9b06f5 pango: Upgrade 1.36.8 -> 1.38.1
ced8d49 gdk-pixbuf: Upgrade 2.30.8 -> 2.32.1
918c773 libsoup-2.4: Upgrade 2.50.0 -> 2.52.1
5bd9305 at-spi2-atk: Upgrade 2.16.0 -> 2.18.1
8eb0c8f atk-spi2-core: Upgrade 2.16.0 -> 2.18.1
78130eb atk: Upgrade 2.16.0 -> 2.18.0
e7141ab glib-networking: Upgrade 2.44.0 -> 2.46.1
fcd7494 glib-2.0: build dependency cleanup
5357764 glib-2.0: Enable more tests while cross-compiling
1e271af glib-2.0: Upgrade 2.44.1 -> 2.46.1
bc1be07 qemu: Backport malloc-trace disabling
bca5a7a logrotate: do not move binary logrotate to /usr/bin
0069c0d systemd: drop unneeded $D check in prerm
cd1f2b4 systemd: chown hwdb.bin to root:root for do_rootfs
7ca8cd9 systemd: for valgrind, define VALGRIND=1
46fa8ab systemd: make coredump a PACKAGECONFIG
ac34784 systemd: add machine-id to conffiles
04937cc systemd: ignore .so filenames in systemd-doc
6821854 systemd: fix Upstream-Status tag
82107b1 mdadm: fix CFLAGS and ptest issues
d8adfd2 gcc-4.9: Fix various _FOR_BUILD and related variables
8ae27fa devtool: add sync command
6bfa1dc boost.inc: remove unused parameter from get_boost_parallel_make()
16d7bfd wireless-tools: remove unused files
ee923bf gstreamer1.0: fix install race
0ae52c8 gcc-multilib-config: make aarch64 support multilib
8514d21 libxml2: fix CVE-2015-7942 and CVE-2015-8035
e864f71 terminal: Open a new window instead of split on older tmux versions (<1.9)
5056581 flex: fix test-bison-yylval and test-bison-yylloc failed
c54540e gdbm 1.8.3: install libgdbm_compat
b9f87ed harfbuzz: update to 1.0.6
3f75537 ethtool: bump version to 4.2
9a4da3c openssl: fix ptest issues
9163a5d base-files: stage /etc/skel
d60c5ff mktemp: raise the priority to avoid conflicting with coreutils
b06eacd libunwind: fix build for qemuarm
c4acace gma500_gfx: Avoid inserting gma500_gfx module for certain devices
6c3f680 libsndfile: fix CVE-2014-9756
aa07eb1 python-pycurl: update version to
696aa7e rt-tests: upgrade to version 0.96
6ec7dc2 rpcbind: don't use '-w' for starting rpcbind
eddd88f libsecret: add dependency on intltool-native
2e8efb1 openssl: use subdir= instead of moving files in do_configure_prepend()
036d2dc openssl: sanity check that the bignum module is present
cf366d8 libsdl2: require GLES when building Wayland support
4b38be6 meta: add some missing Upstream-Status tags to patches
42c75cd weston: delete unused patch
521fac6 glibc: fix Upstream-Status tag
44a7bbc linux-firmware: package Broadcom BCM4339 firmware
f9d51cd libusb1: fix make install race
cb01f6d libusb1: upgrade from 1.0.19 to 1.0.20
b4e6f63 perl: fix spaces in brackets while using CC version
a59d019 u-boot: Update to 2015.10 release
e67c5b0 bitbake-prserv-tool: check file name
4e2c5e1 recipetool.append: don't choke on a trailing ; in a url
a35f79d yocto-bsp: Set SRCREV meta/machine revisions to AUTOREV
9d585b5 yocto-bsp: Set KTYPE to user selected base branch
1542c2a yocto-bsp: Typo on the file extension
f674ffa yocto-bsp: Avoid duplication of user patches ({{=machine}}-user-patches.scc)
49a465c package_manager.py: Delete installed_pkgs.txt file
ace895d rootfs.py: Stop using installed_pkgs.txt
ccb1616 lib/oe/distro_check: don't set empty proxy keys
8137a84 lib/oe/copy_buildsystem: Don't expand BB_TASKDEPDATA
a6c68d8 oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: prettier output for allarch test
92328b4 oeqa/selftest/signing: Added new test for signing sstate.
fbb03a8 oeqa/selftest/signing: New test for Signing packages in the package feeds.
13a4c38 qemu.bbclass: fix vardeps of QEMU_OPTIONS
51bd011 qemu.bbclass: correct the fsl ppc QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS
753f31e autotools: Allow recipe-individual configure scripts
e281791 allarch: Force TARGET_*FLAGS variable values
e28e17e distro/maintainers.inc: include stress package details
76d2e46 image_types: improve wks path specification
70ae7a6 insane.bbclass: Avoid libdir QA check if PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE='debug-file-directory'
cf0dfdb classes/cpan-base: fix libdir for nativesdk
a205c4c bbclass: fix spelling mistakes
cf218e5 rootfs_*.bbclass: don't add BUILDNAME to do_rootfs vardepsexclude
7d8616c insane: Don't depend on BB_TASKDEPDATA
a9cc27e kernel: fix race condition between compile_kernelmodules and shared_workdir
fecb077 classes: Ensure pass setVar/setVarFlag strings, not integers
9167f20 classes/license: fix intermittent license collection warning
43c8867 classes/metadata_scm: fix git errors showing up on non-git repositories
59b27d5 sstate: respect GPG_BIN and GPG_HOME
4415dc5 archiver.bbclass: add bbappend when do_ar_recipe kernel and gcc packages
2f0ff3a archiver.bbclass: fix previous issue regarding work-shared for linux-yocto
0cc4eef waf.bbclass: filter out non -j from PARALLEL_MAKE
95719b0 ptest-gnome: extend EXTRA_OECONF in all builds, not just target
1b25a70 yocto-project-qs, ref-manual, poky.ent: CentOS Package updates
2e649d7 dev-manual: Updated runqemu command options list
bd62289 toaster-manual: Removed SDKMACHINE from the json file example.
c674cd7 ref-manual: Updated list of supported distros.
33d8cff ref-manual: Updated the GCC 5 migration section for 2.0
d9aabf9 gcc: Drop 4.8
2cb1aee layer.conf: Correct gcc-cross dependency
88f9310 bitbake: toaster: builds pages Fix the download cooker log link
d04af8b bitbake: toaster: project pages Link to image recipes table in notifications
70465c7 bitbake: toaster: tests: Re-write some cases to make them more maintainable
536b73f bitbake: data_smart: Only support lowercase OVERRIDES
fb01a66 bitbake: fetch2: Remove crazy code in unpack
7db88aa bitbake: parse: Don't try to expand __base_depends/__depends
4c04ce0 bitbake: cache: Don't try to expand __inherit_data
9d8e36a bitbake: toaster: localhostbectrl Pass DATABASE_URL in via the process environment
4677d8b bitbake: toaster: Remove the new-build-input button widget
55f4494 bitbake: toaster: projecttopbar Use the project in context to get num builds
e9d4962 bitbake: toaster: projectpage Disable/Enable build input if we have 0 layers
5fa4c73 bitbake: toaster: orm Fix get_number_of_builds to count all apart from IN_PROGRESS
c4032f4 bitbake: codeparser: Only load the codeparser cache once
e3b66c1 maintainers: mass reassign and cleanup
37ddd3e Revert "local.conf.sample: Disable image-prelink by default"
9cc221d yocto-bsp: Default kernel version to 4.1 on x86_64
7100c42 scripts: runqemu: remove QEMUARCH from help message
f47e4ad cairo: update 1.14.2 -> 1.14.4
603b4de cairo.inc: drop obsolete CFLAGS += "-ffat-lto-objects" workaround
e8833a6 cmake: update 3.3.1 -> 3.3.2
8b2b068 oe-selftest: add test for bitbake-layers show-recipes
480bbae oeqa/selftest/layerappend: fix test if build directory is not inside COREBASE
a301f6e oeqa/selftest/devtool: fix test if build directory is not inside COREBASE
fd6bf77 classes/distrodata: split SRC_URI properly before determining type
7cebff6 classes/buildhistory: split package history values only once
10fc534 conf/distro/include: drop old recipes from include files
37cfd80 gitignore: fix overzealous exclusion
1f6599b meta: Fix typos in Upstream-Status labels
7cace4c meta/conf/layer.conf: fix typo
ca8e1e5 texinfo-dummy-native: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
64cd113 gstreamer1.0-meta-base: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
1d42d59 mmc-utils: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
6692540 swig: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
47ae8eb alsa-plugins: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
eac5fa9 tzcode-native: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
0a30a1f linux-yocto.inc: set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION
19e1a73 python-nose: add SUMMARY
b5f58c1 stress: add SUMMARY
5f9392a libunwind: add SUMMARY
1460e01 gptfdisk: add SUMMARY
0821c36 verify-homepage: fix recipe file selection
0c48921 verify-homepage: tidy up output and comments
0e348e7 verify-homepage: get expanded HOMEPAGE value
caaca00 verify-homepage: use scriptpath to find bitbake path
649b6bc libaio: don't disable linking to the system libraries
11a9c24 runqemu: don't specify IP when starting a VNC server
3b95964 qemurunner: Remove the timeout in run_serial
bbd6d07 libxslt: CVE-2015-7995
a0d2ea9 gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server: upgrade to version 1.6.1
2459ec2 gstreamer1.0-libav: upgrade to version 1.6.1
bce06e7 gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: upgrade to version 1.6.1
0ec3c62 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: upgrade to version 1.6.1
ba1bc63 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: upgrade to version 1.6.1
4a55d12 gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: upgrade to version 1.6.1
8360f23 gstreamer1.0: upgrade to version 1.6.1
8800033 prelink: Fix various prelink issues on IA32, ARM, and MIPS.
920fb96 gcc: Update default Power GCC settings to use secure-plt
7b1763a glibc: Fix ld.so / prelink interface for ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_EXTERN_PROTECTED_DATA
e63e191 qemurunner: Enable timestamps on kernel boot-up
a1ca788 openssl: fix mips64 configure support
5a10a6f at: modify sources in do_patch
78e0598 unzip: rename patch to reflect CVE fix
b80935a readline: rename patch to contain CVE reference
86d84ff qemu: upgrade to
4f0d756 gnome-desktop-testing: fix ptest output format
834de84 default-distrovars: remove less from WHITELIST_GPL-3.0
29bba95 lsof: don't export EXTRA_OEMAKE
3d37768 cmake.bbclass: don't duplicate CMAKE_C_FLAGS in CMAKE_C_FLAGS_RELEASE
efc07c2 rm_work.bbclass: Exclude do_rootfs stamp removal
5f9d16b cairo: fix license for cairo-script-interpreter
7328479 openssh: enable X11Forwarding if distro feature x11 is set
adeb820 acpid: Upgrade to 2.0.25
781dfd8 libidn: 1.30 -> 1.32
351c69a sqlite: -> 3.9.0
c0fe43c rt-tests: bump to v0.94
cf972f9 gbm: Fix "configure: error: gbm requires --enable-dri"
17733cc xinetd: install xinetd supported services configuration
aa1844e combo-layer: introduce ability to exclude component from mass update
dcc446f linux-dtb.inc: refactor common code to function get_real_dtb_path_in_kernel
af9c7a4 linux-dtb.inc: refactor common code to function normalize_dtb
7eecb81 linux-dtb.inc: explicit test for empty string not needed
54df911 ptest-runner: Allow running of specific tests
54325b2 oeqa/testimage: Add support for test folder export.
ecbe135 oeqa/runtime/multilib: run the arch tests on connmand not connman-applet
2d1071e oeqa/runtime: remove dmesg test
42a5378 nfs-utils/statd: fix a segfault
77e3246 qemu: enable user mode for mips64 and mips64el
70600fb gnupg: fix find-version for beta checking
ab123ef rpm: define EM_AARCH64 for debugedit
af8c136 xserver-xorg: drop empty ${PN}-security-policy package
b667067 xserver-xorg: add Xwayland RRECOMMENDS
80f4d71 weston: add a PACKAGECONFIG option for xwayland support
883ab0f systemd: make dbus an optional build time dependency
2c5047f weston: add PACKAGECONFIG to build with systemd-login support
65ffeb5 systemd: add PACKAGECONFIG to build with compatibility libraries
4b29c80 os-release: put double-quotes around variable contents
0f516a5 cpio: fix testcase symlink-bad-lengths [ LIN8-947 ]
bceb9cb cpio: Fix symlink-bad-length test for 64-bit [ LIN8-947 ] architectures.
0ff3fc7 gtk+3: fix ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY conflict with gtk+
eca12a6 coreutils: fix ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY conflict with procps and mktemp
8de5315 util-linux: fix ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY conflict with ncurses procps and e2fsprogs
3befb43 console-tools: fix ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY conflict with kbd
5385ea8 debianutils: fix ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY conflict with which
3a0bd40 linux-dtb.inc: use same variable name DTB for all elements of KERNEL_DEVICETREE
a879312 linux-dtb.inc: remove unneeded 'cd'
a23d1ca webkitgtk: Add upstream patch to fix build problem
69836e8 python: don't append -D__SOFTFP__ to TARGET_CC_ARCH for armv6/armv7a
38d1d63 prexport.bbclass: avoid export for native and crosssdk
d3da006 recipes: add distro_features_check for some packages
63690f0 scons.bbclass: SCons packages don't require do_configure
bffdc65 busybox: Schedule mdev after mountall
13ce7c2 busybox: Fix mdev block device automounting
b09f0f2 libarchive: rename patch to reflect CVE
116360f binutils: Fix XLP / Octeon 3 instruction clash
fd4f4d2 binutils: Fix octeon3 disassembly patch
REVERT: b1f23d1 build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: 7fe17a2 qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-2198
REVERT: 50700a7 qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-2197
REVERT: 1f0e615 libgcrypt: Security fix CVE-2015-7511
REVERT: dc5f155 uclibc: Security fix CVE-2016-2225
REVERT: ef13511 uclibc: Security fix CVE-2016-2224
REVERT: ae57ea0 libbsd: Security fix CVE-2016-2090
REVERT: eb9666a glibc: Security fix CVE-2015-7547
REVERT: 5b12268 build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: a3a374a curl: Secuirty fix CVE-2016-0755
REVERT: f4341a9 curl: Security fix CVE-2016-0754
REVERT: 35f4306 nettle: Security fix CVE-2015-8804
REVERT: 3e8a07b nettle: Security fix CVE-2015-8803 and CVE-2015-8805
REVERT: 5ffc326 socat: Security fix CVE-2016-2217
REVERT: 5cc5f99 libpng: Security fix CVE-2015-8472
REVERT: 21a816c libpng: Security fix CVE-2015-8126
REVERT: 6a0fbfa foomatic-filters: Security fixes CVE-2015-8327
REVERT: d57aaf7 foomatic-filters: Security fix CVE-2015-8560
REVERT: 941874a build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: d74a3cb cross-localedef-native: add ABI breaking glibc patch
REVERT: 12fae23 build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: 67ac9d6 e2fsprogs: Ensure we use the right mke2fs.conf when restoring from sstate
REVERT: 5812fc9 build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: 3de2492 ref-manual: Updated host package install requirements CentOS
REVERT: 79de8cf toaster-manual: Updated the "Installation" to have TOASTER_DIR information
REVERT: a23d262 toaster-manual: Updated instructions for production setup.
REVERT: b6def81 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 4.1, fixes CVE-2016-0728
REVERT: db0f8ac linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 3.19, fixes CVE-2016-0728
REVERT: c8122a0 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* for 3.14, fixes CVE-2016-0728
REVERT: cdeb241 meta-yocto-bsp: Remove uvesafb (v86d) from generic x86 features
REVERT: 52cd219 yocto-bsp: Set SRCREV meta/machine revisions to AUTOREV
REVERT: a88d6cb yocto-bsp: Set KTYPE to user selected base branch
REVERT: 4e74b36 yocto-bsp: Avoid duplication of user patches ({{=machine}}-user-patches.scc)
REVERT: 6680773 yocto-bsp: Default kernel version to 4.1 on x86_64
REVERT: 4c075e7 piglit: don't use /tmp to write generated sources to
REVERT: ee52ac6 gen-lockedsig-cache: fix bad destination path joining
REVERT: e9f95df linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for qemux86* for 4.1, fixes CVE-2016-0728
REVERT: e63bab1 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for qemux86* for 3.19, fixes CVE-2016-0728
REVERT: 64a4920 linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for qemux86* for 3.14, fixes CVE-2016-0728
REVERT: 5b043da libpng12: update URL that no longer exists
REVERT: 655c8a5 libpng: update URL that no longer exists
REVERT: 96fda8c busybox: fix build of last applet
REVERT: ae037d9 ghostscript: add dependency for pnglibconf.h
REVERT: 26eb877 gcr: Require x11 DISTRO_FEATURE
REVERT: e632cdb uClibc: enable utmp for shadow compatibility
REVERT: e8c9613 git: Security fix CVE-2015-7545
REVERT: 108ea6d glibc-locale: fix QA warning
REVERT: 9a88c1d grub: Security fix CVE-2015-8370
REVERT: 443b09a gdk-pixbuf: Security fix CVE-2015-7674
REVERT: 6c91068 librsvg: Security fix CVE-2015-7558
REVERT: 9fd2349 bind: Security fix CVE-2015-8461
REVERT: 5a40d9f bind: Security fix CVE-2015-8000
REVERT: 1bbf183 libxml2: Security fix CVE-2015-8710
REVERT: 2ec6d1d libxml2: Security fix CVE-2015-8241
REVERT: 55aafb5 dpkg: Security fix CVE-2015-0860
REVERT: 029948b tzdata: update to 2016a
REVERT: 2bcf141 tzcode: update to 2016a
REVERT: cc3a391 kernel-yocto: fix checkout bare-cloned kernel repositories
REVERT: 049be17 libpcre: bug fixes include security
REVERT: 5e94ac7 qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-7295
REVERT: 7ee1828 qemu: Security fix CVE-2016-1568
REVERT: ca6ec2e qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-8345
REVERT: b55a677 qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-7512
REVERT: 4922f47 qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-7504
REVERT: 3ec0e95 qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-8504
REVERT: 942ce53 openssl: Security fix CVE-2016-0701
REVERT: ce8ae1c openssl: Security fix CVE-2015-3197
REVERT: 080e027 tiff: Security fix CVE-2015-8784
REVERT: c6ae9c1 tiff: Security fix CVE-2015-8781
REVERT: 049b7db bind: CVE-2015-8704 and CVE-2015-8705
REVERT: d632a92 rpmresolve.c: Fix unfreed pointers that keep DB opened
REVERT: 5b993ed openssh: CVE-2016-1907
REVERT: 27ee5b4 glibc: CVE-2015-8776
REVERT: a4134af glibc: CVE-2015-9761
REVERT: e10ec6f glibc: CVE-2015-8779
REVERT: a5a965d glibc: CVE-2015-8777.patch
REVERT: 2fb7ee2 bitbake: toaster: make runbuilds loop
REVERT: b9ad87b nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: Bump PR
REVERT: 0a1c63a nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: properly set PACKAGE_ARCH
REVERT: d4b400e nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy: fix rebuilding when SDKMACHINE changes
REVERT: 8c8c4ed Revert "gstreamer1.0-plugins-good.inc: add gudev back to PACKAGECONFIG"
REVERT: b832202 Revert "gstreamer: Deal with merge conflict which breaks systemd builds"
REVERT: dd0ba9e build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: 325d205 gstreamer: Deal with merge conflict which breaks systemd builds
REVERT: 53b114b build-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revision
REVERT: 02be35d poky.conf: Bump version for 2.0.1 jethro release
REVERT: f5551f8 ref-manual: Updated the list of supported image types.
REVERT: aa179ae dev-manual: Added three new wic option descriptions.
REVERT: 20007c8 dev-manual: Added the --overhead-factor wic option description.
REVERT: 2dd7f46 dev-manual: Added the --extra-space wic option description.
REVERT: 81cc737 dev-manual: Added wic --notable option description.
REVERT: 2b1dce5 dev-manual:
REVERT: a6f5293 kernel/kernel-arch: Explicitly mapping between i386/x86_64 and x86 for kernel ARCH
REVERT: e79a538 openssh: update to 7.1p2
REVERT: b171076 devtool: reset: do clean for multiple recipes at once with -a
REVERT: 255115f devtool: sdk-update: fix error checking
REVERT: 3f69105 devtool: sdk-update: fix metadata update step
REVERT: 5ba94af devtool: sdk-update: fix not using updateserver config file option
REVERT: d03d145 classes/populate_sdk_ext: disable signature warnings
REVERT: 00ff950 classes/populate_sdk_ext: fix cascading from preparation failure
REVERT: 22446c6 scripts/oe-publish-sdk: add missing call to git update-server-info
REVERT: 8597a61 devtool: use cp instead of shutil.copytree
REVERT: 95cc641 buildhistory: fix not recording SDK information
REVERT: 84d48ac recipetool: create: fix error when extracting source to a specified directory
REVERT: 4369329 recipetool: create: detect when specified URL returns a web page
REVERT: 4c3191f recipetool: create: prevent attempting to unpack entire DL_DIR
REVERT: caca77e recipetool: create: fix do_install handling for makefile-only software
REVERT: 383159e recipetool: create: avoid traceback on fetch error
REVERT: be40baa recipetool: create: handle https://....git URLs
REVERT: a897bfd devtool: sdk-update: fix traceback without update server set
REVERT: 9c4b61e classes/populate_sdk_ext: error out of install if buildtools install fails
REVERT: 4c07dd2 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good.inc: add gudev back to PACKAGECONFIG
REVERT: 83b72d8 linux-yocto: Update Genericx86* BSP to 4.1.15 kernel
REVERT: 44639bd libaio: don't disable linking to the system libraries
REVERT: a0be9bd linux-yocto/4.1: update to v4.1.15
REVERT: 53f0290 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-5312
REVERT: f4b0c49 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-8242
REVERT: fb409c9 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7500
REVERT: 55d097a libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7499
REVERT: 8e6b2d6 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7497
REVERT: 332eb1d libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7498
REVERT: cbc4e83 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-8035
REVERT: c4b71e1 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7942
REVERT: fdea03d libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-8317
REVERT: 6fc1109 libxml2: security fix CVE-2015-7941
REVERT: 9eb4ce0 openssl: fix for CVE-2015-3195
REVERT: 6880f82 openssl: fix for CVE-2015-3194
REVERT: 7dcaa84 openssl: fix for CVE-2015-3193
REVERT: 435139b logrotate: do not move binary logrotate to /usr/bin
REVERT: 5f49c0a cairo: fix license for cairo-script-interpreter
REVERT: a29ec81 glibc: Fix ld.so / prelink interface for ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_EXTERN_PROTECTED_DATA
REVERT: b1e980f gcc: Update default Power GCC settings to use secure-plt
REVERT: ed82690 prelink: Fix various prelink issues on IA32, ARM, and MIPS.
REVERT: 9a620da autotools: Allow recipe-individual configure scripts
REVERT: f828071 toolchain-scripts.bbclass: unset command_not_found_handle
REVERT: 49858bd devtool: upgrade: fetch remote repository before checking out new revision
REVERT: d213452 devtool: upgrade: remove erroneous error when not renaming recipe
REVERT: fec97f6 devtool: upgrade: fix updating PV and SRCREV
REVERT: 3b4f659 devtool: upgrade: fix removing other recipes from workspace on reset
REVERT: 61a7de0 devtool: include do_patch in SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS
REVERT: 82c0072 toolchain-shar-extract.sh: do not allow $ in paths for ext SDK
REVERT: f181e72 scripts/gen-lockedsig-cache: improve output
REVERT: 4b5d4ca toolchain-shar-extract.sh: proper fix for additional env setup scripts
REVERT: d2ea8f1 toolchain-shar-relocate: don't assume last state of env_setup_script is good
REVERT: 02ef437 populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: Be more permissive on the name of the buildtools
REVERT: 3653b17 classes/populate_sdk_ext: fail if SDK_ARCH != BUILD_ARCH
REVERT: 8879571 classes/populate_sdk_ext: tweak reporting of workspace exclusion
REVERT: eeda3c6 classes/populate_sdk_ext: make it clear when SDK installation has failed
REVERT: dee9fbe classes/populate_sdk_ext: tidy up preparation log file writing
REVERT: d001d46 classes/license: fix intermittent license collection warning
REVERT: 777451c classes/metadata_scm: fix git errors showing up on non-git repositories
REVERT: cb0ca72 oeqa/selftest/layerappend: fix test if build directory is not inside COREBASE
REVERT: 8970ad6 oeqa/selftest/devtool: fix test if build directory is not inside COREBASE
REVERT: 4f7fdd0 classes/distrodata: split SRC_URI properly before determining type
REVERT: 3b7df55 uninative.bbclass: Choose the correct loader based on BUILD_ARCH
REVERT: f3d7c3f openssl: sanity check that the bignum module is present
REVERT: 96b1b5c glibc: Backported a patch to fix glibc's bug(18589)
REVERT: 7aecb57 directfb.inc: force bfd linker for armv7a
REVERT: 75ca2c8 texinfo: don't create dependency on INHERIT variable
REVERT: 02c7b3f package_manager.py: define info_dir and status_file when OPKGLIBDIR isn't the default
REVERT: 003c94f libsdl2: require GLES when building Wayland support
REVERT: ad6db01 gst-plugins-bad: add PACKAGECONFIGs for voamrwbenc, voaacenc, resindvd
REVERT: f0d87fe gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: fix PACKAGECONFIG for gudev and add one for v4l2 and libv4l2
REVERT: 35f34a6 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: fix dependencies for uvch264 PACKAGECONFIG
REVERT: 3b77e20 gstreamer1.0-plugins-{base,good}: update PACKAGECONFIGs
REVERT: e2d4412 libunwind: fix build for qemuarm
REVERT: ef69078 guile, mailx, gcc, opensp, gstreamer1.0-libav, libunwind: disable thumb where it fails for qemuarm
REVERT: 4700e40 icu: force arm mode
REVERT: 743ee04 libxcb: Add a workaround for gcc5 bug on mips
REVERT: 8a3deca bitbake: fetch: use orig localpath when calling orig method
REVERT: 0073b23 yocto-bsp: Typo on the file extension
REVERT: 71dbbcd bsp-guide: Updated the license statement.
REVERT: 41f1026 dev-manual: Correction to the KVM stuff in the runqemu commands.
REVERT: 38e3c6e mega-manual: Added four new figures for GUI example.
REVERT: b99ec28 poky.ent: Fixed POKYVERSION variable.
REVERT: c670dc7 yocto-project-qs, ref-manual, poky.ent: CentOS Package updates
REVERT: b968190 dev-manual: Updated runqemu command options list
REVERT: 1278753 toaster-manual: Removed SDKMACHINE from the json file example.
REVERT: 7b25b70 ref-manual: Updated list of supported distros.
REVERT: d9423fb ref-manual: Updated the GCC 5 migration section for 2.0
REVERT: 347347a bitbake: lib/bb/utils: improve edit_bblayers_conf() handling of bblayers.conf formatting
REVERT: 5935783 bitbake: lib/bb/utils: fix error in edit_metadata() when deleting first line
REVERT: 7fdad70 rpcbind: Security Advisory - rpcbind - CVE-2015-7236
REVERT: 0cb2fa5 subversion: fix CVE-2015-3187
REVERT: 5b52e9b subversion: fix CVE-2015-3184
REVERT: 59bdde4 linux-firmware: rtl8192cx: Add latest available firmware
REVERT: 8ad2bcc init-install-efi: fix script for gummiboot loader
REVERT: c3087bd init-install-efi: fix script for eMMC installation
REVERT: d2bf9fb pulseaudio: Fix HDMI profile selection
REVERT: 0556c58 allarch: Force TARGET_*FLAGS variable values
REVERT: e683dac libsndfile: fix CVE-2014-9756
REVERT: 092757e libxslt: CVE-2015-7995
REVERT: dab5555 unzip: rename patch to reflect CVE fix
REVERT: 1753d4a readline: rename patch to contain CVE reference
REVERT: 9dd3422 libarchive: rename patch to reflect CVE
REVERT: 1401976 binutils: Fix octeon3 disassembly patch
REVERT: a54a0db opkg: add cache filename length fixes

git-subtree-dir: yocto-poky
git-subtree-split: 8358e543ab95a1d2b1d19c1e944275daa17378c1
Signed-off-by: Patrick Williams <patrick@stwcx.xyz>